ArenaNet restructures to keep Guild Wars 2 players happy

Title ArenaNet restructures to keep Guild Wars 2 players happy
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 2, 2013

ArenaNet has announced that the next event in their free Living World content updates to Guild Wars 2 will be the Bazaar of the Four Winds which will let players race around the Labyrinthine Cliffs..

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Damn. I'm sure this is great for folks who play on a regular basis but I'm getting lost. I just tried to solve a quest from this Sky Pirates thing using stuff that I apparently had left over from Cinco de Dragon which is when I got a notification about helping refugees in some hills where there were storms of flame and frost. Helplessly I just ate some left over Halloween candy and opened up a Wintersday present to get some wool socks. I threw it all in the Mystic Forge and got an error code.

Amen! I'm in the same boat. I love Guild Wars 2 but all this temporary content is just stuff that I'm going to miss, or accidentally play a bewildering, out-of-context fragment of it.

But I know that a little bit of permanent content gets left behind with each temporary storyline so that's good.

I do like the concept behind it, to actually use this content to make the world dynamic and ever-changing, I do feel like I'm constantly missing out though.

I watched a developer video that was released alongside the Bazaar of the Four Winds announcement. If I heard correctly, future updates will focus more on permanent content.