Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


I’ll deal with the missing gates on Scorched Earth the next time I hop over there.

I slowed down the Extinction night time settings. Before, the night went so fast Raptor Claus didn’t have time to drop anything.


No worries on the night timescale change.

The Center also lost it’s Primal Fear mod and configuration. All the dinos that Trip and i had there are gone. That patch really messed up some mod loads.


Ragan, an apparent bug/feature introduced with the patch is getting cryos into a boss fight.

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All servers were stopped this morning (on their own.) I’m validating/updating again, also checking mods for updates. I’ll post here once they start coming back up.

Also updating that there are a number of reports that Gacha’s have been nerfed in the last patch. It is unknown if it was intentional.

11:20 EST: All servers are now validated and updated and are coming back up.


So my son and I (he’s 6) have been playing a bunch of coop stuff. I’m thinking about getting him setup with Ark, probably on a local server where I can make it easier (or just bit the bullet and play more with you folks).

What’s the flow for someone starting at the beginning? Does one start on ragnarok and move to new zones, or are each of these new zones blank slates?


There is no progression for the maps. Lore-wise, the story starts on the Island, Scorched Earth next, Aberration, and finally Extinction.

Scorched Earth and Aberration are the harder maps though. Parts of Extinction are very hard as well. Inside the city is reasonably safe. Mostly just the small aggressive dinos like dilos/raptors/scorpions. The Underground forest (where my base is) is pretty quiet as well. Just stay out of the tunnel that you goes to the Titan terminal. Tons of Rex/Yuti/Allo/Bary/Purlovia. That part is brutal.


So should I just do scorched earth to start, or do the other maps bring extra stuff that’s awesome?


Any of the maps will do, you just will need to step through things, probably together. Simple, “how to play ARK,” videos helped me quite a bit. The Island has a pretty gentle progression, as far as maps go. The others have spots of that, but can be quicker to introduce you to harder dinos and areas, which can be good (thrilling,) and bad (frustrating.)

You’re welcome to join and play on the cluster, all the maps are available. Two maps have a hard dino mod loaded:
The Center

The others have about the same mod load and are pretty easy to get into. Let me know if you want to join, us LP, I’ll send you all the details needed via PM.


I ate so many berries I got kicked from the server and now I can’t rejoin.

Classic Ark.


I’m out until Wednesday, folks. I’m wishing you all a Merry Christmas. May Santa Raptor bring you all goodies.


Announcement of mod removals to cluster servers:
Ragnarok and The Center have been de-Primal’ed and all Primal Fear mods removed from both. They are now back to the standard mod list and should be less problem prone and more available to all.


Ticket entered for the cross-server chat on Extinction. More info once I hear back.


And ticket now cleared for cross-server cluster chat. All servers working as of now. Cheers!

Tomorrow, loading Rare Sightings on Extinction. Get your radios ready.
Also loading Classic Flyers on Extinction. This will allow speed modding of any flying dino except Gasbags, Snow Owl and Ice Wyvern. Those will be added after their modules are added to the mod developers, “dev kit.”



I didnt do so hot on even the Gamma version of Dragon (Island.) Trip mentioned you guys had a hard time in alpha version. Any tips? The flame and positioning were a bitch, and honestly I wonder if flame resistant saddles would help? I should mention I did not heal, only a Yuty.

I lost 11 of 19 Rex’s, 30K health, 600 melee, 125 green saddles. The fight was straightforward, the damage was not. Those same rexes barely took damage for gamma megapithicus or broodmother.

If I go for beta or alpha later, I have no clue how to help that. Trip did mention doing the combo on Rag. Is that actually easier?

We’re close to a full set of 40K health, 700+ melee dinos.


Happy New Year, folks!


Happy New Year!


The Dragon is a dps race because it’s flame attack does like 20% health damage. So it doesn’t matter if you have a 100k health rex, 5 flame attacks and they are dead.

