Argh! My notebook!

2 frickin’ weeks after I shell out for a top-of-the-line dell notebook with a radeon 9700 mobility, they release the 9800 mobility. :(

I can upgrade to it, but it’s $300…

Doesn’t Dell offer their 30-day money-back guarantee anymore?

For a ~10% performance gain? You won’t even notice it. Not worth the hassle.


Hey Jason…


No, no, let him carry some debt. As long as the CC companies make money off of Jason’s interest payments, they won’t charge the rest of us annual fees.

It apparently doubles framerates, actually.

Good idea on the money back guarentee…

Will they allow you to return it if you had it modified?

I am going thru this with apple, we just got a 17" powerbook, but not the ipod deal at the time, the sales lady confused it. So now i want my ipod for $69. They will not let me return and re-order the powerbook since it was customized and will not do the rebate because it is not on the same invoice. So now i am trying to work out a deal with their sales support to give me 20gb ipod or a mini for under $100.



The 9700mobile is roughly as fast as a 9600pro; it only has four pixel pipes. The 9800mobile has 8 pipes, it compares to a 9800pro. BIG difference between 9600 and 9800!

Is there a notable difference in terms of power consumption between 9600/9700 and 9800 Mobility? I’m planning to get myself a Centrino-based notebook in the near future and I’d like to have the best compromise between a decent gaming performance and a long battery life.

Varies between doubling the framerate and no effect. It consumes more power, but playing games without it plugged in is pretty much impossible anyway; battery lasts like an hour.

I did a bit of poking around the dell forums and it sounds like they’re all a confused bureaucracy about how to handle the upgrades.

As someone who bought the same laptop as you about the same time as you, I was just wondering if you’d heard any more about this? :wink:

I called Friday and got a clueless runaround. I figure I’ll wait a couple of months for inventory to build up and then just ask for the 256 MB 9800 they’re offering on the XPS - exact same motherboard and bios, so it should work. Apparently if you just tell them you need the spare part for a friend’s machine they don’t hassle you.