Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

Perfect. I’ll watch through these.

I seem to have accidentally knocked out a megalosaurus next to my base.

It’s taming, but if I understand correctly, it’ll wake up mad at nightfall. So take bets if it tames before that.

We have taming speed turned way up, so chances are you’ll finish it in time. There are only a few dinos where additional narcotic is needed due to that.

Warning: I don’t recall the details, but one of us managed to crash the QT3 Rag server with one. Ragan or Grem might remember how exactly it happened.

However: I love the transfer tool!

I’m fiddling about on a server running on my desktop, trying out all sorts of mods. I’m coming to really like Immersive Taming. The default taming method of “beat senseless, force feed until it loves you” always felt wrong to me (and not just because of my terrible aim!). But this mod feels really cheaty with any kind of major boost to taming timers.

We’ve had some crashes, tracking down exactly why is tougher than it should be. I’ve done restorations from the hourly backups many times. It would not surprise me if some are S+ related, as that is probably our most used mod, by far.

But the quality of life in the game is helped SO MUCH that it’s worth it. There is no way I could play this game without it anymore.

That taming mod seems fun. Wouldn’t it be funny if your tames turned when you started blatantly killing off their kids to try to get mutations! :)

@Ragan, Trip let me know I had forgotten to tell you we stole your mega Basilo to breed over on The Island. Sorry about that. I thought I told you while you were online, but it sounds like I did not. I blame my age.

At any rate, it’s at the new water pen base that we’re setting up at herbivore island. water gates will also be set up, that way you can get it back to the spot it was in near the artifact, if needed. I did leave your other Basilo there, and put a saddle on it.

Trip only mentioned it because I said something about cryoing it. Glad he did because I would tore the server apart looking for him.

I killed the other basilo because it was a low level one I tamed when I first was venturing into the water cave.

All’s good now.

I’ve hatched 40 rex eggs. Not sure how many rexes I got out of it though. At least 45. This is going to be my army to try red and purple OSD’s.

They will all be cryoed after I get saddles made for them. They still gain passive xp while cryoed, so in about a week or so I’ll bring them out and give them their levels.

Edit: 47 rexes, final count after saddling and cryoing them all.

Trip and I had success leveling his in the ice cave, but it’s a pain doing the run on your own, rexes get stuck everywhere and those yetis will beat them down if you walk away. But should you and your son ride some through there, you can level them fairly well with one lap through the cave.

I’ve leveled mine solo going through the stargate marked, “sulfur pools,” which plops you out just up the hill from a lot of spinos, parasaurs and others that will give decent exp after a bit.

Good luck man, that sounds like some fun.

My common motto for Ark is “Go big or go home”.

The Rex army had it first expedition (49 rex strong) and killed the ice titan. They were all about 31k health and 810% melee with 125 armor saddles. None of them died, but they all were between 6k and 10k health.

The fight involved a lot of me running around on my reaper while the rexes did all the work. I did get a tek railgun (woohoo!) but I must have mis-read or they changed it, because I didn’t get the tek railgun engram. That means I can’t use my new shiny railgun. I have to kill the desert titan for that.

Hell yeah! Congrats man!

Quick tip on the engram, which you may have already done. Log off and back on. I had this happen on Alpha Megapithicus when I ran it with Trip. My arm gem also didn’t register. I thought I would have to run it again. I logged in a day later and noticed everything was there.

And it not, you can admin it maybe?

I’ve been sick all weekend and not hardly on at all. I -really- wanted to get Alpha Dragon/Manticore down so we could focus on other items. Soon, hopefully.

Taking votes for the new stack size change. Default is 1, meaning 20 meat, 1 prime, 100 stone/wood/thatch, 200 metal.

I’m going to suggest we have fun with it and make the setting 5 which would be:
100 meat, 5 prime, 500 stone/wood/thatch, 1000 metal.

I’m up for any discussion though.

Setting is:
in GameUserSettings.ini

Do you guys not use a stacking mod?

5 prime would be annoying after being used to 2k meat stack sizes.

Btw, server optimization question: my family’s Extinction server is pretty bad about rubber-banding in small, fairly frequent amounts if you’re flying around on an owl — esp in Sanctuary. Using one of the holiday speed boost candies would dramatically exacerbate it but even 100% speed is pretty annoying. What would you think is most likely to be wrong with our setup? We supposedly have a beefy server running on an ssd.

We currently don’t, no. We have a pretty high number of mods but those were never in the list. Note that the new command makes is so that a mod isn’t needed, but having never used one … I have no idea where to set things.

Extinction seems to run really well for us. I’m on a shared platform that the whole cluster is on, but knowing that, I asked them to bump up the process priority for Extinction. CPU wise it isn’t that heavy overall, similar to the other maps. Memory-wise about the same story, averaging somewhere just over 3GB. There are some map spots where things grind or stutter, as an example, just a short way into the ice cave is a very repeatable spot that will cause lag.

If the server is family only are you running it off your own gaming PC? If it’s a standalone server, do you have any way to bump the process priority a bit on the server itself?

EDIT: Forgot to mention the server is Intel Xeon 3.0ghz based with multiple CPUs. I did not request a dedicated CPU, so this is from a shared pool. They have a shared memory pool for our cluster, but are able to use nearly as much as they need. Memory goes up based on the number of connections, so if you have several users online the memory will spike during that time.

