Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

I put it on my F&F server this afternoon. Haven’t explored much yet but everything is working so far (knock on wood).

Here we go. The Center now replaced with Valguero.

Enjoy, guys.
(same password as before, PM me if you do not have it or don’t remember)

Don’t forget to launch with no anti-cheat enabled. Also, I’ve confirmed transferring works from other servers in the cluster.

I guess I missed a few patches. Hitching posts work entirely different now. So does imprinting. I have a breedable pair of Pteras now so I decided to breed them for the hell of it.

They take heat to hatch but you can plop em beside a fireplace inside and get the temp right, usually. So I hatched one and took it outside thinking at best I’d get a 25% imprint or so. What I didn’t know is all the kibble feedings appear to be changed. I had two feedings (for one I just needed mejoberry, and for the other just amarberry.) Add to that one cuddling and one walk and I now have a 100% Ptera. Hell yes!

Man I’m tempted. Having a blast on the PS4 but the admin is shutting down his server pretty soon for a while, and will relaunch in a far away timezone. Tried a different server today, picked more or less randomly, but despite the good boost balance I had to leave when the admins found me and gifted me basically everything possible, before announcing a planned tribe war. No thanks. I just want to grind away on my little base, thank you very much.

Edit: The PS4 has an “Unofficial PC Sessions” category that’s populated with servers. I assume that means PC ARK servers. Would I be able to access yours from there, Ragan? If so, what would I look for? Not familiar with how that works.

Cross play only exists between the Xbox and Windows Store version of Ark.

Wildcard has stated that they have cross play working internally, but Sony/Microsoft are the hold up on them rolling it out.

Slightly confused from the descriptions of the new map.

Is the Valguero map totally new/custom like Ragnarok? Or a copy-paste of existing map chunks?

Yes Valguero is like ragnarok

Is there any way to unlock Tek engrams on Valguero alone?

There is if you have admin.

See here:

Then the section on “unlock all Tek Engrams,” and expand that section. Those are the admin commands you need after enabling cheats.
TAB - opens console
… run those commands.

The best part of the Steam version (besides quite a bit more mods and more updated) is that we’re all pretty laid back on the cluster servers. It’s PvE, well upped resource gathering, faster leveling, better dinos, quicker on just about everything related to the game. We typically form one or more tribes just so everyone can get to each other, and sometimes we’ll group up for difficult things, like bosses or dungeon runs. I can play for hours all by myself, or if someone else is on and I need help, I can ask.

Since it’s a cluster, you can use beacons (the loot drop things) or Obelisks (the red/green/blue towers) to warp from one server to another, taking you, items and even dinos if you want. So it really extends the game into multiple maps. There’s -months- worth of play between them. Even if you don’t get the expansions, there are still Island/Ragnarok/Valguero maps to enjoy.

And you can do what I did! Start in the Chalk Hills. Sound harmless, right?

The second day I logged into I find 3 different packs of allo’s with in sight of my hut. That necessitated me upgrading my entire house to stone and building an enclosed dino pen.

On the third day I found some metal in a ravine. I dropped into the ravine to get it. Then I realized that the ravine has only one exit and that exit is guarded by at least 6 deinonychus and several raptors.

I lost my pack mule parasuar to some allo’s, tamed a new parasuar, transferred all the resources to the new parasuar. I then made an upgrade station to increase the armor level of my raptor and parasuar saddles. That didn’t help, I got swarmed by the deinonychus when trying to run out. I eventually had to tame a ptera to fly in and use the S+ pull resources feature to get it all out of there.

I picked a decent spot to start without realizing it. It’s herbivores on my side of the moutain, and some carnivores on the other. Between us is metal, a tiny amount of obsidian and a tiny group of crystal. I have my one imprinted Ptera, a few others, a trike, and a Doed. There’s a 130 anky nearby I’m going to try to grab as well. But regardless, I’m in a great spot to get a leg up. I’ve started exploring a bit with the Ptera and have found quite a bit. I dunno where Chalk Hills are though. Over near the green obelisk I’ve seen beavers and dams. On the far side of the lake and over the mountain I’ve seen quite a few Rex.

So I don’t have a carnivore yet but will soon. I just don’t have stuff for a behemoth taming pen yet, just a standard one. This map is deceptive. It initially looks small but it just keeps going and going in every direction.

