Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


But it’s possible to love a game when it started and hate how it ended. Why should I invalidate an opinion based on merely hours played when I have no idea when those hours were played and what the state of the game was when they played it?


When I have time at the computer later I’m sure it won’t take much searching to find you guys some examples.


Well Ark has my most played hours in steam at over 200 which is a lot for me. I must have liked it otherwise I must have been a moron for playing it for that long and deciding I don’t like it.

People will always try and justify doing something over and over and saying they didn’t like it, more fool them really.


I have a fair amount of hours in the game. I liked it when i played. I haven’t review it though. I don’t often review video games, but if I signed on today, and tomorrow and played some next week and decided I don’t like how it is now, and left a review, it would be negative. It would be idiotic to assume I am just making shit up because I used to like and I don’t.

3k seems a lot to me. I am not sure if even all my games played equal that actually, but to say you can’t take someone review seriously ONLY because of hours, is silly. Now if the review isn’t well written and doesn’t explain the negative, well that’s just a bad review… still has nothing to do with the hours played.


Does hosting dedicated servers contribute to the Steam play time figure?


Not sure about the server time, but I believe there some farming and idling going on with ARK, for egg times and things like that.encourage the still be on but not play approach.


7 days to die isn’t even done and I’m unhappy with where they took it, and that’s after several hundred hours playing. And if I were to review out now, it won’t be a nice review.


Yeah I think 7 days might be headed in the wrong direction too but for different reasons than ARK was/is. I think ARK needs more polish and tighter gameplay not continuous stuff.


I have 535 hours into ARK and thoroughly enjoyed it just about the entire time. I am sure I will come back to try again sometime with one of the new maps and to try out the new area that I never did try. The pacing, balance and progression (once tuned with server settings) was just about perfect for me.


I think “you put 500 hours into it, so your negative review is just you being a fanboy with a gripe” is usually the right call, but not always. Games are addictive, so many people, especially those more vulnerable to the Pavlovian “grind”, can put hours into something without realizing that they’re not even having fun.

It’s a bit like telling an alcoholic that since he used to drink 10 beers a day his speech about the evils of alcohol is clearly wrong.


PC Gamer asked other early access devs their opinion on the Ark price strategy.

Mark Morris, managing director at Introversion Software, which released Prison Architect via Early Access, offered another perspective. “I think that when you first price a game, even in Early Access, you anchor it to a particular price point,” Morris said via email. “Significant increases are always going to be perceived as a problem … if I’m being honest, I think that a doubling of the price is a pretty bitter pill to swallow—I’m not sure it’s something I would be comfortable doing!” [/quote]


Rules don’t change just because one company does it. The rules will change if others follow.suit. This company, paid DLC before release, doubling their price… it’s not exactly the best look. Sure it’s their right, but they seem to thrive on thee attention.


What game is this? Because that looks really great and it seems to be performing at 60fps at all times. Man, that game looks awesome!


That’s what that 60 dollar price hike did


Where’s the part of the video where you spend days building a base and training dinos just to log in and find them all dead because you got offline raided?


That trailer looks amazing, is the game anything like that?


The game has all those things but it’s not representative of the gameplay, no. To be fair, though, I’d say the same thing about nearly all game trailers.


Hey! $60 at launch not enough? How about a $45 season pass?

The ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass gives you access to three huge expansion packs - Scorched Earth (available now) and two future expansions (coming in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018).


I’m hoping someone puts up a guide on the steam community page on good settings for reasonable solo play. Most I see are from about a year ago - maybe those are still good, though?

As interesting as this was jumping onto the Qt3 server, I kind of prefer these games just by myself.


I miss the qt3 ark server, much fun was had.