Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


Okay, I think we are set to try it out. I was able to log in this morning, though I noted the server up time said 0, I still saw structure sfor both me and Ragan when I logged in. I’m not sure what that means, but it is what it is. The mod was installed and should have loaded, but I cannot tell how rare the spawns are, so I don’t know if it is active or not. I’ll test more this evening.

I modified the Center server to allow anything to transfer IN to it. However, only YOU (player,) and your items can go out. So if you bring a pretty dino in, well, it’s stuck there forever. I don’t know how restrictive this will end up being in operation. I’d ask you all to understand that I do not know how eggs from the new mod are handled. Until I know more, please do not transfer off the server with eggs, as anything from the new mod might either cause issues, or poison the supply we currently have with stats obtained from the new mod.


For now I ONLY have the base mod loaded, Primal Fear. There are no additional add-ons loaded, so the following are NOT present:
Primal Fear Bosses
Primal Fear Noxious Dinos
Primal Fear SE Dinos
Primal Fear Aberration Dinos

This should breathe a little life into the Center, hopefully. Enjoy!


How does engram leveling work? since there are new engrams, will it mess up skill levels when transfering?


Nah, you’ll be fine. Your character is just a data file, but includes how many engrams you have now, what you’ve picked to spend them on before, etc. But it also includes your items worn and carried. So when you transfer to anther ark (a choice at any loot beacon or Obelisk) you end up there with whatever you have on and your items in your inventory, along with with whatever you’ve spec’d your character into as you leveled up, even engram points not spent.

The game even encourages you to explore a bit with those grayed out engrams like, “only available on aberration or Scorched Earth,” etc.

You can also “upload” a dino near you from the creatures tab, or “upload” items on the “Data” tab. Those are a little different, they leave wherever you are at and go into a data hold for 24 hours. Within that 24 hours, you must “download” them on the same server or any other server you travel to. After the 24 hour period they disappear. Be careful with dinos, they lose any inventory. So take off their saddles and anything in their inventory you want and carry it with you.

Once you travel to another server, you’ll not be in any tribe, as those are per-server. And if you haven’t been there before to build or whatnot, you won’t have a bed to spawn in, so you’ll need to select an area on the map, then, “Spawn here with current survivor.” To travel back, it’s the same principle. Ragan has been traveling around putting stargates on a lot of servers and usually has gates to the Obelisks, so when you’re ready to come back, if you can’t find a loot beacon, see if you can get to one of the Obelisks.

There is a LOT more detail here:


All 4 servers being updated, this should be the end of the recent server event I believe.

UPDATE: All servers have been updated and should be available again within about 5 minutes.

@Grembel you should be good to go once it is fully back up.


Many thanks!


No worries man!


So its been a wile since we had a Grem adventure…

Skruggs was there for this one. Was finishing up the glass house doing my thing. Had a couple holes in the wall but nothing that should cause any issues.

Had two rex i had just hatched so I left the door on the hatchery open so as to give them room to grow… 1st mistake.

As i am crafting wall after wall and ceiling tile after ceiling tile I see a death message pop up. Ragans find… man that sounds familiar. Oh Hell No!!! thats one of my pheonix. I drop what i am doing and run for the hatchery. I round the corner to see my two rex fleeing and a level ten raptor chewing on my other phoenix.

How does this raptor avoid agro on my elemental my two dragons and a yard full of rex… hahah just another day on the Ark with Grem


Looks like some of the servers went down due to a mod update


thank you so much I was having a hell of a time trying to pm skipper. -Kiptah. Also could it e possible to move the server reset time. Kyle and I are on the West coast and it sometimes interrupts us in the middle of things. It wouldnt have to be too long just maybe and hour or two. Thank you Boyos


No problem, man. I was out of town for the weekend. All servers have been modified to reboot now at 8AM EDT, which should be 2AM there for you guys.

Someone mentioned the servers need an update again? If so I’ll be home in a bit and address it. I’m going to resend info on how to fix that to a few of you in case this happens while I’m traveling.


Thank you so much Skipper.


No problem at all.

Update, the mods on The Center don’t seem to be updating to the client version. I attempted it this morning but was still getting the mod message after. I’m going to see if the full script running at 8AM EDT fixes things, but if not, could one of you let me know?


