ARG! Possible game announcement (not pirate related)

The GiantBomb folks just got an interesting package in the mail. A USB key with a ( and TXT file. The MP3 starts with a quote from Ceasar and then a ceasar cipher code: ZZZ JNQRYD3 FRP. This leads us to a website: I’m not sure where the “6” comes from. That website contains a quote from Francis Bacon. A baconian cypher was used to decode the message, which leads to a new message:


I’m confused. What does “ARG!” have to do with pirates?

Civilization 5?

EDIT: And I know it has been announced, but maybe more information regarding it… or maybe Civ is the first thing I thought of when names like Francis Bacon and Ceasar are brought up.

The WHOIS doesn’t give too much information.

Deus Ex 3. Calling it now.

Sorry got my pirate talk wrong. Arg.

Whatever it is, I’m now curious. This PR campaign is already much more successful than the Dragon Age PR clusterfuck.

Ok, count me in the ARG stuff is stupid camp. Seems like its for folks with too much time on their hands, and it always ends in a preview or a trailer or small snippet of information that has nothing to do with the gameplay anyway. I see no point in them and just wait for the actual demo or gameplay trailer that comes out nine months after the ARG anyway.

That’s “Arr!” to you, infidel!

Hmmm. If you go to that site, grab the dial and turn it, you can use it to clean up the picture when it goes washed out and noisy. It shows a lot of old-style animation of nuclear fission, chain reactions, uranium processing, and A-bombs. Also a baseball diamond… JFK on the TV… and other stuff. Draw what conclusions you will.

Fallout: New Vegas?

I generally don’t care about ARGs, but the recent Portal one sounded amazing.

Yeah, it is looking like Bethesda and Fallout: New Vegas.