Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


Quarter to Three is hosting a Twilight Struggle tournament with actual prizes donated by publisher GMT Games. As far as I’m concerned, that makes it the Official Unofficial World Championship. You might want to consider getting a sponsorship or two if you enter. Maybe Raytheon. The Project for a New American Century think tank. The Casper Weinberger Foundation. Get a T-shirt made with the various corporate logos for your sponsors, or maybe just a big picture of William Kristol on the front. There’s no reason Twilight Struggle can’t be like NASCAR.

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Twilight Struggle Tournament Thread
Boardgaming in 2017!

I’m so very in :-) BTW some of you may already know me in the game as “cattlesquat”, but in any event that’s who to send tourney challenges to.


If we signed up in the original thread, do we have to sign up here again?

I guess I just did. Never mind.


I’m definitely in. Sign me up. Let the nukes fly high, etc.


I’m in.


Sign me up!


So here’s where we are, yes?


We’re only 2 away from having 16 players and thus the ability to have a round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and a final. We’re just like the World Cup!

If we get a less handy number, can I suggest we give @Mark_L and @Greatatlantic byes in the first round?

EDIT to add:


How good do you have to be? Well, if you can figure out how to play the AI, you are half way there. Notice, I did not say you have to BEAT the AI. Just play it. The second half is to play online. Once you figure out that the game timer is per player, you are set!

If I need to say it again, I’m in.

Look, don’t worry about winning Twilight Struggle Tournament, worry about learning Twilight Struggle through Tournament.

Also, does anyone know if Twilight Struggle games are record-able? Somekind of program that I could watch them later?


I’ll be in … but also happy to sit out if you get too many requests. Also, I can only do asynchronous.


I’m in.


I really need to fire this game up and go through the tutorial…


someone has to be the fastest eliminated player… so why not me?


For those who are new to the game I highly recommend this site:

Read through the intro, the guide to initial setup, and keep it as a handy reference during the game. Look up your cards in in the card list, understand when to play for influence (almost always) and when to play as an event.


I’m in, username is Grunden in game as well.


Mine is I_Borges.


New to the forums but I’d love to play - username is Berbatov on Playdek!


Me too.

I am away until Sunday but assume that won’t be an issue. If it is, no worries.


I’ll be travelling until the 10th, but I would require async play anyway.

If that (and the fact that I’m horrible at the game) is not an impediment, I’m in.


Signing up. In game name: GrooveChamp

(btw, everyone else ignore Borges helpful strategies link when playing me. Just do realignments every turn until it’s over ^_^)


I apologize if I missed it but, what time and date is this starting? Would love to join but things get hectic for me in a bit.