Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


I am thinking i may start from scratch. Makes it a bit more tense :P


currently down loading woot woot!


I should be loading, will be awhile, terrible internet


14 Gig DL.


The host company we are using is advertising they support Aberration and server clustering for travel between maps. I will try to look into it later today, but am a little bit busy this week.


What is the goal of the clustering? We can move characters freely between the maps and maintain levels/unlocks?

Dino moving? Do regular dinos belong on the other map (the bit I saw was all new creatures)?


I think so? I have never done it, but thought that is what you guys wanted to do. @Ragan may know more how it works.

I got this from the website just now that we use for hosting:

We fully support Ark Aberration expansion pack. Ark Survival Evolved’s subterranean DLC for December.

Full cross travel support. Link unlimited amount servers together, host more maps or mods and travel between them with your dinos and gear.

EDIT: Hmm, I was just checking out my client area and found some information on clustering game servers. I was going to see if I could set up an Aberration server, but I believe it said they were currently out of stock. Ugh. I guess I should have tried to order earlier in the day or yesterday. I will look into it.


Preface this by saying, this is how I setup my cluster.

Setting up clustering is done in two parts. One is the start up command and the other is some changes in the GameUserSettings.ini.

The startup command needs to have -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=. These are added after all the startup override parameters. Start up parameters are everything in a question mark delimited string after the ShooterGameServer.exe (ShooterGameServer.exe ScorchedEarth_P?SessionName=YourServerName?MultiHome=). After those, you would add the -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=.

I am not sure if this is something the game host sets up or if you can. I’ve not looked to see if the server startup command is editable.

The GameUserSettings.ini changes are there to allow us to transfer dinos, characters, and items back and forth on the cluster:


You can start a second character on the Aberration server, but if you ever transfer that character to the Ragnarok server, you will delete your Ragnarok character and visa versa. And deleting your Ragnarok character means that everything on Ragnarok will no longer be yours.

The game does warn you that when you could overwrite an existing character though.


So no moving characters really? What is the advantage of clustering then?

Just having both maps available under one server/fee?

I must be missing something…


You can move characters (with the right settings), you can’t create a new character on Aberration and transfer it over to Ragnarok without overwriting the Ragnarok character.


Thanks, Ragan. There is also a knowledge base article on the host site that explains how to set the commands and they say if you make a support ticket, they will help you through it.

I will try to get the new server up and clustering enabled and await guidance. I believe @Ragan and @barstein can also admin the server so once both servers are running, you guys should be able to add the proper commands and settings, I believe.

I will check again tonight to see if I can get an order through for the new server.


Took a short break from ARK. Sounds like most of us are on board with clustering rather than just switching over to Aberration. I’ll be around to help with any setup tasks, etc.!


So there will be two servers for Qt3 to pick from? or log in to the one and switch there?

I’m probably just gonna have 2 characters, one dedicated for each.

Fresh start for aberration as per Grembel.

Patched and ready whenever.


Hmm, I suppose it brings up a few points. I am good with doing it either way. If we cluster and people don’t use the transfer feature, it shouldn’t hurt them right? They can just log in separately and as long as they don’t use the same name and try to transfer later, they shouldn’t lose anything.

What happens is someone else comes to play, though, and picks your name on Aberration and tries to transfer to our Ragnarok server? Will it blow your character away? If that is true, we may just need to keep them separate.

EDIT: I opened a support ticket to inquire about the Out of Stock error I am getting and to check on when they may be available.


I guess I was trying to order it from the wrong location within my invoice area or something. I got it purchased and it is now processing and setting up. Once that is done, we can select the map and settings and get it online.

We can just leave them separate if you guys want, but maybe pick new names just in case you want to transfer later? If you guys also want to log in the Admin area of the CPanel, feel free to assist, but maybe shoot me a PM if you work on it so we don’t at the same time :).

EDIT: The prices seemed to go up so I set it up with max 20 players this time to start with. I don’t think we hit 10 before so this should be fine. We can always bump it later if needed.


Updating the server to 275.2 from 274. I’m guessing that’s required for everyone, hopefully it won’t prevent anyone from getting in for whatever reason. Also updating Structures Plus. Will edit this post when it’s all done.

Edit: It’s done. (See below.)


Sounds good. I am going to be away to eat for a little while, so if you have time, feel free to set up some initial settings and map for the new server and start it up! (If it finishes installing)


I thought the settings on Rag were pretty good (tame speed, gather rate, etc).

Exp gain seemed to flatten a lot around 85 though. Maybe not worth addressing at the start.


Yeah setting in Rag worked great for me.


Looking at the s+ mod page, can’t tell if aberration is supported right now.

EDIT: on further reading it sorta works but will crash the server. They can’t fix it until the aberration dev kit is released in a week or so. According to steam boards /shrug.