Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


I’m hoping to start the tournament late next week. We are at 27 sign ups now, so it would be ideal if we could get 5 more people. Or at least one more.


OK, me and my shiny new Playdek account are ready to dump some influence.


Longtime lurker here who got turned onto Twilight Struggle because of Tom, glad to make my first post on the forums in order to register for the tournament!


I would like to sign in.


Incidentally, how are you planning on seeding the tree? Ratings? Random?


We have 30 people in, so I think it is time to lock down the tournament. Our top two finishers from the previous tournament, @Greatatlantic and @Mark_L will have first round byes.

Everyone who has signed up is in the group @TwilightStruggleTournament, which will give notifications in discourse to everyone. I’ll use it when I post brackets.

It will take me some time this evening to put a bracket together, but I will do so soon. It probably makes sense for folks to PM me their Playdek IDs, and I can post them with the pairings, if people are comfortable with that.

@Brian_Reynolds, I am planning to pair randomly, because pairing by rating poses a substantial logistical challenge for me.


@TwilightStruggleTournament Round One:

Pairings are below. Games should be random sides, +2 influence to U.S. Optional cards included. 7 days per side. I’d appreciate it if people could get games started by Friday (or scheduled if not playing asynchronously). I’m hoping that games in Round One can be done by September 23.

I made this post a wiki, so that people can edit it directly to add their playdek user name.

Greatatlantic (greatatlantic) v.

Brian_Reynolds (Cattlesquat) (WIN - Soviets, Turn 6, Scoring Track) v.

Courteous_D (Courteous D) v.

east83raider v.

buzznaut v.
CF_Kane (cfkane)

B4cchus v.

RayRayK v.

dstone112 (dstone112) v.

Borges (I_Borges) v.
jeromeymartin (Habbaku) (WIN)

Infested_terran v.
moss_icon (mossicon) (WIN)

Brooski v.

tylertoo v.

rho21 v.

DoggieMon (Romero) v.

gumers v.

Mark_L v.


tylertoo and I are actually in the middle of a game right now. I’ll contact him and get one going.


@barminari My PlayDek tag is Romero.


How to I sign in to discourse? Is there a password I need ?


I forgot this was on the front page too. Just drop your ID in the thread, and I’ll make a master list.


My Discord ID is Romero Ψ


Discord ID buzznaut#9366


My bad I thought you meant you were using Discord (the chat application). Never mind. I have access to the QT3 forums.


Are we playing with optional cards?


Yes. I’ll edit the pairings post accordingly.


Quick problem - I accidentally started my game with @Syzygy on a 45-minute timer. I noticed 3 rounds into turn 1. I assume I should just started another game (and have forfeited this one already) but if that forfeit counts as my tourney game, I’m ok paying for my stupidity according to the Liberty Agenda.


Assuming Syzygy is OK with starting a new game, I don’t think it would be a problem. While recognizing Bruce’s Liberty Agenda, I think that good sportsmanship entails playing a full game on a 7-day timer, given that the error was caught relatively quickly. If you two can come to agreement, that is great. If not, I can make a quasi-official ruling.


My account name is Habbaku.



Mine is I_Borges,