Are you The One?

Well, are ya, punk?

Reaction time game in which you dodge bullets like Neo. Pretty cool idea, really.

At 6am, the best reaction time I could muster was 0.146.

I ain’t tha one.

Good game though.

Played four times. My best one time was .204 my usual in the last 2 games was .225 I have no idea how some people have scores (points) of so many thousands of points.


I average between 0.16 and 0.17. Best one was 0.135.

I got down to .133. I improved with more than a tenth of a second after the days first cup of coffee, but perhaps it was due to practice as much as the coffein.

My best was 0.115, but I’ll put it down to pure luck as my best attempts otherwise hovered around 0.16-0.17

I am The Four Hundred and Tenth. Best time 182 at 6:42 AM. My reflexes blow.

I am also pre-coffee, but I can’t get better than .230

This means I must have reached the time in life where I start to see the special beauty of strategy games, train simulators, and other games preferred by old men.

I’ve been whining all the time in chat, and to anyone else who will listen, about my poor performance in UT2004k. Now I know why, I guess. I should be happy I get the midlist positions I do…

Holy God, I can’t beat .230 or so. Usually I’m at .280 How are you people that fast? Are you holding the mouse in the regular fashion? I’m imagining some of these people with the mouse picked up, against their cheek, eyes closed, listening in a zen like state for the gun.

Give me turn based strategy games, please.

(if I just click fast and furiously and don’t worry about the penalty, I can get down to .054)

First bleary eyes game of the morning… average was around .18. Lowest was in the .16 range.

My first game I was constantly around 2.3. But the second game I was able to break 2 pretty regularly. You can certainly get better with practice.

Since it is an online game, wouldn’t your latency affect your scores?

Since it’s flash, they’re probably calculating everything clientside. Which means haxors will top the charts with .0001 by the time you get back from lunch.

With the sound off, just operating visually, I was only able to manage around .235. With the sound on, I was consistently at .135. Interesting.

I was playing it visually, got down to .16, although I should try it again based on sound only :).

Ah! I didn’t realize that it had sound when I played it earlier–which is probably for the best, as my wife was still asleep. Anyway, got my time down to .142 with sound, a big improvement.

Not the one.

Reaction times to audio stimuli are faster than to visual stimuli.

.161 was my best, consistently .161-.165

Kalle and Johan, where did you get your wired reflexes done? Mine are apparently a bit out of date, and I could do with a firmware update.