Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


And so it continues…

I see a message about a rare deod spawning last night. Think hmm I am clicking right along I should go check it out… 1st mistake.

So i set out on my 48 level moth. I am pretty sur eI run faster then said moth… 2nd mistake.

It north ish past the blue ob… 3rd mistake.

Flying along and bam I see a 15 lightning wyvern in the distance. I think man i should avoid him at all cost no worries… 4th and final mistake.

That bastard makes a B line towards me and my moth. Three lightning blasts later said moth is crisped and I am a corpse HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Need a new moth.


I really should be collecting all these stories for a compiled list of “Grembel, the Unfortunate Survivor” series.

I have never seen anyone have more unfortunate series of events than you.


I’ve yet to see a wyvern but someone told me their aggro is sight distance! That’s scary.

We had a laugh the other night because on one of those Rare Spawn things it was, “a rare chocolate ravager.” So I’m not quite sure if ravagers are similar to labradors or if maybe it was an actual chocolate ravager.:)

And I haven’t yet caught up with one of those rares. I want to though. Here are the details:

Once a Rare Sighting has been spotted, the race is on because there are rewards for taming or slaying them.

Rewards for Taming a Rare Sighting
Besides the obvious reward of taming a higher-than-normal level dino, many rare sightings will also have rare coloration that’s often not usually seen for their species. And these are real colors that can be passed down to their offspring! Additionally, a freshly tamed Rare Sighting will have a 2x Experience buff for 30 minutes! Afterwards they are yours to keep and will not go away if the mod is ever removed.

Rewards for Slaying a Rare Sighting
Don’t want your neighboring tribes to get that latest Rare Sighting? Get there first and kill it! Besides keeping it out of their hands, you’ll also get precious loot which could include items, blueprints and resources, as well as a Slayer Buff for 20 minutes which gives you a 2x Experience boost and 20% bonus to your Melee damage and Stamina!


It was insane one minute the wyvern was at just about max range I \even changed directions ahhaah.


I am going to be making a restaurant on scorched earth for everyone who wants to come the currency will be metal ingots and there is a water spot for a well near my house and that’s where it will be near.


I’m having my own Grem moments lately and they involve either rock elementals or megatheriums.

I was moving to my new base location and happened to wander to close to an elemental. Everything went nuts and in the end I lost about nine dinos before I could whistle everything to passive and got them to run away.

And twice I’ve made the mistake of getting to close to a megatherium (giant sloth). Those things are brutal, especially when they go in their “rage” mode. One killed 5 minute old perfect tamed 150 yuti. After that, it followed me into my base and even with all the rest of my dinos beating on it, nearly killed a couple more before he was taken down.

Yeah, I’m going to tame some of these insane berserker sloths and rule Scorched Earth.


It continued after you logged. I downed a rex about died to 3 vultures of all things then the rex gets destroyed by a 10 rock elemental…


We stepped up to hatched Spinos today. Not sure why Skrug couldn’t get them to hatch but one campfire got the warm enough for the first two and I’ve subsequently upgraded the base to AC units so now the sky is the limit. Still no crab, but I did build a crab trap akin to what Grem mentioned. Beyond that I think we’ll be looking for a new spot along the edge of the blue zone just to keep the time down shuffling over there. Then it’s prepping for drakes, hopefully.

It’s strange how we were teetering on resource blocks and within a short period of time we are swimming in most of it.

Grem do you remember the upper limits on some of your hatched dinos for HP or melee? Post hatching, should we be shooting for 10K prior to dumping into melee? more HP?

Me hatching with just a campfire:

Current stock. Two eggs in the fridge as well:

Gen 1 names are South Park, gen 2 names are Family Guy, obviously. :)


I may have a couple screen shots of our first couple crab take downs let me look.


I forgot to check back in with you guys. @Ragan and @Grembel did the server change allow you to now build near the protected game structures like the Obelisks?

Skrug and I are going into the blue zone more and more. It’s a matter of time before we start trying to plan a strategy for our first drake egg theft run. We need a crab or 3 though.


One crab and a mated pair of nice spinos will get it done.


@Skipper, Yes, I can build near the obelisks now.

My next problem is avoiding the enraged megatheriums that I seem to find all the time. Those things are brutal. I may just have to move megatheriums to the top of my “kill on sight” list, replacing pegomastax’s.


Good to know on the building restrictions.

Enraged megatherium? I didn’t know those things even aggroed. I’ve spent most of the day building an outpost base right between the green and blue zones. That should help with wandering down in there.


