Argentina approves same sex marriage

Way to go gauchos! I think Mexico had done something similar but only in the actual city or state (not sure tbh) while this decision is for the whole country.

More info.

In its race to derail the change, the church organized large protests involving tens of thousands of opponents of the measure, with Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, calling the bill a “destructive attack on God’s plan.”

And in the “hate mongering idiots” section of the article

But the trend is not universal. Honduras barred gay couples from marrying or adopting children in 2005, and refused to recognize same-sex marriages from other countries. The anti-gay atmosphere in Honduras is so intense, human rights groups say, that more than 20 gay and transgender people have been killed there in the past five years.

Actually, that’s 15 gay and transgender killed in the 5 years prior to the coup, 18 killed in the 1 year SINCE the coup. :(

Mexico DF IIRC did legalize same-sex marriage, but IME (not widespread I’ll grant) it’s such an outlier that I can’t see it majorly predictive in Mexico. There is a reasonable (and well recgonized) percentage of transgendered in parts of Mexico though.

I guess Team Cokehead leads the way. Never thought I’d say that.