Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


Sign me up. I am just about up to speed to kick in some serious breeding programs. If you find we need certain types of dinos let me know and I will help where needed.


In case anyone ever wondered who would win:

Ark vs Star Wars - 3000 rexes vs 20,000 jedi. It is 24 minutes long, so you can just skip toward the end.




Pirate MMO coming:



… the fuck?!?

2008 called, they want their business model back.




A Pirate MMO game done right sounds fun to me, if I can get some real joy for a few hours and each play doesn’t require 5 hours to do something and if it’s not just a PVP fest too.


“MMO” gets thrown around for everything these days so the term is largely meaningless. Path of Exile, a Diablo 2-like action RPG, is labeled as a MMO by a lot of people – including articles I see in gaming media. Which is ridiculous, because if it’s based solely on the fact that you’re connected to an online platform, then Diablo 2 was a MMO as well with Ark: Survival Evolved is also called a MMO, so this could just be more Ark but with pirates instead of dinosaurs.


True, and I’m honestly looking at this with an older MMO mindset.


I like the theme. If it’s a true MMO or something quasi, I might not care. Key features are the appearance, the ability to play with friends and no PvP… that latter part is usually a problem.


I present Ripley!

I was wondering how well a tamed Reaper King would do on Extinction, so I watched a couple taming videos, made my pen, and killed reaper queens until a decent level showed up (135 in my case).

After it was birthed and grown up I transferred him to Extinction and went to the ice cave.

Trip and I tried the ice cave with 5 velons, but stuff in there just hit to hard for velons. But the reaper handled it quite well. Only the bears and yetis aggroed him. I made it probably about 1/3 to 1/2 when I decided to head out because I just went into the cave on a lark and wasn’t prepared for a full caving adventure.

He started with about 32k health and I leveled him up to 50k. He does about 511 damage per bite. The big bonus though is he still retains his innate armor bonus (charge light from Aberration removes that armor), so dinos don’t do a whole bunch of damage to him, even though he doesn’t have a saddle.

Overall, I’m liking how well he handles. Decent speed, good on stamina usage, can jump like the crab, aoe knockback attack, acid spit attack that does a 10 second slow that also grounds all fliers. As an added bonus, he can burrow like the basilisk so he is out of the way at my base.


I can’t fathom why anyone would buy this on the Switch.


All servers are currently being updated with today’s major holiday patch. You will need to patch your client as well.

The Patch notes:

Winter Wonderland!

  • Raptor Claus
    • Flies over any map between 0am and 2am in-game (with event enabled)
    • Drops Holiday Gifts
  • Gacha Claus
    • Spawns where you’d find Parasaurs on all maps
    • Has holiday colors and wears a Santa Hat
    • Cannot be tamed
    • Doesn’t like being near other wild dinos
    • Accepts Coal
      • Gives Holiday Items in return
      • Drops Dino Candy
        • Feed this to a tamed dino for a strange effect
    • Accepts Mistletoe
      • Gives Items in return
  • Colorization
    • 20% of wild dinos will spawn with Holiday colors
  • Uses the ActiveEvent system
    • ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland
    • Cleans up after ActiveEvent is reset
    • Auto applies to all non-TC sessions from 12/18-1/7 (UTC)
    • Run with ActiveEvent=None to disable


  • Fix for King Titan environmental effects starting again after boss despawned
  • Fix for other bosses interrupting King Titan environmental effects
  • Cave entrance cooldown display bug fix
  • Increased radius of city meteor shield
  • Improvements to dome shaders
  • Reduced meteor impact damage to 750
  • Improvements to height fog in desert biome


  • Increased Mek sword damage to tamed titans approximately 9x
  • Increased Mek pistol damage to tamed titans approximately 3x
  • Increased turret damage multipliers to tamed Titans
  • Changes to Titan downloading
    • Titan is disabled for 15m after download
    • Titan takes increased damage during this time
  • Increased Titan download cooldown to 6+ hours
  • Fix typo in vertical Can’t Damage message

Orbital Supply Drop

  • Buffed Legendary Drops in difficulty and quality of loot
  • Can now be claimed by a tribe in PVE
    • Only that tribe can disable shield, eject items, gather loot
  • Fixed bug that eventually only allowed 1 event at a time in a session
  • Improvements to shield behavior on low FPS servers
  • Improvements to attacker pathing and behavior

Element Vein

  • Can now be claimed by a tribe in PvE
    • Only that tribe can harvest element
  • Fixed bug that eventually only allowed 1 event at a time in a session
  • Improvements to attacker pathing and behavior

