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Aberration is downloaded for sure. Don’t remove Stargate on my account, though!

I am fine with removing stargate. Ragan and I talked a bit it makes the maps to small most times. Some of my fondest adventures started by having to travel somewhere. Also I would be all for a couple map wipes. I was just telling ragan again I would love to play abberation again and scortched earth.

I’m with you in both cases. Those were some fun times. SE especially. I’ll wait on Ragan’s take, especially with his son and friend.

To be honest, I’d rather trim things up than not. The servers are a little bloated with mods in some cases. As Grem mentioned, Stargates are very useful, but also a very big crutch. They take away a good chunk of exploration and adventure over the guise of convenience. You could literally stargate from your base to Grems base, get stuff from him, stargate to an area with a lot of metal nodes and get what you need there, gate back to your base to stock up, then gate INTO a cave or to an underwater interest point, etc. We have/had gates all over the place. Not having gates forced you to build outposts and layover shacks, or protection outside of interest points, i.e. teamwork and gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, I love em, but they really do make ARK seem smaller.

Ah, I see now. I wasn’t even entirely sure what the mod was, tbh. Trying to remain blissfully ignorant. :) But yeah, with the exception of Aberration and (to some extent) Extinction, vanilla interserver travel isn’t really that much of a pain, imo. Returning from Aberration excursions is usually a guaranteed pita, heh.

Still wish I knew what specifically was causing those crashes.

I’m fine with wiping some/most of the maps.

I would be okay with trimming down the number of mods, but that should coincide with the server wipe.

Sounds like we’re in agreement. You guys want to pick one or two to start and I’ll clear anything on it I want to save and do it maybe this weekend?

WC added new setting in the latest patch (312.35)

Do we want to change that for Crystal Isles to like 2.0? It would make baby raising easier since you could hit 100% imprint early on and then let the baby grow up without having to interact every 23 minutes.

I think that’s a “FOR SURE” on my answer. I’ll add to the host there and it’ll take effect next reboot or when I catch nobody online, whichever is first.

And … updated. Will take effect next reboot. Just in case it crashes everything it’s in game.ini, Ragan.

Excellent idea!! good catch

If we’re voting for order, mine would be Extinction, Ragnarok, Aberration and then whatever.

I vote wipe it all :P

Hrm … well we should have a vote? Roll call! This would be a vote to clear the server and apply the same mods (or trimmed) as we have on Crystal Isles. I’d also like to yank server passwords at that time, meaning leave containers locked if you want them private. We can allow whatever time you need to get/move stuff to other servers or spawn in cryo pods and store them somewhere else depending.

  • The Island
  • Scorched Earth
  • Ragnarok
  • Aberration
  • Genesis
  • Extinction
  • Valguero
  • All Servers
  • Shit, Boners option (no resets)

0 voters

I’ve got backups for all the server saves anyway, so if for some reason I really want something, I’ll just fire up my own private ark server. But for the most part I’ve never really gone back and played my old characters on the other servers.

I visit them often to get certain resources or dinos though. I have to have my velons.

Yea i am good with what ever I tend to restart on every server. A total wipe wouldnt make me cry.

If we’re including Crystal Isles in the discussion about a “total wipe”, I would vote for excluding it, but I also wouldn’t object strongly to the idea, as starting over is always a lot of fun, for me. If I’m the only “nay” on that one, I’m down for it. :)

I excluded it for the selections anyway as it pretty much IS a reset.

Sounds like a wipe! I’ll work on the process and plan it out. @ragan I’ll take a backup as well.

I look forward to the replay on some of these to be honest.

Sorry, but sometimes I’m dumb. Does that include a Crystal Isles wipe, or no?

Pretty sure it does not include Crystal Isles. Please not yet anyway, lol. I just got going!

Yea no wipe on crystal as it has just started. Rest of the servers are a go. Oh I cant wait for multiple deaths…