Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


Yeah, I managed to figure it out without breaking anything. I went through and updated the start up command to turn on the event on each server that didn’t have anyone on it at the moment.

One thing they added for the event was the tek rex. There is a 5% chance of a tek rex spawning instead of a regular rex. The first tek rex that spawned was a 150 male, which I promptly tamed. It took me a couple hours to get a lvl84 female tek rex to spawn.

Here is the happy couple, Megatron (on left) and Optimus Prime (right). They even redid the eggs, to a tek rex egg is an egg shaped red disco ball.

Edit: Optimus Prime has been replaced. I tamed a 162 female tek rex on the Center while I was over there farming trophies and artifacts.


Early game is death death and death. Hell I still die mid to late game.


So, after some digging yesterday on the fix for rock drake eggs, I found a mod that seems to have worked flawlessly. Basically it finds eggs below the mesh and moves them up +200 vertically. Skrug was able to find 3 eggs last night and I picked up 1 this morning.

Just in case we have any lurkers that need the same fix:


Nice work. Thats a pain to have to ghost in and out.


Every nest we saw was fixed as soon as the model was in. That’s a lot of undermesh eggs!


Mark you calendars, Nov 6th, Ark Extinction is coming!

PCGamer article with more information

A few things mentioned in the article, the big guy at the end of the trailer, that is a mini-boss, A mini boss… and it’s tameable. Can you imagine what the end boss will be? Maybe as a joke Wildcard should make the end boss be a jerboa ike the rabbit from Quest for the Holy Grail.


Looks cool! Back on the surface but it’s continuing the technological ruins look. T-Rex is back! New new technological looking creatures. Allos are back. Some sort of interference with gear. Then the giant mini-boss.

What’s with the binoculars with the drone?


Looks nice will be picking it up more then likely


Seriously a trollish mini-boss should be a thing. A giant dodo or compy, or perhaps a boss that forces everyone to fight sans dinos. I’d love a jerboa boss.


Woohoo! See me tek replicating!

And here I am tek generating!

And finally, I’m tek feeding.

Skruggle, Grem, and myself killed the beta Manticore twice last night, which gave me enough element to get a start in the tek tier. But now I’m out of element so I’ll have to go fight some more bosses.

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How does the Windows Store version compare? I’m interested in that only because of cross-platform play with the Xbox. Basically, I’m looking for any way of playing with friends on PCs with me using something else… but I’ll buy one of those new Intel NUCs if I have to (upcoming family trip, not much space, and no current PC laptop).


I’ve not done it, but that was the goal when the Windows Store version launched.

But my guess is that you have to use one of the servers designated for that cross-play, or one hosted from your Windows Store version, since they enforce the same ant-cheat system between them. As an example, our QT3 cluster has anti-cheat disabled.

Maybe someone here has more info, that’s all I know though, Michael.

And some more extended info: Steam users and Windows Store users cannot mix.

Steam= Steam only
PS4= PS4 only.
Xbox= Xbox and Windows store win10 Universal Windows platform only.


I have a Win10 computer running the dedicated Ark server from Win10 for my kids and I when we play. Requires jumping through a few hoops but works great.


Thanks, Skipper & Mellified!

I think I’ll just buy one of those Intel+AMD NUCs and stick with Steam.


If you do go with Steam, let me know. You’re welcome to join in on the cluster we already have up and running.


Me and a friend just picked this up, is there a Qt3 server that is running that we could join?


Skipper has a cluster running. Will have to poke him for the info.


Apologies, my browser just wigged out, I think I just sent you the details on the server multiple times in a row. My apologies if so. Since I had to restart, I just want to verify if you got the details. Please let me know if so.


Awesome! thank you so much. Now we won’t have to be locked to me running a server on my computer and being stuck to him by an invisible rope of only 300m lol. perfect


Reposting this for @DeepT and @Kyle700

This is the mod list for all servers besides Aberration (which has a couple more.) This might help when you want a little more information via a google search or youtube vid.

642284892 - Dino Healthbars/Torpbars
895711211 - Classic Flyers
1300713111 - Rare Sightings
558651608 - Bridge Mod
1102050924 - Swim Clear Scuba Mask
609380111 - Stargate Worlds
821530042 - Upgrade Station
731604991 - Structures Plus
538827119 - Omnicular Spyglass
622595587 - Oil Compressor (Fertilizer to Oil)
719928795 - Platforms Plus
725398419 - Snappy Saddles and Rafts
750483861 - Dino Aid
566885854 - “Death Helper” Corpse Finder and Suicide Potion
962984672 - Ticket Mod
566887000 - Pet Finder
770854372 - Armor Stand
708807240 - Pillars Plus
569786012 - Meat Spoiler
876038468 - Baby Premium Care Imprint and Growth Helper