Are you good enough at Twilight Struggle to enter a tournament?


Now you’ve set me up for a Darth Vader to come along and cut me down. :p
And coming back stronger than you can imagine isn’t so valuable in a single elimination format.


It went down to time between B4cchus and I, which moves me on to the next round.

We are still waiting on results from @jeromeymartin v. @bmarinari, @gumers v. @Mark_L , and @Berbatov v. @dstone112.

How are your games going?


Berbatov’s USSR crushed DStone112’s US by points early on turn 7.


I still have not heard from Gumers…


My opponent set the time limit for our game at 21 days per player, unfortunately, and hasn’t responded very swiftly. We’re still in turn 3 with 20d on the clock for me and 10d 16h for him.


I`m sorry for the delay!
I´ve just set up the game!


I (gumers) have won against MArk L.


I (gumers) have won.


Yep! Great game, Gumers, and good luck in the tournament!!!


Thanks, MArk! You were a hard to beat adversary!


On to the quarter finals. While one game is still outstanding, I think it makes sense to let people get started on the next round, while we wait for @jeromeymartin v. @bmarinari.

@Brian_Reynolds (winner) v.

@CF_Kane v.
@Berbatov (winner)

@rho21 v.
@Syzygy (winner)

@gumers v.
@jeromeymartin (winner)

The same rules apply. +2 influence for the US, random sides, optional cards included, 7 days per player.

Good luck!


Sorry, I’m trying to squeeze my turns in faster. We’re up to turn 6 after a burst this weekend.


Good luck, y’all


Invite sent to @rho21.


East38Raider - would it be okay if we started on Oct 23? I am about to be out of the country for a bit over a week. I can play quickly once we start.



Yes. I’ll cancel the current game. Send an invitation when you are ready.


Any results, yet?
How are you guys doing?


We just finished with a victory for me (USA). Thanks for checking in.

@gumers, go ahead and send an invite at your leisure?


@Syzygy (US) beat @rho21 by victory points at the start of Turn 8.

I had a truly atrocious first hand (a total of 9 ops) and made a stupid mistake to boot (due to playing too late at night) that cost 6 points. There was no way back into the game; I was holding on by my fingertips throughout and hoping for a lucky defcon win. Not to be.

Well played Syzygy, and good luck for the semi finals.


Okay east83raider, I re-sent the challenge! :)