When megatherium’s eat any type insect, then enter an enraged mode. It lasts for two minutes and it attacks everything during that time. The enraged mode also boosts it’s damage by 250% and decreases incoming damage by at least 66%, maybe as high as 75%.

So, even a low level mega will go from an easy kill to GAH!!!ITS KILLING EVERYTHING!!


So, even after 4100+ hours in Ark, I still can screw a tame up so bad.

I saw a rare yellow daedon (pig) wandering near the blue obelisk on Scorched Earth. It was only lvl 155, low for a rare, but better than anything else. I setup my temp taming pen, use my argent to carry and drop the pig into the pen and tranq it. Life’s good. Check the taming calculator and see that I need 71 primes to tame. Ok, that’s a lot, but doable.

I take my rexes out for a quick tour to gather up some primes. By the time I had gotten back to my base with the primes, the pig had woken up. I pretty much expected that. So I tranq the pig again (twice now) and this is where things start to go sideways.

As I went to check on the KO’ed pig, my jerboa decided that he needed to protect me so it attacks and hits the pig (yes, shoulder mounted pets will attack and damage stuff you are fighting while they are on your shoulder). Great, there goes the taming effectiveness. I harvest up a bunch of stimberries and force feed the pig to get it to wake up sooner.

Once it was up, I start to tranq it again, but just as it KO’s (for the third time) I fire an extra tranq arrow, which ruins the taming effectiveness even more than the jerboa did. Daedon’s have that healing arua, but it uses a lot of food, even on a wild one. With all the healing/KO’ed time, the pig’s food was now at zero and it was starving to death. I harvested up more stimberries and force feed it the berries and meat so that it didn’t die on me.

When it was up (for the 4th time), I tranqed it again, taking extra care that my jerboa was on passive, no other dinos were nearby, and that I didn’t hit it with any extra tranq arrows, I KO’ed it. At this point I was actually getting concerned that the 90+ primes I had gathered were going to spoil. But there was just enough time left on them that the pig tamed up.

In honor of my worst successful tame, I named the daedon “Comedy of Errors”


Good work, man. By chance was it one of the Rare Sightings spawns?

Being honest here, I don’t think I’ve even woken a tame back up. I just roll with the level loss when it comes to that. And speaking of that, I’m doing a lot of that on Aberration because for the life of me I don’t know how you’re supposed to get some of the kibble needed.

I’m not as good a breeder as Skrug though. He would probably have tried to keep it perfect. He persistently bred baryonyx for HP/melee and even some stam/weight and a few color variations he bred in. As an example he’s now breeding our ravagers, spinos and even bulbdogs to nice successes.

I attempted a few generations of Rex’s on the Island but it gets tiring, and space hungry. I lose a lot of interest once I see a nice primary stat and have one fully imprinted to me.

You made me curious on the mention of time played. I’m at 420 hours at this point, rapidly approaching my highest time listed on Steam for a game, but not counting other non-Steam titles.


Yes, it was one of the Rare Sighting spawns. Anything over lvl 150 on Scorched Earth (except wyverns, they can go up to 190 I believe) is a Rare sighting spawn.

I’ve done the “wake up and re-tranq” quite often for the max level stuff. If I’m taming like a 130 or lower, I’ll pretty much roll with the punches. But when for the 145/150 stuff, I generally use those for breeding, so I want the absolute most bang for my dino buck.

I’ve got a spreadsheet that I put down all the stats of the dinos that I’ll be breeding. My first goal of breeding is get all the max stats (usually health/stamina/melee/weight) breed into a mated pair. From there, I can breed them together and be guaranteed a dino with max stats. When new offspring is born, I check to make sure it inherited more maxxed stats than either of the parents have individually. If not, I usually kill the offspring. After I get my max stat mated pair, the offspring from them is fully imprinted.

As for the hours played, Ark went EA on June 2, 2015. I bought it on June 20, 2015. For the next 2+ years, Ark was the only game I played. I probably averaged about 2 to 4 hours a day, with more on the weekends. So I’ve had awhile to rack up play time.


I’m really surprised some enterprising mod maker hasn’t created a mod that added tracking of original tame stats and some notifications for bred/hatched stats when they are good.

I probably had similar time played in several MMOs. It adds up quickly.


So, I thought the Omnicular Spyglass was supposed to show torpor on wild dinos, it does not. The magnifying glass does, but only when right next to things.

I did notice another mod that does:
793605978 - Super Spyglass

I had copied the original mod list from the servers you guys had, any reason for Omnicular versus Super Spyglass? The latter is by the author of Structures Plus, seems more useful:



@Skipper It does, you have to press “N” to turn the torpor mode on for the Omnicular.