Are you smart enough to take on Sang-froid's shrewdly realized werewolves?

From the screenshots, you might mistake Sang-froid: Tales of Werewolves for an action game. You can play it that way, but you’ll discover a not very good action game. You’ll get through a few early missions easily enough. But you’re Doing It Wrong. This isn’t an action game. It’s barely even a real time strategy game. This is mostly a cerebral strategy game about studying a map, considering your resources, setting up traps, and then executing your plan carefully. If you’re flailing around with your axe, it’s because plans A, B, and C have failed. Sang-froid has more in common with the early Rainbow Six games than with the typical tower defense game.

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Tom, it's been quite a while since I posted a comment on here but I just couldn't help myself after seeing you review Sang-Froid. This has been a game that captured my attention when I first found it on Steam Greenlight and (as a Canadian and a gamer) I really appreciate that you took the time to talk about such a cool indie title.

Thanks for proving you're still one of the best. Cheers!

I will have to give this a look after so much praise. Thanks, Tom.

I was very interested when I saw this up on Steam's Greenlight. While I doubt this title will see a ton of sales your review helped my decide to purchase it.

I'm usually more of a "platform games" kind of guy and I have never gotten into tower defence games or even most strategy games, but this one looked interesting and boy am I glad I bought it. Your review is very accurate. I wish the devs a ton of luck (and money). They mentioned on the steam board they already have many ideas for a sequel, provided this game is financially successful.

"Just hold off," I said to myself.

"Wait for it to be on sale," I said to myself, "or included in the inevitable Humble Bundle."

"Surely no one will even review it," I said to myself, "much less give it a perfect score."

Dammit, Tom Chick.


Looking forward to the inevitable Three Moves Ahead Sang-Froid episode :P

I first saw this advertised on the sidebar of Rock, Paper, Shotgun: a small video showing a plaid-wearing pioneer chopping away at wolves. There was a bit of text mentioning RPG elements. My overall impression was it being an action game. Thankfully, both Tom and Totalbiscuit have helped amend that impression, but I can't help but wonder if the strategy crowd will miss this one due to misplaced expectations. Not that I blame the devs - this is a damn quirky game that blurs a lot of lines.

Never would have noticed this absolute gem if not for this review. Thanks Tom!

One way or another, folks always seem to end up cussing at Tom.

I am in the same boat though. I had no idea about this game until Tom started talking about it and after some quick attempts at spoiler free research, I am now playing chicken with instant gratification versus steam sale. Steam sale looks to be winning for the moment, but it just looks... so... tempting. Darnnit Tom Chick!

Hey, is that guy who's all "If it's not French Canadian it's crap" still around? He would be so pleased with this.

Tom, I agree with you totally. I bought this game on release because it looked promising. It delivered for 15 dollars. I mostly dont like tower defense games (with Revenge of the titans and dungeon defenders being some of the few I own) but this game did it with style. Lets hope they make a decent profit and give us something more.

On sale today!

It’s free now!

It’s too good to be free!