Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


If you add them under Steam->Servers you’ll be able to select “Favorites” in game and just get the list of our servers, noted above, that you’ve added.


I ran the “destroywilddinos” command for Extinction and added the Stargate mod back to Aberration.

I had removed the about half the mods on Aberration to see if mods were causing my Ark to crash. Mods were not the problem, it appears to have been some bad RAM sticks.


Just after I logged last night, I had a terrible thought.

I am building a new base in the Underground forest. The forest titan is spawned and fought in the Underground forest. Is the forest titan going to spawn on top of my base?

I did a quick youtube search and watched the fight and I should be ok. The titan fight is up near a wrecked obelisk and I’m down a cliff face and across a lake from that.

Now I need to finish getting my base setup. Got a good chunk of the main house done and got some crop growing. I’ll need to get some more stargates setup to various resource locations, metal mainly.


I still haven’t located a homesite.

Is anyone building in the desert biome?

Is it important to have an outpost there for future boss/titan content?


No one has built in the desert biome at this time. There is a lot of water in the desert biome. A river, 3 or 4 lakes. Not as many resources, but since we have the Stargate mod, you can setup stargates to where ever you find a good amount of resource “x”.

No, having a base in the desert biome doesn’t matter for the titan taming/fight. It is the flying one. The fight for that titan takes place way up in the air and your base could pretty much be right under it and be safe. If you are concerned though, just watch a video on youtube about the fight/tame to see where it happens.

I’d be willing to pay (in Ark currency) if you happen to find a good location for metal that isn’t right on the “insta-death” line that is on the surface. There are several locations that have a dozen or so rich metal nodes, but they are on or just over the insta-death line.


Guess ill give desert a closer look for spots.

I don’t know how to use the stargates.


I have a gate up right outside the snow biome between it and the underground area for obsidian and a few other resources. I’ve yeat to build outside sanctuary though so a question for you guys would be, what level of protection do we need against corrupted dinos? Stone? Metal?

Any caveats that I’m not thinking of?

Truly with stargates, a base anywhere is fine. For some reason though I want to move out of Sanctuary.


Corrupted Dinos can destroy tek tier structures, so nothing you build is immune to them. I am not sure how they handle the tek shield though. When I’ve used it before, dinos don’t “see” the shield or anything behind it. They just bump into it like it is a rock or tree and don’t go aggressive. Might have to test it out locally.

What is worse than corrupted dinos destroying any tier structure, is they aggro on structures. I had a corrupted stego start beating on my behemoth gates while I was in the wasteland taming a rex.

If you want to build where there are corrupted dinos, my suggestion is build in a spot where at least the land base dinos can’t get to your base, or have a hard time. Then load up on velonasuar/plant x/auto turrets set to aggressive/max range.


To add to the above its not even the corrupted dinos to worry about as much as the gigas. There are several roaming the wastes. Also you have to worry about food consumption wile in the wastes.


So … Sanctuary then! :)


Busy with work, been offline a few days. Gotta check on my birds soon.

Are meteor showers enabled? Are they supposed to penetrate the biome domes? How much damage does a hit do vs stone? Metal?


The meteor showers were disabled because I think they were hitting areas they were not supposed to, which include the biome domes.

There are reports of meteor showers damaging stone, but it was disabled before they could test it against metal/tek.


Meteor shows and element veins have been re-enabled in the latest update (11/16). I am updating the servers also.




Ok so i did trap a manargr or whatever. Took me just about an hour or so to find one that could be trapped without being destroyed by every other critter in the area. It was only a 55 so I may of killed it instead of taming it. I may try today to trap another with my rex. The biggest issue i was running into was the massive agro in the snow sphere. Owls just arent built for combat.

I lost a nice 140 just because i could take out the critters that it was eating fast enough.

On another note I hate the flee mechanic with a passion. Was taming a 135 owl and the damn thing took off. Due to a base level xbow I was unable to take it down…

For that reason I am making an upgrade station top on my list of things to get done today at some point!


I added the Omnicular mod to the Extinction server. It will be active on the next server reset. This is the same mod we have on the other servers.

The Super Spyglass is really nice with what information it shows, but I am always having a hard time viewing a dino. Or if I’m carrying a dino with my argent, I view the info for the dino I’m carrying and not the wild one I’m trying to look at.

I’ll be using both, but for the times I just want to see the level of the dino, I’ll be using the binoglass.


Thanks. I was having all the same issues as well. The super spyglass is nice once you have them knocked out just to see where points are in stats but the omni I think is a better mod for all purpose use.


Ok lets recap yesterday… I set out to go hunting for an owl. Promptly see a nice 150 anky. Bam tame it. go back out see a 130 owl bam tame it.

Decide a little later to go out and just cruise around. Bam 156 tek rex. I say " damn Trip this is not good ark is going to smack me" or there abouts.

Fast forward 3-4 hours. Decide hey lets push our luck and go manargr taming…
Not having much luck cage a 85. For whatever ark reason I cant seem to hit it under my two gates. decide well lets fly over to the other side.

I get instantly frost blasted to death in seconds as I fly over it. Brand new 130 owl is destroy almost as fast.
Pretty unhappy at this point. grab the tek and run over to get body before i log for the evening. Decide to eat the manargr have no issues. Going back to base i spot a 120 and give it a go. Wind up dead that time as well. Luckily it has no interest in the rex.

Time to go Manargr hunting again :P


Yuck. Not looking forward to that. I got a moose, rounding out my collecting dinos, then Trip bred an Argy for me. I’m technically ready to move elsewhere, but I’m certainly not ready for heavy corrupted dinos, so that leaves one of the domes.


A couple days ago Trip, Grem, and I were discussing if it was possible to learn tek engrams on Extinction.

Originally we thought it was only possible by going back to one of the other maps and fighting a boss there. But according to the wiki, you can learn some of the tek engrams (replicator, generator, and armor/personal weapons) by defeating the titans.

Now I need to start figuring out tactics to defeat the titans because I really want to try out the tek railgun (from the ice titan).