Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


You said it! And while I did say that the prize would be a $50 GMT gift certificate, our winner, @Berbatov, was looking to use it towards a copy of the new GMT version of 1960: Making of the President Richard Nixon of America which costs $59 plus shipping. So GMT head honcho Gene Billingsley decided to just make the prize a copy of 1960. That’s free game plus free shipping! Thanks, Gene & GMT! @Berbatov please check your PM for the email address of the GMT customer rep - send her your address and you will be on the list for a free copy when the game ships.

Thanks everybody for playing, and @CF_Kane for running it. Now when is the next tournament? ;)


that’s awesome! <3 GMT


@CF_Kane I can volunteer to run the next round of the tournament together if you’d like to take a break.


Thanks Syzygy, that would be great. Work is keeping me too busy to run (or play in) a tournament at the moment.


Got it!

Everyone, let me know if you are in for the next round!

Also, I’m thinking something like the following, let me know if you have any feedback:

  1. Rather than single elimination, start with round-robin groups or another structure that will allow everyone to have 2-3 games. This will mean a longer tournament.

  2. Same time limits and game settings as last tournament by default

  3. If both players agree, Turn Zero or other expansions can be added

  4. Aim to start in about a week


In. A week will give me time to practice.


I am probably not good enough, but I’d like to sneak in too.


Count me in! I’m “Cattlesquat” in the game.


I am in! I will donate the prize this time: one copy of Kim Kanger’s Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble, acknowledged as the best wargame in the world. If I win the tournament, y’all had better take shelter as it means the end of the world is coming, but in that event, the second-place player can enjoy the prize for the few minutes until Armageddon arrives.

One item of feedback: anyone is welcome to play any game by mutual agreement, but if you choose Turn Zero, you may be deciding the winner before the game truly starts.


I had low expectations when I first started to play it, but 10 games in or so I actually don’t find it any less balanced than the standard game (keeping in mind you should omit the +2 US for a game with all the Turn Zero and expansion cards turned on).

I’m not saying Turn Zero is super-balanced, I’m saying regular Twilight Struggle isn’t either. Picture a regular game where one player rolls sixes (or ones) on his first six coups and you get the idea. Have I told you about the time I spent 13 rounds in a Bear Trap and then won the game? ;-)

(And the huge plus on Turn Zero is it makes for a lot more variety in the Early War. Not an important plus if you’re still playing the game less than your fiftieth time or so, but increasingly fantastic after that!)



I’m in! Also almost certainly not good enough, but I was looking for an excuse to try this game. I’ll try to get up to speed as much as I can in the week leading up to the start.


I’m in so I can go out in the first round. I am “Chappers”


I’m in. Thanks for organizing @Syzygy. Playdek ID is tylertoo.

[quote=“Left_Empty, post:227, topic:125448, full:true”]
I am probably not good enough, [/quote]

Based on our current game, you certainly are.

Please! (I lost in the first tourney early in that single game over what I still believe was a bug, and the early exit was extremely disappointing).


For a crash course, see – free ebook.


Twilight Struggle

Seconding Twilight Strategy. The whole website is great, with lots of interesting stuff in the article comments, too.


Thirding Twilight Strategy. And fourthing the request for group play to start, with single-elim afterward.


Thanks all for the recommendation! 425 pages… I have my work cut out for me.


If you hit the first pages on general strategy you’ll have read the most important part, and then the Early War cards can be bathroom reading to give you a general idea. Mid War you can get to later and Late War much later. He does do a couple “sample games” at the end (probably the entire second half or more) which can be fun to read along with.

Main point is you can get a pretty good intro long before you read the whole thing. :-)


I want to join in.


I actually printed it out, because I’m a guide nerd. But you really only need the first part.

And like a lot of MP games, the absolute best way to learn is to jump in and play a bunch of games and don’t worry if you screw up.