Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

Yes i sunk countless hours into EQ and WoW. Ark is very close second however.

What time does the server reset each day?

All servers are on US Eastern time. At 4 AM they check for mod updates and if needed, apply and reboot. At 5AM they run Steam Update which shuts the server down beforehand, runs steam update, then comes back online. So, roughly, that reset happens from 5:00AM to 5:20AM, eastern time.

Good deal! Thanks!

I’ve added the Awesome Spyglass mod to Fjordur.

So, I’m trying to do a gender swap with the mutator, and I’ve tried 3-4 times now, with 2 different dino breeds (Owls and Desmos) and the sex swamp doesn’t take. Is this something we have turned off? Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong…

Edit: nevermind. Must have been iser error!

Sooooo I discovered there are other realms to this new map… (yes I died) (and yes I had no idea what I had done until it was far to late)

Taking on a rex with a shield during beta :P

This time it was Kel having a miss adventure. @Kelan I wanna say this was after they had released Argies for the first time.

I remember that!

Dude, not lying, this is a pretty bad-ass pic with you shield tanking a rex.

They look so different! Like flying penguins almost.

So I wanna say the rex shield start as an experiment right after they released that bp for the shield. I had just moved to the first snow biom. Man that place was nasty haha.

I present the elusive holy grail of Ark, the Basilisk egg! This is the first time I have ever seen one and this was from a wild basilisk.

So it seems it is working as intended with my Desmodus tames not being 100% effective. It sounds like you need to have them pick up a dino first to increase the effectiveness and then let it pick you up after to finish the taming process.

I have no idea how I am going to control when they stop on a dino and switch to me as it happens so fast, but apparently if you just let them only pick you up personally to tame, you won’t get near 100%. At least I wasn’t really doing anything wrong myself to mess it up.

What I used was some Moschops. I threw a couple in there and ran away and the Desmos chomped on the moschops for awhile. Lots and lots of health on them helps. Then when you are up to 100% tame effective, you can just hop on the moschops, or pokeball it and run in there. I am betting you could also use Ovis, or any high health simple tame.

Thanks! Yeah, apparently a dino doesn’t actually progress the taming bar, just increases the effectiveness. Will try it out next time.

I haven’t played in a couple days, but just had an update on my client and I don’t see any servers. Perhaps it happened recently and the servers need an update. Just wanted to ping you guys to get a head start on the weekend of playing! No rush of course :)

@Skipper @Ragan

Yeah, the server is either updating or needs to be updated. Current server version is v348.2. (Client is 346.1).

No worries. I’m on it. Give me just a bit, guys.