Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

I transferred my army from the Valguero server

Thanks Ragan

Did you have them cryoed/soul trapped on Valguero?

They were in Cryoed on Valguero. If this is too complex, I will just rebuild the army.

Thanks Ragan

I’ve restored Velguero to 4/15/ at 10:37 pm EST, which would be 7:37pm MST. Once the server comes up, login and see if it was the right backup.

I just logged in and my Dino Army is back in Valguero. My naked body was still on the Island, but everything I had on my body is easy to recreate.

Thanks Again Ragan -

Looks like Fjordur’s official release hits in about 15 days.

Nekatus’ Announcement:

Discord invite link:

I just started playing on the new map, and so far it’s kind of cool. I am digging some extra ruins laying about, but haven’t found any of the new critters yet. Anyone else?

I have not, no. Should we vote one of the old maps off the cluster to load it up or should I spin up a new cluster member?

I’d be good either way =) Is there a map that no one has used?

@Ragan I pinged ActiveGamehost but I can’t seem to spin up a new server since their pay cart site is broken.

In the meantime, thoughts about using an existing server or no?

Are you thinking like Rag? I’ve been out of the loop for like a year, so… I don’t think I have a vote =)

We have people that pop on to some of the servers at odd times. Like, picking one server to put all your loot on or similar. So the issue with shutting one down to bring up the new map is just that, someone might lose something. No rush in the meantime. I’ll wait for a response from him and ping his email as well.

I spawned on the eastern shore of the SW island, and encountered some fjordhawks at a shallow river there, and spotted a few giant bats hanging from the ceiling in a cave nearby.

I hadn’t bothered looking up those critters yet, so I let them alone for now.

I haven’t gone much past that island, but if it’s like the mod, there are interesting caves all over the map.

I spawned on the north island right near the river, and there is a big cave that looks to be author credits and thanks, etc… but that’s all I’ve seen yet.

Our group started on the ragnarok Server, and from memory, I cannot remember any other big bases on this map. During play, for some reason, I moved over the the Valguero Server and the other members slowed down, and stopped playing ARK. They still come on once and a while for boss fights, but there bodies are now in my base on Valguero. I logged on and took anything that I thought would be of use, and retired our base on Ragnarok.

Feel free to retire this server, if you want, as I think we were the only ones playing on this server for the last couple years.


I think a few of us had small bases there but nothing major. I’ll have to check for one of mine as well.

The hosting company hasn’t yet answered my ticket on another server just yet so I’m going to hold off for now. If I end up switching maps I’ll also need to get a full backup of ragnarok as well so it might take me a bit. More info to come …

Maybe replace Lost Island or Crystal Isles? I don’t think they have anything exclusive that’s super important, and I doubt many people have main bases on those maps. Just a thought. Edit: oh, I missed the Rag decision.

My main base is on Crystal Isles. The only thing I’d want to get before you killed it is I have a couple raids full of max level TRexes, Argens, Blood Wyverns and Theriz on ice over there. I can move them over to another base if need be, just let me know =) Well, that and a wall of resources…

I’m all for re-purposing an existing server and I don’t have anything major on Ragnarok either.

My main bases on Crystal Isles, Lost Isles, & Genesis II.

I played this for a long time but have not for a few years. I am thinking of having another play, likely solo or maybe with my son. Any suggestions for a map to play, when I played there was only 1 map now there is loads.

Not looking for anything too out there just a nice easy time.

Any thoughts