Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

I am to the north east. Just south of the snow line. Tons of resource and adventure to be had.

You misspelled “screaming and death” ;-)

Have any of you played through the “storyline” and is it worth investigating?

I’ve started and abandoned some bases along the way. I started on SW large white rock island, then migrated along the coast north way up to the redwoods. From there I went over to approximately NNW on the west side of a large glacial bay with redwoods on the west, arctic on the east and like open tundra to the south. Lots of resources there and that’s my home for now.

However, I jumped over to Scorched Earth server and have been trying to get a foothold there.

@Calelari Haha good point I was assuming everyone had read or experienced my Grem adventures :P

Ok just to get it out there…

Yes I was killed by a level 20 otter. Pretty sure it had some giga DNA.

I was attempting to tame a 140 otter when I hit a near by otter by accident causing several about 4 to swarm me as I swam for shore. Of course as we all know Ark hates me. So I ran out of stamina and was encumbered as this horde of otters picked my bones clean…

Pretty sure that’s an Ark first for our group of players…

Wait… I thought the otter story was Trip getting killed. Is there an otter conspiracy or are there killer otters on Crystal Isles?

Nope unfortunately that was a Grem adventure.

Trip did however fly his pter into the wyvern spire… ended badly for him.

Couple of Karkinos traps near a river on one of the floating islands. Lead the crab in on foot or on a small/medium dino (Baryonyx works great, flier also works), entering where the two triangles point at one another.

Best to kite it directly from the river, and not do what I was attempting to do and lead it around to the trap on land. I was trying to bypass dangers and distractions, but for some reason holding aggro becomes more difficult once it’s a certain distance from the water and/or its spawn point.

Trap worked like a charm! Thanks again for the assist with ammo.

Okay as promised first up is the destruction of my base.

you will notice the lack of foundation in the middle that was the issue…

How to wyvern surf on wild tropical wyverns

I’m laughing my ass off because it looks like you’re naked, with a wingsuit, water shoes and an ancient bone helmet.

I’ll take, “Just ARK Things,” for $1000, Alex.

HAHA trueth be told I am naked got hit by a snake and lost my pants…

Just saying

But water shoes and bone helmet because you have to make a statement, by god. :)

With the recent talk about Conan Exiles again, at least it isn’t the same as no pants in that game! ;)

EDIT: Oh, and if anyone can check on the server when they get up, let me know! I can’t seem to find the server this morning…

Checking them now, there appears to be an update. I’m working on the others, but Crystal Isles and Extinction show online. Let me know if you’re unable to connect, Kel.

Aaaand everything back online for now. Sorry for the downtime, Kelan!

Thanks! Crystal isles appeared to come back up with the downtime at 7. Was just playing for a couple hours.