Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

at 1600hrs i believe I have gotten my money out of ark :P


rofl oh we all know you have an ARK addiction :P

Okay, Justin is having issues getting his billing working on the host provider side. I can continue waiting or I could back up Ragnarok, pull down the backup and then repurpose that server for the new map. Anyone have issues with that as the temporary solution?

That sounds good to me

Yep, Sounds good =)

So, I’m really looking forward to getting into Ark again and get my rookie 850hours up higher! I don’t know why this map is peaking my interest though. I tried hoping in during Genesis 2, but once I logged in it just didn’t seem to grab me. Seemed like more of Genesis 1, which I didn’t really enjoy. Did I miss out on anything cool in Genesis 2?

P.S. Loved Aberration, Scorched, and Crystal Isles

@Ragan Please ignore the newly added servers for a bit. They -obviously- have an issue with their checkout system, we have not one but 4 new servers listed (we only need one.) Until Justin resolves that and moves it to the cluster I’m not going to greenlight it or post information just yet. But to repeat, we do get a new server for the new map and I’ll post details once we have it stable. Sorry for the delay.


Rockwell’s innards, where everything is trying to kill you. I only take that place in small doses because you either running from a fight, in a fight, or just getting into one.

Then a nogglin latches on to your dinos head like an alien brain sucker and now you have to fight (or run) from your mount, all while doing the previous fight steps.

I see just the one Fjordur server now.

What mods do we want on it?
Genesis 2 and Lost Isles have:
Omnicular v1.51
Super Spyglass (Open Source)
Structures Plus (S+)
Dino Storage v2
Boss Packages Station
Revive My Dino - Dino Resurrection
Dino Tracker

Whatever we have on the others is fine. He just confirmed a bit ago we are good to go. If any issues are seen, relay those so I can address.

Do you want me to edit the startup files (name, etc)?

Sure, I’ll get it done

Mods are installed and server configs updated and I’ve logged in and built a 1x1 thatch hut.

I think the map is ready.

IP:Port is

@Ragan Can you check the spawn settings? I don’t see anything over like level 50 and loads of 5-10’s on the map. and I wasn’t getting Dino bars, unless that is not a thing anymore.

I only installed these mods:

Omnicular v1.51
Super Spyglass (Open Source)
Structures Plus (S+)
Dino Storage v2
Boss Packages Station
Revive My Dino - Dino Resurrection
Dino Tracker

As for the dino levels, they are probably the original dinos from when the map first started up. I’ll do a dino wipe to clean out the undesirables.

Edit: dino wipe has been done

Wow, that was fast! Thank you good sir.

When it comes to Ark, I don’t mess around.

Also, the timing was near perfect. I just figured I’d check this thread before finishing off my lunch break.

I am sure I let my previous base collapse and my poor dinos expire due to lack of electricity so I may start out with another fresh character on the new map.

My wife and I just about finished the V Rising content so I will be looking for something new to do.

You might be surprised. My Crystal Isle base was still intact and dinos still alive and that was from over a year ago…

Maybe! I sort of like the initial stages of the game, though. Looking forward to getting eaten by a raptor as soon as the map downloads!

Looks like I am only at 1204 hours played. I think this has taken over my 2nd most ever played game in my life behind Everquest.