Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


That’s good to hear, much more manageable. Thanks again!

Oh I fully expect to screw up many times.


While I haven’t played as much Turn Zero as @Brian_Reynolds, only a couple of games, the opening setup is feeling a bit stale to me so I have felt enthusiastic about trying it out to mix things up. Good to hear it’s keeping up it’s luster for people who have played it 10+ times.


I’m in. Should be fun, since I know a few folks on this thread :–)

Cheers, Terry


In the highly unlikely scenario that I win the tournament I’ll be kicking myself for letting you sell me on buying a copy a few months ago on your podcast. :)


If you win, I will buy you a copy of an alternate Kim Kanger’s game of your choice. In fact, I will do that for any winner - pick Ici c’est la France, Tonkin, or Dien Bien Phu: Final Gamble. Or Road to Cheren (if you have the other three).


Jan 2017 Twilight Struggle Tournament Participants

Qt3 forum name / Playdek account name

  1. Syzygy / Syzygy
  2. tgb123 / tgb
  3. Left_Empty / Danjuro
  4. Brian_Reynolds / Cattlesquat
  5. Brooski / spacerumsfeld
  6. Otthegreat / otism
  7. Chappers / Chappers
  8. tylertoo / tylertoo
  9. buzznaut / buzznaut
  10. tcgamer / tcgamer
  11. jeromeymartin / Habbaku
  12. TheRockSal / therockfrog
  13. rho21 / rho21
  14. Grunden / Grunden
  15. Thraeg / Thraeg
  16. Berbatov / Berbatov
  17. Borges / I_Borges
  18. SadleyBradley / SadleyBradley
  19. dstone112 / dstone112
  20. gumers / Gumers
  21. ForzaA / ???
  22. DoggieMon / Douglas
  23. CraigM / millertime059


If I don’t have your Playdek account name above, or it is incorrect, please let me know.


Whoops. My Playdek account name seems to be Danjuro.


My Playdek account name should probably be “OMG not Brian Reynolds again!!!”


Would love to join the tournament.

Playdeck name: therockfrog



Peeking at the current tournament players’ online stats, I seem to have a pretty concrete idea of whom to be wary of now…


I’m up for another go, count me in.

I like the idea of a mini-tournament to start. Groups of four, two of whom progress and are then seeded to not play each other until the final? I prefer this to only one making it out of the group, as then you don’t feel virtually eliminated from the tournament if you lose your first match.


I’m in, username Grunden.


Oh right, I’m otism on Playdeck.


I’m in. DWAnderson on Playdek.


Is this iPad only? Because it seems my phone is incapable of getting it (unless I’m missing something). However if cross play is compatible I may be able to.


There’s a version on Steam too for Win7+ and OSX. I don’t know about other mobile / tablet versions.


I know there is a Steam version, I just phrased my question poorly, I suppose.

Is the Steam version cross play compatible with iOS (where I presume most people here are playing), and would that fit with the time scale of the tournament, as desktop by its nature means I can’t sneak turns through the day.


buzznaut on Playdek too


The forums say cross play works: .
I don’t think there’s generally a problem playing from desktop unless there’s a big time difference to your opponent.