Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


Maybe we can account for time zones in the pairings for the next round? I am at UCT+1


Tylertoo PM’ed me that he figured out how and why he forfeited. I don’t know if this is a hidden rule, but I’ll let him tell it and hopefully someone with more experience can address the issue:

[quote]I figured it out. My last card for that turn was Grain Sales to
Soviet. A US event that would let you choose one card from my hand. I
had no other cards. I thought I was being clever, as you’d have nothing
to choose from. Didn’t realize it would force a forfeit.

So either that’s a programming bug, or a rule – and if a rule it
should probably be explained somehow. I’d never have held it if I knew
it would force a forfeit any more than I would stage a coup that would
put Defcon at 1.[/quote]

Thoughts & comments?


Not sure how that would result in a forfeit?


It even covers the base in the card text in which your opponent has no cards.


Weird. Grain Sales can do some odd things, but I can’t think of a forfeit scenario except something involving a scoring card.


Hey Bruce, sorry for the delay! I think I said that I was about to jump on a plane before we noticed the game time issue. Well I absentmindedly left my iPad in the seat pocket of my flight into DFW. (Too much Shiren playing on my Vita.)

I was thinking of reinstalling TS on my PC (which I uninstalled as I read lack of optimization was causing heating issues on some high end video cards and want to baby my new 1080), but just didn’t get around to it mainly because I’ve been absorbed in the new WoW expansion.

Anyway, our new game is now underway and I’m confident we can knock it out before Sept. 23.


I’ve accidentally forfeited a game from the ESC menu meaning to select ‘Exit Game’. I’ve had an opponent do so as well before. Are you sure that isn’t what happened?


So I’m NOT imagining it. I’m not overheating, but given the graphics I didn’t think the fans needed to be spinning at all.



I asked the same question and he said that there is a warning when that happens. I’ve never seen it myself.

From the text on the card, if it’s the last card the Soviet player has and the USA player has to play it for Ops, I could see how it would be a Defcon suicide card.

But forfeit? Must be a bug.


I never went to the main menu which has the forfeit option, I just left the game running. Anyway, there’s this.

But that assumes US holds the Grain Sales card. In this case it is USSR. Perhaps USSR cannot intentionally hold this as the last card in the hand, which is what I did. To be clever ;).

Or, it’s a bug.

Either way, thanks tgb123 and good luck going forward!


It shouldn’t trigger a forfeit if played by the Soviets. It would, however, allow the US to end the game via DefCon victory, assuming it was DEFCON 2 at the time the card was played and the USSR he influence in a battleground in Africa or the Americas, as the US could coup a battleground country with the “use this event to conduct operations normally” part of the card.


Yeah, it’s a DEFCON suicide cards, but not a forfeit.

As to accidentally forfeiting: it’s one of those ‘click’->‘hey a confirm box, I’ll click that too’ kind of derp. Apparently I’m not the only person to have ever done it.


Fascinating. And iirc we were at Defcon 2. So that means even if the card had played properly, tgb123 would have won simply by staging a coup. Same end result.

But here’s a question. Let’s say you are USSR, and you have 2 ARs left, and two cards in your hand, and one of them is Grain Sale to Soviet. And you play Grain Sale on the next-to-last action round. US then chooses the other card and plays it. That leaves you, as USSR, with one more action round and no cards in your hand. Is that an automatic loss?

Sorry to muck up the tourney thread with rules questions.


Game is up. In game name GrooveChamp.


Nope. You don’t have to be able to play a card. The US player just gets multiple turns.


I’ll accept the victory, unsatisfying as it may be


Twilight struggle. Where even winning comes with a bad taste in your mouth.


Needs more like button


moss_icon over infested_terran


Infested Terran loses to Moss Icon.

Dear lord that was an awful starting hand I got

3 ones
3 twos
1 three (Soviet event)
scoring card

I was so desperate trying to not let his higher cards pull ahead in the vital early influence rush that I didn’t save a 2 card, gambling that he wouldn’t get blockade on the very first round, aaaaaand…he did.

Blockade going off is a virtual auto loss. The sword of de Gaulle hanging overhead meant he was free to take France. Italy was the only thing keeping me from an instant Europe control loss. From the start of the mid war I was hovering at a loss with him at a 14-17 point advantage. My only hope was Central or South American scoring to come up to maybe buy me time until late war. Never happened.

In hindsight, you should always save a 2 card for Blockade no matter what, but geez the pressure of watching your opponent dominating you in the early rush with higher cards. The one significant blunder I remember was me not immediately playing Colonial Rear Guards the instant I saw him spend 2 influence to break control of a 1 value African battleground country, dead giveaway of a scoring card.

re: starting hands, there’s always tales of poor saps who get stuck with 2 or even 3 scoring cards the first round. Given how vital the first hand is I’m surprised they never developed some sort of tournament rule allowing for a mulligan starting re-deal, even at the cost of something like having to give 2 VP to your opponent.