Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


Created the game, gumers


Hey Jeromey, sorry I haven’t started yet. Last night I started getting an error message ‘Failed to load steamui.dll’. Tried reinstalling steam and still won’t work. Submitted a ticket to Steam support, hopefully they’ll get me straightened out.


Ah, got it figured out. Invite sent.


I have been defeated! Score one for jeromeymartin/Habbaku.


Cattlesquat (Brian Reynolds) playing Soviets defeats DWAnderson playing USA, turn 6, scoring track. I also edited this into the pairings post, which might be a good way to report and keep track of progress in the round.


Thraeg – my TS account name is dstone112


Great, just sent you an invite.


Thraeg – see my new invite – reissued with the requested 7-day limit and the +2 to the US


I’m not sure just how much of a notification I was supposed to have gotten… but suffice to say I only noticed now that the tournament is officially underway :o


PMd my opponent but not had a response yet…


@TwilightStruggleTournament Just wanted to ping everyone again in case people are not aware that the tournament has started. 10 days left in round one, so there is still plenty of time to play a game.


Haven’t heard back from @Syzygy since my forfeit snafu.


My game with TORNADO92 has been underway for a while. An 8 hour time difference, plus both working during the day is making for not much overlap of playing times, and slow progress. Hopefully there will be a chance to finish it this weekend.

Might be better to set games up as 14 day limit, so if one player is losing more time than the other due to time zones, there’s still plenty of time to finish the game before the deadline without a forfeit enforced by the software. The risk is that two slow players aren’t guaranteed to have reached a result by the time the deadline is hit, but I’d rather see an adjudication in that situation than have an interesting game ended by the clock.


Yeah, I’m realizing that this probably isn’t going to work. I only really have time to take turns in the evenings between 9-12 PST, and my opponent is on the east coast, so he’s asleep by then. And it looks like there are way too many turns in the course of a game to make playing one per day viable.


My game timed out as well. I’m not sure how best to deal with the problem. On the one hand, I am sympathetic to time zone differences making it difficult to play, but on the other, the tournament needs to move fast enough that we have a winner in a reasonable amount of time.

I tend to think that we should stick to the rules established at the beginning, rather than change midstream. I know that disadvantages some folks, but any ruling is going to do that unless we remove the time limit entirely, which is not feasible.

How did folks in the league of leaguelets thread resolve this kind of issue?


Yeah, no need to change rules now, but worth keeping in mind if more of these get run.

Generally by doing some variation on a round-robin structure so everyone played a few games simultaneously, and then moving on to a playoff round for the top few players. Additionally, I think most of the games tended to be shorter (15-25 turns per player or so), meaning that playing one turn per day was feasible.


B4cchus (USSR) defeats Grunden (US) by Europe Control at final scoring. Actually, likely by VPs, but we thought this more aesthetically pleasing.


Yeah. Sorry CF_Kane for our game (I timed out ) . I realized I could only manage 1-2 turns per day unless we were on simultaneously .


Sorry buzznaut. It was a good game. We should play again with no time limits, for fun if nothing else. I play on a tablet, which I can bring around with me, and I don’t sleep much, which means I can make moves pretty regularly.


I guess I won as the US but not sure why or how. All I get is a message that tylertoo forfeited. We still had a few days left on the clock, so I don’t really know what happened.

A bit disappointing since we had just come off two games that we split and were looking at this to break the tie.