Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


Been playing with a couple of people who are using the Steam version from my iPad. No iOS notifications of your games turns (the option is there, but desperately greyed out), but those come through the mail.
And there is no phone version.


Cross-play between platforms is seamless.


Yes I have both versions and I can take my turns from either.


I’m in as cannon fodder again. Username Thraeg


Many thanks again to @Brooski for making this happen, to GMT for the incredibly generous prize (and upgrade), and to @CF_Kane for organizing and everyone who participated for the fun games last tournament.

Happily in for this one as well! Playdek name is Berbatov.


Damn I missed it. My fault.


(there’s a new one, I was just late on thanking them for organizing the last one!)


Yeah you didn’t miss anything. We are still collecting players for the second tournament.


BTW, my Playdek name is I_Borges.


We’ve got @DWAnderson, @Thraeg, @Borges, @rho21, @Grunden, and maybe @CraigM and @roguefrog since the last update, so we have 19 potential players? With 5 more, that’s six groups of four. Perfect!


I’ll throw my hat into the ring. The people I play will probably appreciate the free win. My Playdek name is SadleyBradley.


Add me …

dstone112 / dstone112



Sure, the mighty ocean will wave again!

greatatlantic here and on playdek.


I’m in! :)


We are up to 22 players now! (Not counting @CraigM and @roguefrog as I haven’t heard back from them definitively.)


I bought the game, and am learning it for the explicit and express purpose of joining the tournament @Syzygy

I’m in. Playdek name: millertime059


Great, adding you!


So I have come to a realization, one I had been curious of, but dismissed.

I am going to get killed.

I know @Brooski has said that to really play Twilight Struggle, you need to know what events are out there. I thought ‘sure, that makes sense’, not realizing how many ways you can use each card. So I will apologize now for any who do not have the fortune of facing me ;)

Now where was that 400 page guide, gotta download that to my phone for reading material when I… have my only uninterupted time during the day.


I think Brooski was referring to, which is a great learning resource.

I’d recommend trying a game or two where you reference your hand with so that you can look at various twilightstrategy blurbs on your cards and then plan your hand prior to your first card play.

In my experience, annotated games are also very helpful, but I also enjoy reading through that sort of thing.


So how much longer do I have to practice up (i.e. beat up the computer to learn card combos) before meeting my doom against @Brian_Reynolds or @Brooski?

Because, guys, I’m gonna tell you, my confidence levels are not super high on my odds here. If I can get out of this with more than a single win, I’ll consider it a success. ;)