ARGH! Battlefield lock-ups

Bought the game today, patched it, installed a mod or two, and when I was fianlly going to play the thing my screen froze two seconds after the gamespy in-game browser had loaded. Ok, just a minor lock-up,I can deal with that, or so I thought, because my system refused to respond to any commands after that so the only thing that could be done was a reboot. After my third reboot I decided that maybe I should try something else, so I launched Gamespy Arcade and voila, I can play from there. The only problem is that as soon as I hit escape I’m back at the browser menu, which freezes my system!

Now I am getting very, very annoyed here. What can I do?

I only use All-Seeing Eye now for finding games, but what you’re describing certainly doesn’t sound normal. I suppose it would matter what your video card, drivers, etc. (and maybe sound stuff too) is?

Are you using zone alarm or other firewall? It may be silently popping up behind requesting access.


Zone Alarm it was, I figured it out about 10 minutes after I posted this. Great game. :D

No, as a game, fucking Zone Alarm is the pits. Especially the part where the pop-up refuses to pop up.
BF1942 is great though.

I used to use Zone Alarm, but it caused a lot of problems with a lot of games. Kerio Personal Firewall is much more well-behaved for me. Be sure to research the proper uninstallation of Zone Alarm if you dump it. It has a nasty tendency to leave parts of itself and block some of your net access.

I did try Kerio a month ago, to see if I could get e-mule to work better, but I didn’t have the patience to set it all up. For all it’s flaws, Zone Alarm is extremely easy to use.

Also, uninstalling Kerio caused weird glitches with Installshield when I was installing games the week after.