Oh, almost forgot. This map has a lot of respawning dino corpses. On the far side of the lake there are two sea creature corpse spawns that each net hundreds of organic poly. Enough on one run to make a full set of ghillie plus upgrade it a bit. There are also some carbo corpses there full of keratin if you need that as well.

Hmm, the other day I did join one “Unofficial PC Sessions” server randomly to test this out, and a couple of random players on that server said they were on Xbox. Maybe they were messing with me, I dunno. I could test further by attempting to join your server, but I suspect it’s join-by-IP-only and I believe the PS4 game client can only see servers listed in the server browser. Still, if you could shoot me the server details (private message if you prefer) that might help. Worth a shot, at least.

I’m still down to check things out on your server if I can, but I’m kinda enjoying the risks of PVP. It’s not inherently bad, IMO; adds a bit more depth and creates some fun challenges and interactions. Rebuilding after, for example, having your little wood starter hut trashed by some kid’s Ice Wyvern really sucks, but sometimes good can come out of it. For example when that happened to me yesterday, I was just about to bail when I met the admins and they helped me out, and now we’re allied and we’re starting to deal with the toxic players pretty effectively.

I’m currently on a Rag server called “Timbersaber”, if any PS4 players feel like joining up there, but if I can get into the Qt3 server I will.

No worries man:
The Island - Initial Map
NEW MAP - Valguero
Scorched Earth

The connection password for all servers is the same:

@barstein if you’re able to filter the server list, all are posted with QT3 as the start of the name, they show up on battlemetrics, so should also show on the server list.

Going any better in the Chalk Hills?

I picked up a Carno only to remember why they are god-awful. Their hitbox is about 6 feet in front of them and they back up slowly so a group of three Trodons took me to half health before I could run around in circles and kill them off. Worthless.

Trip gets his laptop on Thursday. We all have to get our game on before he catches up within literally two days.

Yes, life is going pretty well now.

I’ve got 3 rexes now (2 150 females, and a 145 male). Still can’t ride them though. One of them I found while out exploring, so I tamed it, then had to lead it back to my base. It wasn’t to bad, just had to avoid the allo’s and deinonychus. I have to leave the rexes outside my house because it is not big enough. They deal with the random allo/raptors that come to close.

Then just before I logged last night, I flew over a rare spawn lvl 215 Anky. So I went and got all my taming stuff and did the trap & tranq route, logged for about 45 minutes, then came back online just as it tamed up.

I’ve also got some crop plots going so I can start making some kibble because taming high level herbivores with mejoberries takes to long.

I’ve also stole a few deinonychus eggs but none of them have been very high level so far.

I need to start scouting for a better base location with some metal nearby. Or even find an argent. I did see a 150 quetzal, but I don’t have the gear to tame one of those yet.

I attempted to login lastnight but got hit with a lot of mod updates.

Then the join was crashing to menu because the new V map didn’t auto download, had to go find it.

Maybe next attempt!

I don’t have large eggs or any mushrooms yet, no big kibble for argents, so I’ll try the mutton route if I can spot a decent one.

Nice job on the rexes, taming with just meat?!? Jeez how long did that take? I’ve not seen one over level 90 yet. Also, strangely, they were all spotted closer to your area, hope you’re still alive. :)

I have the non-berry crops going, metal/obsidian/crystal locked up. No great oil sources yet and I’m too scardey cat to jump in the lake and check. Argents seemed plentiful east of me and north east of me in what appeared to be burnt forest looking landscape.

I finally had a carnivore wander near the base, I’ve gotten by without a wall until now so I guess that’s my next step.

Happened to me on first connect as well. Everything was out of date. Stick with it, the new map is beautiful, and deceptively huge.

There are a lot of ovis (sheep) near me, so I just use Raw Mutton which works nearly as well as kibble for carno type dinos.

I also made 7 stone gateways/gates. I make a taming pen with an opening, lure my target into it, place the final gateway & gate to close them in. Then I just shoot and force feed them until they love me.

Alabama style.

I need an argent. It’s time. Especially so before Trip joins in and suddenly has all the good argents.

On a different server, I just tamed a 170 Tek Quetzal using the grapple/parachute method with a high school freshman flying me around on a ptera. Fun!