Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


Woohoo! Alpha Dragon dead. Well, not the Island alpha dragon, but the Ragnarok alpha dragon.

From past experiences, I remembered that the Dragon/Manticore fight on Ragnarok was easier. I setup a local copy of the Ragnarok server and did the fight a couple times to verify that it was possible.

The fight itself pretty much involved me running around on my daedon, dodging the manticore tranq bolts. I did stop occasionally to shoot the Dragon/Manticore with my shotgun or force feed the daedon kibble so it could keep healing the therizins. The therizins had about 30 veggie cakes so they could heal themselves also.

The Dragon went down pretty fast. The Manticore took about 10 to 15 minutes because it wouldn’t land. The Manticore flew around so long that my therizin’s killed most the rock elementals that spawned during the fight. The therizin’s only do like 40 to 60 damage vs the elementals and they had 25k+ health, so it took awhile.

My next goal is to breed up 10 to 20 more therizin’s and start working on the tek cave. According to the wiki you can bring up to 50 dinos. That is going to take a lot of work to get that many dinos through the tek cave without them falling into the lava.


Nice job, man! Did you do that solo???!? If so, that’s even more awesome. By the time the expansion arrives, you’re going to be the only one who actually advanced the story to the point you are up to date with it. :)

I’ve never seen the inside of the cave, but everything about dino pathing tells me it’s got to be tough hearding that many big birds around lava.

In alternate news, Skrug is single-handedly accomplishing a huge ton of the progression through the Primal Fear mod. He’s now mentioning he would like to work on the named Pikkon, then the summoned Chaos and Spirit guardians. The best part of this is that he is giving me some hand-me-down tames. This stage of the mod is all about massive amounts of heath, massive amounts of damage needed, and attempting to do dangerous things without any elemental protection vs what you’re fighting.

I’ve not been on much the last couple of weeks, between work travel and some real life issues, I haven’t had as much time. I have a lull this week though so I’ll be on over on Ragnarok quite a bit.


They are much easier to maneuver than rexes.

From what I’ve seen, the first part of the tek cave doesn’t have a timer. The timer only starts when you are teleported to the Overseer. If I have to make several trips to get them all to the ascension portal, so be it.

When it comes to the boss fights, there is no overkill, only “Open fire!” or “Reloading!”


Nice work boys. Been super busy here. Youngest daughter broke her hand second week of school… Also picked up dragon quest XI so much fun.


Ok it may be a bit before you see a grem. Went to get on the five year old comp yesterday to find a nice stop code error. Ugg having zero luck trying to get it to boot.


Heat related? Power off, blow any video card and CPU fans out, let it cool down for a while, then retry? Or is it attempting to boot and failing on your drive booting the OS?


Failing on the os it seems. Tried to roll back failed both times. Looks like the hard drive has died.


Yuck, no easy feat with that. Good luck on the repair/reload if you do go that route, Grem.


Ouch! The good news is SSD prices are still falling…


Indeed they are. For what it’s worth, @Grembel, I picked up two for different systems not long ago.

This 1TB is a real steal at this price:

The 2TB isn’t too awfully bad either, but I’m not sure how much you’re looking to put into an older system.


Just stop it!

The more I see and hear the prices of SSDs falling, the more tempted I am. I’d like to replace the secondary HDD on my PC and the raid array on my server (10K 146gb HDD X 8) with SSDs. With the server though, whatever size of SSD I get, if I ever want to add more, I’ll have to get the same size. So if I get a 1TB, I have to get another 1TB SSD if I ever want to add more.

In Ark news, whoever has their base near the blue obelisk on Ragnarok got a visit from Captain Black Boulder. I was inside my wooden cube a bit away when I heard all this wave splashing and cannon firing. I looked outside to see some dino death messages.

I went over with my griffin and found Captain Black Boulder and all those dinos going crazy. After much chasing and running away (in equal amounts), I finally borrowed the fabled brachiosaurus and slowly beat it down. The rock elemental 90% damage reduction is brutal to fight through.

Now I have the “Call to Port” item which allows me to summon a tameable version of Captain Black.


No worries, that was an old base with spillover dinos. Yeah I had to fight the captain before. I too have one of those items but I have yet to try it again. It wasn’t that he was super hard, it’s just that it took for-ev-er with that damage reduction.

@Ragan I -just- ordered a 2TB to add to the others I’ve ordered. I cannot believe how quickly the prices on those are falling.


Ok new 1TB SSD installed. Majority of my old files recovered off destroyed old drive I am back in business. Now to DL everything again lol


Skrug and I both just upgraded as well. Fortunately I was able to move my old stuff over, because reloading ARK takes forever. Sorry to hear your drive failed but you dodged a bullet getting most of it back.


Yeah Main thing for me was Pictures and things. Got all that back spent the last 2 hours DLing games bunch more to go lol


I use times like that to “purge” my game list. I install the ones I know I play on a daily/weekly basis, then wait on the others. The downside is when one of my kids wants to do a multiplayer session with me and I’ve got to get it downloaded/updated/configured/running.

In Ark news, I’m working on getting a base setup on Aberration. Still trying to find a good spot, but so far I’ve not found one that is better than my previous base location when I played on Aberration before. It is down the path into the blue zone where Skruggle/Skip’s base is. It has pretty much everything right there, wood, stone, plants, gas vein, plant z, metal, some obsidian, gems, and crystal.

I did borrow Skruggle’s rock drake and raided the drake nests until I finally found a 175 & 185 egg. Unfortunately, the 185 despawned as soon as I picked it up. The 175 made up for it though, got triplets from it. I went out and gathered about a 1000 red gems and made them all some high armor saddles.

I’m thinking this week also I need to get my test server running and start practicing on the tek cave. I want to do the gamma tek cave and Rockwell before Extinction comes out in a month.


That’s a tight timeline! Hopefully doable. We didn’t have any gates set up after what I thought was an issue early on. At this point I don’t think it’s related to the gates at all. There is a mini base down near the drakes if you need it at any time.

Assuming your kids are at the house with you, we used to have this problem when joining each other for a game party day with gaming laptops. Steam is pretty flexible about how you want to do this. Either copy them over the LAN or via copying the steamapps directory onto a USB hard drive or device, then copying from it to your machine. You can even just copy the directory for the game. Then run the “install” for the game via steam and it will validate the files and proceed from there. Much better than a multi-gig download.


I’ll just have to keep my eyes open for rare spawns. One rare spino spawn would pretty much all it take. The breeding isn’t as big a deal now with I can use the S+ fertilized egg collector thing (the dodo in the nest).

That is the exact reason why I replaced all my 100mb network switches with gigabyte ones. Having to copy 20+gb of files across a 100mb network was painfully slow.

There is a store near me that sells recycled computer hardware. A lot of people including some big businesses donate stuff just to get rid of it. So, I get a lot of my bigger items there, like 24 port gigabyte network switches or blade servers.


That’s a nice store to have nearby!


If you guys burn out a bit prior to the expansion. Trip and I are playing around on a Conan Exiles server as we bide time. The details are below.

Add this to your Steam server favorites:

The server password is the same as the ARK servers.