Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


No worries. Stand by, I’ll correct that.

Updating this as they are patched.

The Island - Patched.
The Center - Patched.
Scorched Earth - Patched.
Ragnarok - Patched.
Aberration - Patched.

All servers should be back up, or close to it at this point.


Also I sent you a steam friend request


No worries, now accepted!


ooh new people on the island. where’d you start?


New people? Is it @DeepT? I’m not sure where he is at over there.


I picked the south beach (1) area on the island. It was rated easiest. I have a grass hut there. Although the server age in days is higher than it was when i started. I think that makes the game more difficult. However, the beach was fairly safe when i was there except for some dillos and compfres (or whatever those tiny pack dinos are).


It slowly changes. What happens in actuality is that a rare spawn, something like an alpha raptor, will start killing off things in one of those areas, which leads to more spawns, and more rare spawns over time, and with the whole fittest survival you start to see a shift toward, “harder.” At least this is what Skrug and I ran in to on our first server. It got a bit insane after a while and we had a dino reset. But to be honest, it worked well for where we were experience wise, so after that initial reset we just left it and at that point we were killing alphas for experience.

There is a mid-game shift where you go from avoiding all that to actively seeking it once you get a decent mount or two. It changes the game quite a bit.

What drives that shift is better dinos, then breeding, then imprinting. You can start some of that with nothing but a male/female dino, a hitching post, and a fireplace. A lot of early dino eggs need heat, and you can hatch them by placing them near a lit fireplace. If you find one that needs to be colder, hatching outside works too.

Ragan and Grem have played a ton, I’m sure they can recommend more than what I know here.


There is a whole pack of alpha raptors near my main base. I am not sure what to do with the. I tried to capture one with my bird, but I really suck at grabbing things with it. After like 6 attempts, I just had a badly hurt bird.

What is the trick with picking up an dino with a agrava?


Alphas aren’t tameable nor carryable, so that’s probably a good thing you couldn’t grab it. Here is the grab list, by flyer of what they can and can’t get.

To grab with nearly any flyer it’s a right click, and you get better timing it with practice.

You can attack what you’re carrying too, by lift clicking once you have it in your talons.

With a decent dino you can start taking on those alphas. We need to get you hooked up with something. If you see a Therizinosaur, aka Big Bird, you can seriously upgrade your fighting power despite them not really being carnivores. They also gather wood, berries, hide and chitin really well. You’ll need to trap one, otherwise it will make short work out of you.

I lost my first Theriz to an alpha rex. Be wary of those guys until you are very prepared for them.

By the way, I think you’re going to love it when you try some of the other maps. It’s almost like having a different game entirely.


I still can’t join it says the same thing that my screen shot shows, there was a mod update have you done that for the servers? Plus it doesn’t show in the favorites on the ark menu


I’m working on it locally. My guess is you are missing some mods or something hasn’t updated properly.


Also, the latest Classic Fliers mod update broke Argent’s ability to carry a lot of dinos (anky’s, thorny dragon, etc). The mod author is aware, has fixed it, and it will be released next Thursday.

source: see the recent mod author comments


Not sure what’s going on for you but Ragan and I have both been on today without issues.

You should definitely see the servers, they have been available all day today from my installed game, running off Steam. Shut down steam, restart, and relaunch ARK and see if you’re missing a client update.

Beyond that, a way to fix a mod mismatch is to delete your local mods, usually under:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods

You can delete anything under there not marked “Ragnarok” or “TheCenter.”

Once you do that, you’ll need to reconnect to the server and it will initially get all your mods again. The same as when you first connected, you’ll probably have timeouts for logging in as it downloads each and every mod on the server. Keep logging back in and it will pick up where it left off. Eventually you’ll have the same mod list, and same version as the server, and you’ll be able to log in.


One thing about mods. Are you the only one that plays on the computer you’re using? When I and my little one were playing on the old QT3 Rag server, mods were an issue as new ones were periodically added.

When you join a server, you’ll automatically be subscribed to, and the game will download, any mods you’re missing. However, if a mod was already subscribed on the other person’s Steam account and downloaded, you won’t get subscribed and you’ll get the possible mod mismatch error. Then you have to manually figure out what you’re missing and subscribe to it in the workshop. Then all will be well.

As to why you don’t see it on your favorites, I got nuttin’.


We got it working. I just copied over all the mod files (minus Center and Ragnarok) to his computer then did a Steam file validate.

The reason it didn’t show in his favorites was because there was a major mod mismatch. If you don’t run the exact same mods & mod versions as the server, there is a chance it will not show in the server list.


Very good to know. It makes me wonder which one was mismatched. Glad he’s going now though.


Damn! I didn’t know that. This will make things easier!

Me and my friend just discovered the ability to fly the ank around with someone in its saddle and hitting things to gather metal. It broke too fast! hahaha


This why I probably can’t grab my god damn ankylosaur. I spent like 45 min trying to grab it. I did grab it to tame it and all. Then starting yesterday when I decided to put it to some good use, I just can’'t grab the damn thing. Also I was trying to practice grabbing dinos, and there were some I could easily grab, and others I could never grab.


So there are no uses for alphas? I thought someone mentioned getting some and breeding them.


We mentioned about taming rare dinos, they are different from alpha’s. Rare dinos are from a mod.

Alphas are good for xp, prime meat, and they drop higher tier gear (not much). But since we have the upgrade station, any gear they drop will probably be lower than what you could make already.