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Happy New Year, folks!


Happy New Year!


The Dragon is a dps race because it’s flame attack does like 20% health damage. So it doesn’t matter if you have a 100k health rex, 5 flame attacks and they are dead.

When I did the gamma and beta dragon with rexes, I brought a daedon (it has about 100k food stat) that was loaded down with about 3000+ kibble. As the rexes chased the dragon around, I would position the pig so he wouldn’t get flamed, then I started the healing aura and jumped into the pig inventory screen and spam force fed the pig to keep the healing going.

I couldn’t beat the Island alpha dragon. Tried it a couple times on my local test server and once on the Qt3 cluster and lost each time.

What I finally did was get a herd of therizin’s. Herbivores get a 50% reduction in fire damage. Not sure if that applies to the flame DOT or not. I then loaded each therizin up with like 30 to 40 veggie cakes, brought a daedon with kibble, and did the Alpha Dragon/Manticore fight on Ragnarok.

That fight went a lot smoother. The dragon lands first and doesn’t really fly around much, so it dies pretty fast. Then you spend the next 20 minutes chasing the manticore around. Make sure to turn off harvesting on all your therizin’s because they will get overloaded from harvesting the trees. Rock elementals will spawn part way through fighting the manticore, but the fight went on so long, that even with the 90% damage reduction, my therizin’s were killing the elementals. With the veggie cakes and pig healing, I didn’t lose any therizin’s.


Well that makes complete sense. I didn’t realize the breath was percent health related. So escaping with those that I did makes me happy, now. I also didn’t know herbivores got any flame resist, and remembering your Theriz breeding, that too makes sense. Speaking of, do you still have eggs stocked from them over on Scorched Earth?

I’m restocking the rex group, with the replacements being the 40K health, 700melee. I was going to use those for beta and possibly alpha Broodmother before attempting anything else. Trip has also bred up a group and wants to attempt something, if not at the same time with me.

I have been running the fights with dinos on neutral, disabled ally looking and disabled harvesting. Then have them follow me for placing before ordering the entire group to attack. That particular battleground for the dragon had a ton of stuff rexes got stuck on.

I may see if Trip wants to combo with me on Rag for it based on your comments.

EDIT: I’ll add here that I wonder now if I should be shooting for 30K, 800 melee instead.


So how does one flipflop between maps on the server cluster?

Jack and I played on the Island for a bit until he threw a rock at a carno and chaos ensued. We then played locally on ragnarok to get a bit of a feel for the game, but I think we want to come back to the extinction server, buuut there’s something to be said for the other maps.

And if I switch between maps, does the tribe setting carry over?


Great questions. Some answers. You’ll need to find a terminal, they are scattered around the city. From there you can access the menu: and the choice is in the middle towards the bottom.

On the other servers, you’ll have to find beacons (loot crates) or Obelisks to access this same menu to leave.

On that same terminal you can also upload dinos, or items. You can then download them on another server. Take anything off dinos, including the saddle, as it all disappears during the transfer.

Anything on you -should- transfer, but you might encounter an error that you have something ineligible for traveling to another server. Unfortunately, you’ll need to manually remove things until you find the offending item. At this time, the only one I know of is the super spyglass, which isn’t allowed on every server (yet.)

So your level and items carry over. Your tribe does not. We do have a super tribe on every server, though. Stargates to major places as well.

If you happen to pop over to one and nobody is around to help you come get in the tribe, you can use the following admin commands. You’ll need to find something owned by the tribe, either a building or dino. Get close enough to it that you see the details of who owns it, then do the procedure below.

Spoiler just in case:

(pulls up admin console)
enablecheats Skip72442
(pulls up the admin window)
(highlight your name in the upper middle)
(scroll down the command list on the right until you see ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe)
(highlight that command and then click the “Execute” button.)
(It will ask for the player ID. You’re already highlighted, so click the “Copy” button, then “Execute,” again.)
(You’ll then be joined to the tribe. You can close the admin window with the “X” in the top right corner.)


Okay we jumped onto Ragnarok.

Is there some oddball dino mods installed there? Getting popups about rare sabertooth tigers and the like.


That’s one actually installed on most all servers. It’s called Rare Sightings. To get the most from it, you make a radio and put it in slot 8 on your hot bar. The mod helps you track rare spawns via their coordinates in game. Essentially they are a fun mid to late game addition. The spawned dinos are higher than max level and colored with more rare combinations.

Or you can ignore the messages entirely.



So far we’re doing a tiny thatched house near viking bay. I didn’t see anyone else’s bases or anything on Ragnarok. Is it largely empty?

I think i’m ~ level 12. Feels super tight on engram points, but I can’t tell if that’s because we were playing on a jacked up local server previously.


It is pretty empty, most of the maps are with the exception of Scorched Earth and Extinction, both have had a lot of play. There haven’t been a lot of us, so no matter what, the maps aren’t crowded at all. Ragnarok is a fantastic map though, and it’s HUGE.

There are a couple of bases and an outpost over near the Blue Obelisk, a base at the Castle of the Swamp, a base at the large bridge in Central Canyon, and some scattered outposts for various things. There are about 10 or so Stargates, and most of them are public, meaning even if you aren’t in the tribe, you can use one with a Stargate Remote.

