Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


We can finish the gamma broodmother without losing any rexes, but hit a stumbling block at the next level up and lost 20. We also tried to bring a daeodon in but it just refused to heal at all, only healing wave like 3 times even though it was full on food. We aren’t sure how that works. What is your therizino base stats at for your to kill the alpha broodmother?


I will start by saying that most of the boss fights last 5 to 10 minutes, but I can easily spend hours/days (or weeks when breeding) on the prep work.

For the Broodmother, I send in all the therizin’s, then I hang back with my yuti and daedon.

First thing I do is the yuti buff roar. Therizin’s only take 1 buff roar from the yuti to get the full buff effect.

Then I hope off to the daedon. Even though my daedon has 79k food, that will only last about 30 seconds when he has to deal 18 therizin’s (the more dinos he is healing, the more food each heal pulse uses). To counter the food consumption, the daedon is loaded with kibble. Unlike meat, kibble has no cooldown on the force feed, so you can spam force feed a hundred kibble in seconds. Non-iguandon kibble gives 60 food each, while iguandon kibble gives 120 food. On my alpha Broodmother fight, I brought around 2400 kibble and that really wasn’t enough. I’ll probably bring 3600+ for the dragon fights.

I right click for the daedon to start healing, then open the inventory screen to start spam force feeding him kibble. That keeps his food up and the healing going. When the yuti buff roar is starting to wear off (you can see the buff in the upper right corner, even with the inventory screen up), I hop back to the yuti, do the buff roar, then back to the daedon and start healing/force feeding kibble. Daedon’s can be set to do passive healing, but the extra time it takes for it to realize it needs to heal can cause the loss of dinos, so that is why I manually run the healing.

As for the veggie cakes, the therizin’s automatically eat them when they are are below 80% health (with a 30 second cooldown after each one is eaten). I just have to provide enough to last the fight.

So I never have to ride a therizin to get it healed.

As for the Manticore and my rexes/yuti, I hop on the first dino I can so the Manticore doesn’t kill me. Once I can isolate the yuti and I can safely switch, I do. Then I stay on the yuti for the rest of the fight.

When I need element, I do the Manticore Alpha because he gives the most element with the least risk. I only do the other bosses once for the tek engrams and boss trophies (unless someone else wants to do a specific boss).

My therizin’s are averaging about 25k health and 500% to 600% melee.

They also have 175 armor saddles, which makes a huge difference. I take a primitive saddle and upgrade it to apprentice level in Upgrade station. Then I craft a bunch of Armor augments and apply them to the saddle. 175 armor is the max an apprentice therizin saddle can have. After that, I throw it in the Upgrade Station’s Blueprint maker and make a blueprint. Then I take the blue print and mass produce the saddles.

Why only apprentice level? Because as you climb the quality tiers, the material costs really start to skyrocket. Apprentice level still gives you a very good saddle with no where near the cost that a mastercraft or ascendant one would. Yes, a master craft or ascendant saddle could have higher armor, but for the cost of one mc or asc saddle, I could make 5 or 6 of the apprentice ones.


Good tips. Any thoughts of the combo bosses from The Center or Ragnarok? Are they scaled down in any way or are they truly the effect of Broodmother+Megapithicus (Center) or Dragon+Manticore (Ragnarok?)

If they are truly both fights together, why on earth did they do that as an arena? It seems … overly difficult?


I’ve done the Center/Ragnarok boss fight a couple times. I thought the bosses were scaled down a little bit, but I cannot confirm that via the wiki.

I think on the Center, if you defeat the Megapithicus, you get an item that allows you to summon a rideable Megapithicus that you can use against the Broodmother. Not sure if that is still in the map or not.

It has been a long time since I did those fights because they weren’t worth the risk of losing my dino herds vs how much element you get.


Good to know, so that means we’ll have to breed and do runs on the Island or Scorched Earth. I certainly wouldn’t want to waste effort/dinos/materials on a run of a dual boss and fail miserably.

Speaking of element, I killed a Dodorex mini-boss from Primal Fear and got just over 30 element. I believe in the case of the one I killed it was an Alpha Dodorex, so tier 2 of 5, within that Boss Mod. They do not drop engrams. They -can- drop element, but I can’t yet confirm if they always do.

