Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?


Where’s the “Shitbonerz 22” option?

REPORTED: This poll sucks poles.

We all go a little mad sometimes.

Would I know if I were?

This is a pretty important poll.

That’s what she said.

How is it possible that I am the first person to say yes?

My contention is that all humans are crazy to a certain extent, some more so than others.

Embrace the craziness ! It’s the only sane approach.

I was properly crazy for a little while. That’s really bad advice.

Come on now, who do you -
Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?
Ha ha ha, bless your soul.
You really think you’re in control?

That’s crazy talk.

We approve.

Crazy mofo.

+1, etc

No offense meant Buceph. I try to be sensitive towards those with mental health issues (I am around a number of them in my recovery, and, as I said, I do think I have some borderline issues myself). I was trying to be light hearted about it and sometimes I don’t think it through that I can step on people’s toes.

Lack of shit bonerz option in a poll like this is simply unacceptable. Fifteen demerits to you, sirrah.

Aye, I know. The thread just got my back up a little. I don’t like the whole, “I’m so kerazzy!” thing. Unless you think there’s a subtext running through a comedian’s gig that’s trying to make you pull your pants up and scratch your nose thereby sending confirmation to all that you’re a complete loser, or that a song was recorded in a specific way that elevates your heart rate to the point of having a heart attack and is therefore intrinsically evil, then no, you’re not crazy.

I just got a little sore. You did nothing wrong. I know you didn’t mean any offence by it.

BillD already addressed that in times past.

I was born in a lighthouse, my mother was the sea.

I crawled to school each morning, when it occured to me…

… that this poll could have been awesome, but wasn’t.