If you need a stargate set up, let me know and I’ll come find you guys and help with that. I’m also breeding you both a Argentavis so you’ll have some additional starter flyers. You’ll need them, that map could take literal days to walk across.

Since it is an all inclusive map, there are areas of desert, similar to a mini Scorched Earth. There is also a wyvern crag area and additional islands where there are more. Speaking of islands, there are several small ones scattered around the overall large Ragnarok land mass. There are also many caves and some hidden areas that are great to build in.

It’s wide open, you can have a ton of fun on that map. Trip and I both hop over there semi-frequently, and Ragan has a base there as well for some resource gathering.

If I offered any advice on that map it would be to get away from the starter areas as soon as you can defend yourself a bit. Since the map is so large, necessary dinos are scattered around as well, so without exploration you can get stuck in a bit of a rut.

EDIT: I almost forgot. In regards to Stargates on the map, if you see any labeled "-something- cave or Artifact of the -whatever- be extremely careful jumping through those unless you know where you’re going. Some are in dungeons and can be right beside some nasty stuff.



Can someone explain the transfer and inventory tooling for s+? I know how to move one inventory to another, and how to use the crafting thing in my ui, but is there a good way to do mass construction of super heavy things? (walls, etc)


One huge tip is to use S+ Crating stations as storage as well. They hold 300 item stacks. You can stack them on top of each other, making storage very dense in a small amount of space. As soon as you can make one, do that. If you use the S+ transfer gun, you can right click to mark the from and left click to place it elsewhere, though that does everything. It’s great for dumping from a dino inventory to one of those said S+crafting stations. the crafting station also has quick construction buttons for anything S+, so if things are in there, you can quickly craft 1 or many of whatever S+ item you need, like walls. You can also pull to it, see below.

The crafting stations:

Even without that, S+ will let you pull things from just about anything to you, or to whatever you have open (dino/crafting item/storage item.)

Note the buttons to pull for repair, or pull to make, or general pull. For repair or make, you highlight an item or an engram (crafting tab) and can pull what’s needed. note the amount, default of 1, so if you want to pull stuff to make 10 walls, click your crafting tab, find the S+ wall, set that amount to 10 and click that button that looks like X on the top left of that menu.

General pull will show you a list of standard items from anything around you and you can check to pull “all” or put in a number to pull what you need. This is based on your inventory weight, however.

Of the S+ guns, I use the transfer tool (move all items from one dino/storage/craft-station to another,) the demo gun (demo structures and either put the items in your inventory or destroy them outright,) and the euthanasia guns (kill unwanted dinos) the most. There is a transfer tool as well, and I think that might be something you’re asking about.

This guy gives about the best summary of the tools and how to use them. I’d also recommend his other videos on S+, especially the wall and wall support placement.


Perfect. I’ll watch through these.

I seem to have accidentally knocked out a megalosaurus next to my base.

It’s taming, but if I understand correctly, it’ll wake up mad at nightfall. So take bets if it tames before that.


We have taming speed turned way up, so chances are you’ll finish it in time. There are only a few dinos where additional narcotic is needed due to that.


Warning: I don’t recall the details, but one of us managed to crash the QT3 Rag server with one. Ragan or Grem might remember how exactly it happened.

However: I love the transfer tool!

I’m fiddling about on a server running on my desktop, trying out all sorts of mods. I’m coming to really like Immersive Taming. The default taming method of “beat senseless, force feed until it loves you” always felt wrong to me (and not just because of my terrible aim!). But this mod feels really cheaty with any kind of major boost to taming timers.


We’ve had some crashes, tracking down exactly why is tougher than it should be. I’ve done restorations from the hourly backups many times. It would not surprise me if some are S+ related, as that is probably our most used mod, by far.

But the quality of life in the game is helped SO MUCH that it’s worth it. There is no way I could play this game without it anymore.

That taming mod seems fun. Wouldn’t it be funny if your tames turned when you started blatantly killing off their kids to try to get mutations! :)


@Ragan, Trip let me know I had forgotten to tell you we stole your mega Basilo to breed over on The Island. Sorry about that. I thought I told you while you were online, but it sounds like I did not. I blame my age.

At any rate, it’s at the new water pen base that we’re setting up at herbivore island. water gates will also be set up, that way you can get it back to the spot it was in near the artifact, if needed. I did leave your other Basilo there, and put a saddle on it.


Trip only mentioned it because I said something about cryoing it. Glad he did because I would tore the server apart looking for him.

I killed the other basilo because it was a low level one I tamed when I first was venturing into the water cave.

All’s good now.


I’ve hatched 40 rex eggs. Not sure how many rexes I got out of it though. At least 45. This is going to be my army to try red and purple OSD’s.

They will all be cryoed after I get saddles made for them. They still gain passive xp while cryoed, so in about a week or so I’ll bring them out and give them their levels.

Edit: 47 rexes, final count after saddling and cryoing them all.


Trip and I had success leveling his in the ice cave, but it’s a pain doing the run on your own, rexes get stuck everywhere and those yetis will beat them down if you walk away. But should you and your son ride some through there, you can level them fairly well with one lap through the cave.

I’ve leveled mine solo going through the stargate marked, “sulfur pools,” which plops you out just up the hill from a lot of spinos, parasaurs and others that will give decent exp after a bit.

Good luck man, that sounds like some fun.