I’ve also killed an Artifacto, a mini-boss in the regular Primal mod. They drop artifacts, which I’ve never used and have no idea what to do with.


Ok, who did what to the Island server?

All raptor spawns seem to be replaced by alpha raptors. I’ve killed 12 so far and I’m looking at another group of 4.

What I really need is a couple alpha rexes.


Not touched it at all, you guys are aware of the new Tek Raptirs too, right? As a guess it’s the same issue Skrug and I ran into on our old Island server. There is something about the alpha spawn generation not taking into account how many alphas are out currently.

So you end up with literal PACKS of alphas in certain locations. We had a pack of 3 on newbie beach at one time and several packs around the beach near the redwoods.


really??? we play almsots exclusively on the island and I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time. Occasionally we will get packs of alphas, but not in a good 40 hours of playing… where are these raptors? they must be over by wherever your base is due to that area not being played. Maybe while me and Eliviar are playing, the alpha raptors go to work, and then when you come back thats all thats left over there


To be fair, alpha raptors are great for mid game dino leveling. Early on they were a pain but we actively sought them out later and probably culled the numbers a bit.

@Ragan you can always come over to Ragnarok. All the dinos are friendly.


A new server is in the process of being added to the cluster. This is a holding spot for Extinction once it releases. This particular server will have a higher CPU priority than the others, since I’m sure a lot of us might flood over to Extinction upon release. All that will be needed is a map load at that time, something I can handle with a support ticket.

This is just a notice to you guys that we will have the capability to fire that up very quickly.



Hot damn thanks a billion!


No problemo. Just trying to feed our addictions. For those wondering the, “release date,” is November 6, 2018.

We shall see.


Skruggle and I managed to take down the gamma Dragon, so that means I (and others who join) could start trying the gamma tek cave at some point.

My next step though is the beta Dragon, but I need to bring a few replacement rexes over to the Island, lost 4 in the gamma fight.


Gamma tek cave, I’m assuming the one in the Volcano? Either way that’s awesome. Last normal boss you were aiming for, correct (prior to Rockwell)?


Yes, the tek cave in the Island volcano.

I want to kill all versions of the dragon just to get all the tek goodies, but I would settle for beta. I really want the tek transmitter (which everyone is tired of hearing me say).


Obviously, I dont have Rex breeding stock, but is there any way we can help, Ragan?


Skruggle and I almost did the beta dragon last night, but I had another round of storms come through and my power blinked three times in pretty rapid succession. Once power seemed stable, I logged back in to tell Skruggle I was calling off the fight because I don’t want to risk getting my computer fried by a brownout/power surge. My UPS died earlier this week, so I only have a surge protector.

I’ve got all the dinos/saddles/artifacts/trophy items.

What really helps out is having more players in the fight. Besides the fact that most players are smarter than Ark’s dino AI, more players equals more dps. Doing the boss solo means I would have to ride my daedon and do healing and kibble feeding the entire fight. A second person could ride the yuti and do the buffing. Any extra players can ride rexes to add to the dps.

If we had 3+ players, we could start doing some better tactics on the dragon. Right now it is basically a “rex rush” and dps it down before everyone is dead from it’s breath attack. What would be better would be for one player ridden rex to tank the dragon (with the dino aid healing potions & daedon healing) while another person takes the rest of the rexes and attacks the dragon from behind. That way the majority of the dino herd doesn’t get flamed. The less dinos that get damaged, the longer the daedon can heal (the more dinos it heals in a pulse, the more food it takes).

Also, it is possible to be killed off your dino in the dragon fight. If all players in the boss arena are killed, then you lose the fight and all your dinos. Thus, the more players, the better the chance of at least one person surviving.


The Beta Dragon is dead. Tek Transmitter baby! Woohoo! And it only cost me 6 rexes.

I’m dreading the Alpha Dragon fight though. That one is probably going to be tough.


Woot!!! Nice job, Ragan! How long did it take?


Maybe 10 minutes for the fight. The Tek transmitter has been very useful.

Skruggle and I tried the Alpha Dragon yesterday and wiped. Lost all my rexes, yuti, and daedon.

I’ve still got my therizin herd and I am working on another group of rexes, but before I try the Alpha Dragon again, I want to do some practice runs on my local server.