Hey Skipper, I tried to connect this morning to both the center and the island servers to make sure they ran ok. The center is running just fine however, the island was wiped and at day 0. Cancel that I just connected and everything on the island seems to be in order, how odd.


I can tell you why that happened. Right after a reboot, the servers display at day 0. Basically the server responds prior to the save being loaded. So you’ll see that update next, “tick,” on the server list. Sometimes it may take just a bit.


Really having fun with this new mod, Primal Fear. It’s a challenge but also a boon once you get into it a little bit. Besides having more things to build (mod specific smithy, forge and industrial forge) it also adds a lot of duplicate but better engrams. Like x9, x18, etc narcotic and related arrows/darts/bullets, as well as stimulant and even something they call Tame Helper, which is quite awesome. It speeds up the depletion of the food bar on taming, so by the time you put in taming food, it’s quite quick. Which leads to why these are needed.

The stats of dinos on different level tiers are insane. Things are bumped up 3x on the lowest level (toxic) but on the level you see the most, Alpha, the stats are 5x. And it’s every stat. Not just health, but also carry weight, melee, torpor, etc. They are harder to bring down (unless you’re using the new items,) but again, the reward is so much greater stats. Alphas are also bigger and strikingly colored. Some, like the Alpha Dodo I tamed today, have special abilities as well, you can ride that one like a normal mount, without a saddle.

Either way, as things progress, we’re starting to see higher and higher leveled tiered dinos, and they start to get a bit insane, you need a leveled dino to take on a higher tiered dino, etc. Skrug saw a Celestial Griffon today with health above a million. That’s … crazy. I have a Fabled Bronto nearby with health well over 100K. You NEED those new weapons, armor and dinos to take those down. I walled in said bronto and thought I would attempt to tame him. I’m wearing a full set of flak gear, upgraded to at least Journeyman or better quality. One tail swipe took my fully repaired gear to 2 items broken, and most of the others nearly broken. BIG damage.

At any rate, it becomes even more than the Rare Sightings mod, a hunt. A hunt for bigger, better, higher tiers. I love it. As an example, I have an alpha stego with 3k carry weight and an alpha dodo with 2.2K. This doesn’t even take into account their health and melee. It even makes collecting awesome.

Some pics…
A very large parasaur and dodo:

Dodo action shot:

Fighting a fabled trike:

Flying above the fabled bronto:

Some drops from a kill that my mount picked up, including modified bullets and shotgun ammo, modified narcotic and stimulant, and on the right side, some of the blood from that tiered kill. Blood is used in several of the engrams, from narcotic, to weapons and armor.


I know when I hopped over to the Center to deliver some kibble to Skruggle that a lvl45 prime rex was stomping around the blue obelisk. Wasn’t to worried until I saw it chomp some wild dino for over 23,000 damage.

I quickly sped away on my lowly lvl300+ spino before it saw me.


You were a very smart man for doing that. I’ve heard it is over there but I moved off the island before it showed up. My reason for leaving was a Malin. That’s a rare pink unicorn. You think, awww, that’s cute. Then it summons about 10 Jerboas that have 5K health each, and then they start attacking you.

Or the time I saw an alpha Theriz and thought that might make for a good tame, until it ran over and started slapping my Argent for 350+ damage from each swipe, and VERY quick swipes at that. Other alphas I’ve run in to: Pegomastax, Megalosaurus, Pteranodons, Brontos, and the usual suspects, Raptors, Rexs and Carnos.

Skrug and I both wandered a bit too close to the celestial griffon on the server. The first glimpse of it, you’re like, oh, it doesn’t have that much health. Then it lights up really bright and you’re struck by a beam, which lands a DoT, and your mount loses half it’s health from one shot.

It’s dangerous. I love it.


Hallu everybody, hope you guys are doing well, Kip here. The mods for the servers (except for abberation and SE) seemed to have another update and now puts the servers outta date again. I just thought Id let you guys know. Have a good one.


Yep, updating them now, Kip. I aim to please. Give them just a bit to get back online.


And please you very much do, I really appreciate what you do.