Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


Had my first wyvern attack as I was getting ready to log last night. Lucky for me I happened to turn just in time to see the wings over the top of my wall. Was only a level 20 but it took out a power line water line and a corner of my greenhouse before I could get dinos on it. Lesson I learned was to un hitch everyone but my breeders.


I’ve completely missed seeing them on the map until this weekend, and have seen two over the last day. I’m guessing that means enclosed dino pens are the way to go? It for sure makes breeding programs a little harder.


I wouldn’t mess with an enclosed base. I’ve had a very rare argent come over my walls, but that’s it. If you are paranoid, setup some S+ auto turrets and set them to only target wyverns. Yes, that is an option for auto turrets. Makes it nice for them to only target a specific type of dino.

Set them up in groups of 4 at intervals around your base and set them to long range, no warning and they will mow through any wyvern. I’d imagine for a base the size of Grem’s, he could make a single platform in the middle of his dino yard and put like 8 up there and that would cover his whole base.


If it gets that bad, I will, or at the very least allow them to move unhindered. In other news, I had been messing with stone for strength to certain things (walls, etc.) After reading that in PvE it doesn’t do much better than adobe in that they both are affected by the same creatures for damage. So if we aren’t in an area with wandering alphas, deathworms or rock elementals, we’re pretty safe.

Now I need to grind up my stone stuff.


You can use stone for everything except your house. That really needs to be adobe, or be like Grem and use a lot of S+ AC units.

Stone is good for like your dino pen walls because it is easier & faster to make. Just gather up the stone, wood, & thatch and make it. You don’t need to make the clay.

Deathworms only spawn out in the desert areas. I’ve never seen them even close to the desert/inland border. Doesn’t mean then don’t, just I’ve never seen one close.

As for rock elementals, I recommend getting your own elemental to deal with them.


To combat said wyverns I set all my dinos free such as rex and my rock is now middle of the base. Will be constructing turrets on my paracer soonish.


Oh no! all of our things have disappeared, it looks like the servers were wiped… is there any way to fix it? we spent hours on it!


Our servers?

Which one were you on, Kyle?


We’ve been playing on the Island server. It says Day 7, seems to have been reset


Okay, I see 1 player online. I can rollback though it will kick you off if that’s you.

Is that okay?


Yup! what a lifesaver!


No problem. I’ll step it back until you have stuff again. First rollback coming up now. Ping me and let me know if things are there, if not I’ll roll back further.


Doesn’t seem like you went far enough back. We were on like day 200-something of our map, and now it’s at day 6. So whatever caused it happened recently. I was on day 7 when you rolled back, and it only went to day 6.


No worries. Home now, so let me see what I can find out.


Okay, back to day 317. I think you’re good, but I had to step back quite a bit, sometime this morning. I hope you didn’t lose too much @Kyle700 , but if so, let me know and I can help you out.


oh, amazing. Thank you so much. That’s about when we stopped playing, pretty much! haha. a true life saver.


No worries. The server takes snapshots about every 2 hours. There is also a hard reboot every morning which generally takes care of a lot of the issues, but ARK can be a fickle beast, thus the frequent saves. For the most part they run pretty solidly. Aberration and The Island have both needed rollbacks, but this is just the second time there.


What’s the server ip for the Island? Also I can’t see any of the servers are they rebooting?


They are all reporting up and available, currently. I’m at work or I would verify that. They do reboot, bit it’s at 5:00AM Eastern time. To see them, the easiest way is run Steam, go to View, Servers, and Add a server for all 4 of these, individually:

Those are:
27095 - Ragnarok
27125 - The Island
27085 - Scorched Earth
27115 - Aberration
27045 - The Center

The list should look something like this after adding them to your Steam servers list:

If you don’t have the server password, PM me. I’ll shoot it to you that way versus posting it publically.


This is what it’s showing to me when I try to join scorched earth (and I do know the password).