Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


Well so far the game feels quite a bit nicer than it did when I last played it. I’m off to a decent start around the jungle 3 spawn on the qt3 server, though a pissed off trex suddenly showed up and has been murdering everything along the beach. He’s kind of cramping my style, but I don’t have the gear to deal with it yet and I’m just trying to stay away from it so he doesn’t kill my house and the stuff I’ve built so far.

Good times.


You guys are killing me. Is it finally time to hop back into Ark for a bit? What’s new outside of dinosaurs? Is the grind still going to eat my soul?


Good question. For me it is the new dinosaurs, Ragnarok map, and the Scorched Earth expansion, which seems to be at least partially enabled on the Ragnarok map for those that have that DLC.

With 2x harvest and 2x experience, I hit level 45 already over the weekend and I wasn’t even trying to level and don’t even have a base built yet. So, at least to me, it isn’t really a grind to level although you may be talking about a different grind.


Grind starts feeling noticeable after 65 at current settings.

Lots if new animals to see, new behaviors, tools for the tool chest.

The ragnarok map is really good as well.

Already had some great adventures and funny moments.


Sorry if I’ve seemed weird/unresponsive/etc when playing on the server. I’m usually streaming when I’m on there, and it’s not really fun for chat to watch me type into chat there :P

Any chance we can get localized voice chat instead of the global? I mean, we have a QT3 Discord if you guys wanna have a “global” chat. But having it set this way removes the ability to use local as a chat separate from Discord without bugging every single other player on the server :( If not, I’ll live.


Good question. I do believe I saw that as an option so it is possible, I believe.

Personally, I don’t really use voice chat, but it can be really helpful in ARK when doing some of the tougher tasks in the game as a team. Local chat would still allow that to work for the most part. Most of the guys aren’t on the Qt3 Discord, I believe, but they certainly could and make an ARK chat room for this game there if they just want a chat room for the server, so I don’t see a problem with it.

What do you think, @barstein and @kono1134? I believe you guys used chat a lot on our previous servers. If it sounds okay with you guys, find and apply the setting change on next restart, if you want.


Localized voice chat sounds good to me. Don’t know where the option is atm.

We do use discord for general voice chat and there is an ark room already.


Did the server crash?


Checking! Looks like it restarted or something. Probably coming back up very soon.

Re voice, chat, etc. there is Discord for the best experience but the in-game chat/text functionality is decent.


Kelan, there appears to be a lot of support for the idea of adding Structures Plus (S+). Ragan has been talking about it, and seems to know how to install it, and I think it’s a great idea. Steam link:

I’ve had no experience with S+ personally, but based on what I’ve read I think it’s fine for PVE settings like this server. Only on super competitive PVP servers would it really start to manifest issues.


How often does the server save? I lost like 30+ mins of stuff in the crash :(


It’s not on a schedule. Normally, it’s supposed to happen only when a major version hits, and only when Kelan is cool with it and approves it. Not sure what happened ~20 minutes ago, still checking.


No I mean save as in like copy the data to the disk so if it crashes it has a save to restore from. That should be happening every 5-10 mins I would think, no? It’s looking like I lost more like 60-90 mins :/


I haven’t looked at the server settings too closely yet. I believe it is set to auto-save every 60 minutes. We can certainly speed that up, but our experience on non-SSD hard drives was that it would cause a multi-second hiccup and warping and it was getting more annoying to have that happen every 10 or 15 minutes as opposed to losing time on a crash. However, this hosting service mentioned having SSDs, I believe, so we can certainly make the backups more frequent.

@barstein, I am good with that Structures Plus mod if you guys are. I added you as an admin so you can help make decisions and research/update the server with mods if we want and update ARK Server settings. Feel free to add that if you get an opportunity and make choices you feel would benefit the group as long as we keep people updated here. The hosting site had three different ways to add mods in their FAQ section and it didn’t seem too bad at all. I can look at it also, but am afraid I couldn’t get to it until Fri morning.

I have a list of a few things I would like to do eventually. One of them is tapering off the high end level grind, but I am not sure what the current numbers are yet. Also, there are many settings I didn’t check/verify yet, so I am sure there are others we would like to change as we get to them.


Sounds good! Ragan researched how to make it happen and we’ll coordinate. Should have it installed before Saturday.


Holy crap! I killed a lvl 20 alpha raptor and I gained like 6 levels from it!


Congratulations! There should be one more running around that same area (saw two near your beach last night).

Note to all: Ragan will be enabling the new mod some time today, during a time when he sees that no one is logged in. Not sure what time, exactly.


Excellent, I think that was the one killed me earlier today.

So, I’m pretty much just hanging around the Viking Bay area and feeling a bit like I should be contributing rather than just crashng on the couch, as it were. Building and organizing are my idea of “fun”, so I’d love to lend a hand to running/building that compound. Don’t want to just start building and possibly stepping on your plans - anything special I could be doing?


Noticed you said hello a few minutes ago after you’d already logged out – sorry for that. If you’re interested in projects, Kono created the compound I’ve been squatting in and is de facto Chief Architect/Director while I’m Henchman/Builder #1. Couple of projects are sort of on the table. We can chat more about ideas in game.


Does the server need an update?