Argylle - "meta" spy thriller with Henry Cavill

Metacritic of 40:

One of the most chaotically stupid action movies to torture audiences in ages.

Ouch. Maybe those promotional spots heavy on Dua Lipa will be enough to sell it. I hated Kingsman 2 and couldn’t get more than 10 minutes into Kingsman the prequel, so this really isn’t super surprising I guess.

Henry Cavill leading Matthew Vaughn and Guy Ritchie films within weeks of each other is too confusing for me.

Is it me, or does this seem eerily like The Lost City, which was the Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum/Daniel Radcliffe movie about a novelist who writes about a plot that (she has no idea) real.

No because The Lost City was good!

But seruously, now that you mention it I can see the connections, but having seen The Lost City, I didn’t make that connection myself seeing the Argyle trailers.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the only reason Bryce Dallas Howard carries that cat in the backpack throughout the film was done just so the marketing could use this phrase:

A.V. Club called this movie “exhausting” in their review, but said that Sam Rockwell and Bryce Dallas Howard were clearly having a lot of fun, which was fun to watch.

Yeah, Kingsman was really cool, Kingsman 2 was fun but maybe a bit too bonkers, and “The King’s Man” was really dumb, but also I had a lot of fun with it.

This feels like a weekend movie night “I want something dumb with a lot of action” film.

Beware movies on the January release schedule…


Wise saying.

Surprisingly Angry Joe and team really liked it. Angry Joe himself said he loved it and he seemed quite enthusiastic. Alex said he liked it, although he said it’s really stupid, and Other Joe said he really liked it although the third act it does fall off.

If you’re not familiar with their review format, they do start going in to spoilers at some point. But I do like checking the start of his reviews, since Angry Joe and team’s opinions are more likely to match my own than real professional film critics.

[Edit] I’m seeing a lot more positive buzz on this from the YouTube movie community. In fact every one of the YouTube movie folks I sometimes watch seems to have really positive things to say about the movie — not that they think it’s perfect, but they so seem to think it’s fun. One of them (Grace Randolph) actually says it’s a good Valentine’s Day movie — so if Grace is saying it’s kind of a fun movie with some romance and the Angry Joe folks are saying it’s a lot of fun, it seems like it could appeal to a fairly broad audience.

Typically, but after the strike I’m not sure they have that luxury.

I don’t remember when I have been as out of tune with the review scores as for Argylle. It’s absolutely hilarious, always intentionally, and is pretty much what the trailer promised. Which is an action comedy, not a thriller. There’s a couple of standout fight sequences that I’d totally put there with Vaughn’s best ones; very different, and even more comedic in nature, but so very, very inventive.

There’s maybe 15 minutes in the middle of the movie where it forgets what it’s about, and does a bunch of really boring infodumps in a static setting, and even once the comedy restarts it is a bit slow in building up again. Not sure what happened there; it had to be obvious in test screenings that people would be nodding off at that point.

There’s a real chance I’ll end up seeing this again next week (not because I have to see it another time, but since one of us missed the movie and will definitely want to watch it, and I won’t mind seeing it again even this soon.)

Just saw it. We thought it was great fun. There were multiple laugh out loud moments and some of the fight scenes were so over the top that they were like nothing I remember seeing. Quite enjoyable.

If you want to say the plot is dumb, sure, but then so are most if not all of the Bond movies. When I compare this to the last Bond movie this was much better because it never takes itself seriously.

I will see this again when it’s out on streaming.

Hmm. I want this to be fun. Need something fun to go see in a real theater.

I had a good time with this one. I just wish they did not cut back on the blood (to avoid an R rating?) …
Always love to see Sam Rockwell…

That won’t be happening, because the undubbed release didn’t even get a second week here.

If the budget really is $200M like reported, this is probably a bigger flop than The Marvels.

I just watched the Pitch Meeting. Is there really a scene in this film where Samuel L Jackson is with a red-haired woman who learns she’s a secret operative who has lost her memory?

She learns it before then but essentially yes.

Just saw this today with my wife. I thought it was decent fluff. I always like Sam Rockwell, but there were a few annoyances - first off, the movie was waaaaay too long. It needed much tighter editing. Second, and this bothered me a lot more than my wife, was the scene where Bryce Dallas Howard is ‘skating’ around on a surface of crude oil. At one point she goes down on her knees. But when she gets back up, her lower legs are clean as they can be. The oil is obviously CGI but they needed to at least pretend it actually happened. I know you’re not going to have her running around for 30 more minutes with an oil soaked dress and legs but write something in to address it - heck, have her towel off afterwards for God’s sake!

There were certainly a lot of twists and turns but overall nothing actually happened that surprised us. So either we’re really smart or the plot wasn’t as tricky as they thought it was.

Regardless, we enjoyed it as a rare trip to the movie theatre versus sitting at home and streaming stuff.

From a practical standpoint, going to the movie theatre itself was annoying - first was the theatre showing 15 straight minutes of ads and then 10 minutes of trailers starting at the purported showtime. Second, the theatre was freezing cold - felt like 63 or so degrees. It’s difficult to enjoy yourself when half the time you’re thinking about how cold you are. These practicalities are why we go to the theatre so rarely.