~Are your birth parents still married to each other?

I recently read that 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce. Both my parents are on their third marriages, and I’m wondering about the breakdown among the older demographic we have at Qt3.

Folks been married for pushing 40 years now.

My folks got divorced when I was in college. It was a little distressing, because after the fact I realized that the only reason they stayed together even that long was because they were waiting for us kids to leave home.

They’re both remarried now, and MUCH happier.

My folks just passed 30 years together. Doing great!

They’re not technically married any more, but my parents were for 40 years before my dad passed away last year. My wife’s parents have been married for at least as long, too. I think this bodes well for my marriage and my children’s. Not that some people don’t need to get divorced, but the biggest part of it is not picking the wrong person to marry in the first place.

My mom has divorced twice and is living with her boyfriend of over a decade because she thinks marrying him will jinx it. I don’t know my birth father and have no contact with my ex-stepfather so no idea how they are doing.

I disagree. I believe the biggest part of it is realizing that love is not just the fleeting tingling of twitterpation but is also (and more importantly) a committment to put another’s well being before your own.

My mom says, half-jokingly I think, that I have to divorce her from my dad as soon as I graduate from law school, but for right now, they’re still married, heh.

I’m surprised nobody’s used the joke answer.

Yup, over 30 years now. Not bad for a couple of twenty-year-olds who got married because they accidentally got pregnant.

You might have to pick someone that has that same realization.

You’re describing the middle ground between a fairy tale marriage and a horrible (say, because of abuse or neglect or infidelity) marriage. Every case is unique, but if you pick the wrong kind of person to marry then you should realize that divorce sometimes exists for a very good reason. But I take your point that it’s often used as a convenient way out instead of working through problems that CAN be worked through.


Both my parents remarried after divorcing when I was five. My father’s second marriage is still going, and he has had three extra kids. My mum’s second marriage only lasted about five years and while she’s settled with a partner, she has no intention of marrying again.

My parents are still married, 43 years so far. My dad’s parents were married 57 years when his mother passed away. They were deeply in love, even at the end. At the funeral, my grandfather put a note in her hand expressing his love for her and thanking her for all of the “luscious memories.”

My mom’s parents never divorced either, but they should have. Her dad was a scumbag.

Not part of the question, but my wife and I just passed our 14th anniversary.

My parents are married 32 years(got married 3 months before my sister was born, imagine that in early 1970’s catholic Ireland).

Paternal Grandparents were married up until grandfather died, dont know Maternal Grandfather as both my mother and her brother were illegitimate(her brother was taken at birth and raised in an institute until he ran away at 16 to England)

Why the hell is there a tilde in front of the thread title?

I wish my parents were divorced, but they now have 30 years of abuse and hatred under their belts, and don’t know how to function otherwise.

Apparently, your 1 in 3 number is almost perfectly accurate. Eerie!


My parents put off marriage until I was 6, but they’ve been married ever since.

I selected yes even though my Dad has been dead for 5 years since my mom never remarried or even dated.