Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


If you’re under Red Scare/Purge, all your ops cards count 1 fewer, so you’d actually have to discard a 4 card. This was alluded to above, but I mention it again because the interface is a bit unforgiving – it doesn’t tell you why you can’t discard your 3 cards, it just won’t let you. Which makes it sound, to me, a lot like the situation you encountered.


Another possibility is you hadn’t yet selected the card to discard? I always double-take when I see the “Do Not Discard” button and think to myself “Wait… but I want to discard!”


@Syzygy over @Brooski, 20VP as USSR over US on Game Turn 7. Not an unsurprising result: my current record against this gentleman is now 3-14! Good game, sir, and good luck from here on out.


I think Brian_Reynolds nailed it. That’s probably the case.


Thanks Bruce! You played a good game as always. I was lucky enough to get Destalinzation, and early Decolonization, and a couple of key AR1 Coup rolls.

One nice Bruce play from the game and a question.

In turn 4 I (USSR) was dominating in most regions other than Europe which Bruce was dominating in (I never had access to Socialist Governments or De Gaulle the entire game) so France remained a bastion of Yankee imperialism from the start. Bruce started to play heavily into Africa when there were other optimal plays on the board which made me strongly suspect he had the Africa Scoring card, but as I fought back he played Bear Trap for influence to contest some of my pushback. This made me think he was probably playing from a weak position as otherwise you wouldn’t want to sacrifice that card, so I continued to push there, sacrificing the China Card in AR4 to consolidate my gains and keep African domination. Bruce responds by playing The Cambridge Five which shows me not only does he have Africa scoring (no big surprise) but he also has Middle East scoring, another region I dominate in.

I thought it was a rare bad play from Bruce or simply out of desperation but I should have known better. I was able to use the C5 influence to break control of one of the small African battlegrounds and immediately started thinking about how to maximize my scoring in the Middle East as well, pitying Bruce as he only had one card play then would have to play two scoring cards. Then to my horror Bruce plays “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…” and discards both scoring cards. Bruce, kudos on that it was a great mindgame and you totally got me.

One question though, when you headlined Nuclear Subs in Turn 5 I was certain you were going to use it to try to break my control of South America and/or attack me in Central America, but you went after the 1 stability African Battlegrounds, even though the Africa score card was in the discard pile. Was this a case of just wanting to make a more long term play?


Heh, glad you enjoyed my little psyop, there. Sometimes even when you lose, the game gives you some tiny victories :)

Yeah I felt like I was falling far enough behind that I was going to have to get back in with a big score, and I wasn’t willing to risk the die rolls on iffy chances in Stability 2 countries. I figured with Africa, the die rolls were certain enough that I could get close to Control and hopefully have it score early after the Reshuffle and get a big score again in the endgame. In Central America, I at least have the US adjacency to boost Realignments. Didn’t work out, obviously.


Yeah, I often like to imagine tiny narratives to explain what’s happening and from a theme point of view you clearly fed some false intelligence to the moles and duped the Kremlin.


We are waiting on the results of 3 games, unless I’ve missed someone reporting:

@RayRayK v.

@DoggieMon v.

@gumers v.
Just a reminder.


@gumers vs @Juan_Raigada ended ages ago. I got obliterated around turn 3 as the US. So @gumers gets to the next round.


Tylertoo, please don’t read!!!

[spoiler]OK. In my current game it’s the Headline phase of turn 5. I’m playing as the US, and was dealt Arab-Israeli War. The Soviets control Israel with 5 Influence, and there’s a big red X on the card indicating that I can’t headline it.

I wouldn’t anyway, but I don’t see anything in the text that tells me why not.?[/spoiler]


Thanks. I had the feeling I was missing one in my chart. Apologies for tagging you guys.


@bmarinari def. @DoggieMon by DEFCON 1. He played Five Year Plan at DEFCON 2, with only 25% chance that I would pull CIA Created from his hand, but luck was on my side. Coup in Nigeria to end the game. GG @DoggieMon!


My guess is that a condition obtained from another card.

Specifically, was Camp David Accords in effect? That would make Arab Israeli War ineligible as a headline, since the event is no longer playable.


That was my guess.


You guys are correct. I’ve only been at this since the PC release in April, so I don’t have all the events completely down yet.



Round one is now complete. RayRayK pm’d me to say that he had to forfeit due to a busy work schedule. I will work on getting the round two pairing together later this evening or tomorrow evening, once I get some of my own work issues out of the way.

Could folks who are not in one of the US timezones (or their equivalent) post their time zones? I can take that into account when pairing the next round. Since the tournament is not seeded (except for Mark_L and GreatAtlantic), there shouldn’t be a problem moving folks around to accommodate time zone issues.


I’m on GMT.


UK, so currently UTC+1.


Oh yeah, that’s what I meant. It was early.


Tried to get to France as I had the Europe scorecard. I made a bet and lost. GG @bmarinari!