Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

Thanks, @skipper, I found a fantastic server and have learned a lot about the PS4 private server situation. I’ll share more later.

I present, the holy grail of gacha’s! Produces Element dust!

I have killed so many gacha’s trying to get one. And this one was a rare spawn to boot (from the Rare Sightings mod).

The first thing I did after getting it back to my Extinction base was clone it two times. When using snow owl pellets, every crystal gives 180 element dust.

Damn! Almost enough to make me wanna play…almost.

Now that is awesome. I never even realized that was a rare.

Wildcard is releasing the mod map, Valguero, as a free DLC.

Based on the mod page, it sounds like it is a merging of all the vanilla maps (Island, SE, Ab, & Ext). It also looks to be a big map, 82 sq km.

They will be announcing/streaming it on Twitch today at 3pm PST.

Should I post a vote for which map to vote off the cluster to make room for it?

My vote would be the Center because I haven’t played on that map very much this time around.

I think that’s going to be the loser by time played for sure. I need to make sure that Trip knows, even though he’s still waiting on his new laptop in order to play. No idea on the timeline of the map either, right? That was just a teaser video.

I did read a few things though:
No nameless
No Reapers

So it’s got some Aberration additions, but not completely. They did mention there will be a mod for unofficial to add nameless, but no Reapers.

You can always transfer yours in though. :)

The map will be released today.

The map on the Ark mod page isn’t the same one as that will be released. I think I saw on Reddit that they have been working with the mod developer for the last 5 months getting it ready.

My personal thoughts would be to wait several days for the stampede to rush through and find all the major issues. I’m not in a big hurry because “They are Billions” is releasing the campaign mode along with 2 new maps today.

Oh shit I had no idea. I’ll have to validate what code that is and we can attempt it on the Center once I know Trip isn’t on there with his character.

No worries there. Let’s give it a few days and I’ll update you once I know more or attempt it. I’m also assuming that might get us through initial mod discrepancies on the new map and subsequent updates.

You bastards are going to make me play again aren’t you…

I put it on my F&F server this afternoon. Haven’t explored much yet but everything is working so far (knock on wood).

Here we go. The Center now replaced with Valguero.

Enjoy, guys.
(same password as before, PM me if you do not have it or don’t remember)

Don’t forget to launch with no anti-cheat enabled. Also, I’ve confirmed transferring works from other servers in the cluster.

I guess I missed a few patches. Hitching posts work entirely different now. So does imprinting. I have a breedable pair of Pteras now so I decided to breed them for the hell of it.

They take heat to hatch but you can plop em beside a fireplace inside and get the temp right, usually. So I hatched one and took it outside thinking at best I’d get a 25% imprint or so. What I didn’t know is all the kibble feedings appear to be changed. I had two feedings (for one I just needed mejoberry, and for the other just amarberry.) Add to that one cuddling and one walk and I now have a 100% Ptera. Hell yes!

Man I’m tempted. Having a blast on the PS4 but the admin is shutting down his server pretty soon for a while, and will relaunch in a far away timezone. Tried a different server today, picked more or less randomly, but despite the good boost balance I had to leave when the admins found me and gifted me basically everything possible, before announcing a planned tribe war. No thanks. I just want to grind away on my little base, thank you very much.

Edit: The PS4 has an “Unofficial PC Sessions” category that’s populated with servers. I assume that means PC ARK servers. Would I be able to access yours from there, Ragan? If so, what would I look for? Not familiar with how that works.

Cross play only exists between the Xbox and Windows Store version of Ark.

Wildcard has stated that they have cross play working internally, but Sony/Microsoft are the hold up on them rolling it out.

Slightly confused from the descriptions of the new map.

Is the Valguero map totally new/custom like Ragnarok? Or a copy-paste of existing map chunks?

Yes Valguero is like ragnarok

Is there any way to unlock Tek engrams on Valguero alone?

There is if you have admin.

See here:

Then the section on “unlock all Tek Engrams,” and expand that section. Those are the admin commands you need after enabling cheats.
TAB - opens console
… run those commands.

The best part of the Steam version (besides quite a bit more mods and more updated) is that we’re all pretty laid back on the cluster servers. It’s PvE, well upped resource gathering, faster leveling, better dinos, quicker on just about everything related to the game. We typically form one or more tribes just so everyone can get to each other, and sometimes we’ll group up for difficult things, like bosses or dungeon runs. I can play for hours all by myself, or if someone else is on and I need help, I can ask.

Since it’s a cluster, you can use beacons (the loot drop things) or Obelisks (the red/green/blue towers) to warp from one server to another, taking you, items and even dinos if you want. So it really extends the game into multiple maps. There’s -months- worth of play between them. Even if you don’t get the expansions, there are still Island/Ragnarok/Valguero maps to enjoy.