Argentina - the new Fascist paradise


It also says “long live liberty motherfucker”

*Motherfucker is an approximation for the curse word

“New” he says… ;)

That’s a good point. They’ve swung this way heavily a few times before. You’d think they’d learn from history…

There’s a whole thing going on with an IndyCar driver from Argentina whose fans are sending death threats to drivers who have caused their countryman to lose places in some events over the last year or so. They seem to think (and the driver sort of embraced it) that’s just normal behavior on the internet and the people receiving said threats need to “toughen up” or something?

It’s pretty wild. Some people keep saying don’t believe that everyone from there is like that, but seeing this… how many aren’t?

Obvious fake news is obvious.

To expand on that: the image in the OP is a fake. There is no image or post like that on Jaiver Milei’s Instagram account.