Desert Titan

  • Increased damage when it strikes itself with lightning
  • Improvements to Desert Titan follow to address flying away
  • Fix for flocks not defending properly
  • Improvements to tail attack accuracy
  • Made tail attack damage consistent
  • Disabled cryoing the flock
  • Fixed encumbered movement when walking on a Desert Titan

Dropped Items

  • Improvements to dropped item interpolation on low fps servers (less poking through ground)
  • Prevented dropped items from falling through structures on load
  • Prevented dropped items from ghosting through structures if thrown close to them


  • Improvements to egg interpolation on low fps servers (less poking through ground)
  • Prevented eggs from falling through structures on load
  • Prevented eggs from ghosting through structures if thrown close to them
  • Fix for invisible Rock Drake and Wyvern eggs


  • Increased accuracy of AOE attack
  • Reduced AOE damage to compensate for increased accuracy
  • Wild Velonasaurs will no longer shoot for too long
  • Fix for Wild Velonasaurs not doing damage in PvE
  • Improvements to desyncs between spines and damage
  • Reduced hovering when walking
  • AOE attack will no longer loot victims


  • Fixed anim bug related to Ice Breath
  • Fixes for several orientation desyncs
  • Fixes for desyncs when moving on low fps server
  • Minor buff to landing damage
  • Improvements to ice breath targeting
  • Added message when you are unable to dive
  • Slowed down baby Managarmrs


  • Fixed instances where Enforcer could teleport to a non-existant wall
  • Fixed instances where it could jump back to its last jump position


  • Improved Scout tagging accuracy
  • Improvements to player inspection mechanic
  • Scout will now show floating damage text when damaged

Item Balloon

  • Fixed instances of it not going to the correct destination
  • Fix for cases where balloons didn’t explode after landing
  • Improvements to weight calculation


  • Fix for unclamped loot quality
  • Fix for incorrect UI when taming is interrupted

Ice Titan

  • Fix for broken dino animations related to Ice Breath
  • Increased collision radius for shoulder Corruption


  • Improved flyer following when in water
  • Added Whistle Land Flyer command
    • Commands a flyer to land nearby


  • Fix low frequency crash


  • Improvements to landing logic


  • Improvements to server performance

Map Markers

  • Add support for decimal values

Snow Owl

  • Slowed down baby food consumption rate


  • Disable healing when frozen


  • Improvements to dino quality
  • Improvements to environment quality


Extinction: Patched and back up.
Scorched Earth: Patched and back up.
The Island: Patched and back up.
The Center: Patched and back up.
Ragnarok: Patched and back up.
Aberration: Patched and back up.

Of extra note for this weekend and Christmas week:
Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 21st of December at 1 PM EST until Wednesday the 26th of December at 3 PM EST . All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

2x Harvesting Rates
2x Taming Rates
2x EXP Rates


The entire patch would be worth it for just this one item.


No joke. As usual, I struggled with that just yesterday while Trip and I were trying to get me some gachas.


That is why the whip has be like the third best utility item (GPS, I get lost easily, & spyglass are one and two) ever added to the game. Moving dinos that are stacked on each other and getting fliers to land.


Ragan, I thought I would let you know I’m going back and trying to do something akin to the following on the other servers with my character.

Log in with old character, set someone else to tribe owner if me, leave tribe.
Log in with new character, get to my stuff, use two admin commands to claim my dinos and claim my structures.
Force join me into the tribe.
Force me to rank admin.

I’ll be trying it on the non-impacting servers first so as to be able to test without messing anything up too badly.

The issue is those really powerful commands take ownership of ALL tribe dinos and ALL tribe structures. So it’s important for me to leave the tribe forming a player tribe that’s separate. Hopefully anyway.


If you plan on joining the uber tribe on Extinction after this is all done, make sure you change your new tribes governance options so that structures and dinos are personally owned, otherwise, they will be still owned by the your old tribe.


I’m using the character from Extinction to avoid just that. I’d rather mess up stuff on the old servers for myself, not the new one. :)

I’ll check those options though, good tip.

@Ragan and @Grembel , it appears the Stargate mod got borked on Scorched Earth during the server update. I’m going to attempt to repair it, but note that when I went on the server, I didn’t see a single stargate. Let’s hope the file with server locations and whatnot is still present.

LATE EDIT: As I worried, the config for Stargate didn’t take once the mod was reloaded. I have no idea why. I logged in and repaired what I could by putting public Stargates at each of the obelisks, as well as private tribe stargates at the bases for Ragan, Grem, Trip, and Miget. I did not know where Dinoranchers base was, nor where the other stargates were.

You’ll need another Stargate remote if you log in:
enablecheats Skip72442
cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/StarGates/Blueprints/Items/PrimalItem_WeaponSGRemote.PrimalItem_WeaponSGRemote’” 1 0 0