When I did the gamma and beta dragon with rexes, I brought a daedon (it has about 100k food stat) that was loaded down with about 3000+ kibble. As the rexes chased the dragon around, I would position the pig so he wouldn’t get flamed, then I started the healing aura and jumped into the pig inventory screen and spam force fed the pig to keep the healing going.

I couldn’t beat the Island alpha dragon. Tried it a couple times on my local test server and once on the Qt3 cluster and lost each time.

What I finally did was get a herd of therizin’s. Herbivores get a 50% reduction in fire damage. Not sure if that applies to the flame DOT or not. I then loaded each therizin up with like 30 to 40 veggie cakes, brought a daedon with kibble, and did the Alpha Dragon/Manticore fight on Ragnarok.

That fight went a lot smoother. The dragon lands first and doesn’t really fly around much, so it dies pretty fast. Then you spend the next 20 minutes chasing the manticore around. Make sure to turn off harvesting on all your therizin’s because they will get overloaded from harvesting the trees. Rock elementals will spawn part way through fighting the manticore, but the fight went on so long, that even with the 90% damage reduction, my therizin’s were killing the elementals. With the veggie cakes and pig healing, I didn’t lose any therizin’s.


Well that makes complete sense. I didn’t realize the breath was percent health related. So escaping with those that I did makes me happy, now. I also didn’t know herbivores got any flame resist, and remembering your Theriz breeding, that too makes sense. Speaking of, do you still have eggs stocked from them over on Scorched Earth?

I’m restocking the rex group, with the replacements being the 40K health, 700melee. I was going to use those for beta and possibly alpha Broodmother before attempting anything else. Trip has also bred up a group and wants to attempt something, if not at the same time with me.

I have been running the fights with dinos on neutral, disabled ally looking and disabled harvesting. Then have them follow me for placing before ordering the entire group to attack. That particular battleground for the dragon had a ton of stuff rexes got stuck on.

I may see if Trip wants to combo with me on Rag for it based on your comments.

EDIT: I’ll add here that I wonder now if I should be shooting for 30K, 800 melee instead.


So how does one flipflop between maps on the server cluster?

Jack and I played on the Island for a bit until he threw a rock at a carno and chaos ensued. We then played locally on ragnarok to get a bit of a feel for the game, but I think we want to come back to the extinction server, buuut there’s something to be said for the other maps.

And if I switch between maps, does the tribe setting carry over?


Great questions. Some answers. You’ll need to find a terminal, they are scattered around the city. From there you can access the menu: and the choice is in the middle towards the bottom.

On the other servers, you’ll have to find beacons (loot crates) or Obelisks to access this same menu to leave.

On that same terminal you can also upload dinos, or items. You can then download them on another server. Take anything off dinos, including the saddle, as it all disappears during the transfer.

Anything on you -should- transfer, but you might encounter an error that you have something ineligible for traveling to another server. Unfortunately, you’ll need to manually remove things until you find the offending item. At this time, the only one I know of is the super spyglass, which isn’t allowed on every server (yet.)

So your level and items carry over. Your tribe does not. We do have a super tribe on every server, though. Stargates to major places as well.

If you happen to pop over to one and nobody is around to help you come get in the tribe, you can use the following admin commands. You’ll need to find something owned by the tribe, either a building or dino. Get close enough to it that you see the details of who owns it, then do the procedure below.

Spoiler just in case:

(pulls up admin console)
enablecheats Skip72442
(pulls up the admin window)
(highlight your name in the upper middle)
(scroll down the command list on the right until you see ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe)
(highlight that command and then click the “Execute” button.)
(It will ask for the player ID. You’re already highlighted, so click the “Copy” button, then “Execute,” again.)
(You’ll then be joined to the tribe. You can close the admin window with the “X” in the top right corner.)


Okay we jumped onto Ragnarok.

Is there some oddball dino mods installed there? Getting popups about rare sabertooth tigers and the like.