I think 6GB is recommended, but for a busier server, probably more.

The side effect of changing the stack size is that weight isn’t changed. A single stack of 1000 metal is still going to weight 1000. Just something to remember when you are out gathering resources.

The big advantage of an increased stack size (for me anyway) will be gathering raw prime meat. The big corrupted dinos drop a lot primes and you hit the 300 slot limit really quick when doing a element vein/OSD event.

As for storing resources at my base, a stack size change doesn’t affect me as much because I use the S+ Dedicated Storage for nearly everything, but I can see how it will be helpful for those that don’t have them.

Go into Admin mode and run the command “setcheatplayer true”. Last I knew it would give you a window like this:

This will show you the server’s framerate and the total count of NPCs (i.e. dinos) on the server. If you have a server framerate of like 5 to 10 (30 is the max) and 75k dinos, then you server is overloaded. You could also fly around and see if the Active NPC count spikes when you experience rubberbanding. I know Extinction used to have a beaverpocalypse problem in the Underground forest. There was hundreds and hundreds of beavers in the lakes down there.

Also, hit Esc and check the server ping (at the bottom of the popup window screen). Skipper’s servers usually run with a 20 to 25ms ping, which is pretty good. You really start to notice rubberbanding when it hits around 100ms and it get’s worse the higher the ping.

For those of you still playing, the ARK Valentine’s Day event kicked off across the cluster. I’ve also made some changes to get some serious baby making in full swing.

  • Event Rates:
    • 2x Mating/Mate boost Range
    • 3x Mating Speed/Mating Recovery
    • 3x Baby/Egg Maturation Speed
    • 1/3rd Baby Food Consumption
  • Event Details:
    • Dino color spawns: Creatures have a 20% chance to spawn with holiday themed colors
    • When mating, creatures have a 25% chance to drop an item. That item has a 50/50 chance to be one of the following:
      • Valentines Chocolate: Restore full HP, or knock 40% off a Dino’s Tame Bar
      • Valentines Candy: Random dino colors.

In addition, the following changes have been made cluster wide:
The S+ Mutator has a 50 block radius.
The S+ Mutator cost has been reduced to 1 element per pulse.
The S+ Nanny now has a 50 block radius.
The S+ Hatchery now has a 50 block radius.
The S+ Hatchery incubation speed-up has been doubled.
The S+ Hatchery now has 40 egg storage.

Get busy breeding, or get busy dying.

Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of Ark’s EA release.

I can safely say, and Steam confirms and condemns me at the same time, that I have never played any other game as much as Ark (5105 hours or 212 days).

And to commemorate the the 4 year anniversary, another Ark adventure story that happened yesterday.

I started a new character (Ragansan) on Skipper’s Ragnarok and last night I transferred over to Extinction (my Ragan lvl 105 character is on Scorched Earth right now) to try and get a few more velon’s.

As soon as I got to the desert biome, I find and tame 145 velon. I tried to fight a yuti/carno pack and lost my ptera before I killed them. Then I found and tamed another 145 velon. Earlier I had tamed some Gacha’s for Ragnarok, so I figured I should get a snow owl or two for the owl pellets.

The snow biome wasn’t to bad, until I fought another yuti, who terrorized both my velons. Since my velons are running scared in random directions and I was near the zone border (I could hear the ping of death), I dismounted and had to fight off the yuti on foot. Except, I had tranqs loaded in my longneck. I had to switch ammo on the fly, while getting chomped on, but managed to kill the yuti.

The finale happened about 5 minutes later. I encountered a pack of 4 dire wolves and 2 daedons (pigs). They split my velons up and eventually killed the first 145 velon. The daedon’s got distracted by a mammoth so I was able to kill the dire wolf that was trying to eat me.

I recovered the stuff from my dead velon and transferred back to Ragnarok before I lost everything.

Ark happens.

Also, a player named Jukari made their own Ark trailer by combining pieces of the released Ark trailers and some in game footage. He posted it back in Feb 2019, but just found it today. It is put together really well. I’d say it is better than the Extinction trailer, which was pretty good IMO.

I -just- saw that video posted on reddit earlier. Well done vid.

As to your story, it had all the makings of a Grem tale, except you lived in the end. Both Skrugg and I have logged in at least once lately but I’m not sure what I want to do when I’m on. I’ll probably re-roll on one of the servers at some point. I enjoy early-mid game a lot, it scratched the itch for survival in a big way.

So needed to read youi had died and lost both of the new dinos:P

Is ARK cross-platform now? Dipping my toes back in on my PS4, thinking of trying your server out. Either way, would appreciate the server info if you have room and will have me.

Last I checked there was no cross play, but it was a holdup by Sony.

Sony has blocked cross-platform play between PS4 and PC gamers in ARK : Survival Evolved, with ARK’s Lead Desginer, Jeremy Stieglitz, saying on Twitter the team have it “working internally”, but “Sony won’t allow it”. This means cross-platform play between PC and PS4 gamers in ARK works, but Sony are stopping it.

Even PC to Xbox is gimped due to them tying it to the windows 10 app, not Steam. :(

And @barstein I hope that doesn’t dissuade you from playing anyway. It’s a fun game. Most of us posting here have hundreds of hours of game time in it.