Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game

Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of Ark’s EA release.

I can safely say, and Steam confirms and condemns me at the same time, that I have never played any other game as much as Ark (5105 hours or 212 days).

And to commemorate the the 4 year anniversary, another Ark adventure story that happened yesterday.

I started a new character (Ragansan) on Skipper’s Ragnarok and last night I transferred over to Extinction (my Ragan lvl 105 character is on Scorched Earth right now) to try and get a few more velon’s.

As soon as I got to the desert biome, I find and tame 145 velon. I tried to fight a yuti/carno pack and lost my ptera before I killed them. Then I found and tamed another 145 velon. Earlier I had tamed some Gacha’s for Ragnarok, so I figured I should get a snow owl or two for the owl pellets.

The snow biome wasn’t to bad, until I fought another yuti, who terrorized both my velons. Since my velons are running scared in random directions and I was near the zone border (I could hear the ping of death), I dismounted and had to fight off the yuti on foot. Except, I had tranqs loaded in my longneck. I had to switch ammo on the fly, while getting chomped on, but managed to kill the yuti.

The finale happened about 5 minutes later. I encountered a pack of 4 dire wolves and 2 daedons (pigs). They split my velons up and eventually killed the first 145 velon. The daedon’s got distracted by a mammoth so I was able to kill the dire wolf that was trying to eat me.

I recovered the stuff from my dead velon and transferred back to Ragnarok before I lost everything.

Ark happens.

Also, a player named Jukari made their own Ark trailer by combining pieces of the released Ark trailers and some in game footage. He posted it back in Feb 2019, but just found it today. It is put together really well. I’d say it is better than the Extinction trailer, which was pretty good IMO.

I -just- saw that video posted on reddit earlier. Well done vid.

As to your story, it had all the makings of a Grem tale, except you lived in the end. Both Skrugg and I have logged in at least once lately but I’m not sure what I want to do when I’m on. I’ll probably re-roll on one of the servers at some point. I enjoy early-mid game a lot, it scratched the itch for survival in a big way.

So needed to read youi had died and lost both of the new dinos:P

Is ARK cross-platform now? Dipping my toes back in on my PS4, thinking of trying your server out. Either way, would appreciate the server info if you have room and will have me.

Last I checked there was no cross play, but it was a holdup by Sony.

Sony has blocked cross-platform play between PS4 and PC gamers in ARK : Survival Evolved, with ARK’s Lead Desginer, Jeremy Stieglitz, saying on Twitter the team have it “working internally”, but “Sony won’t allow it”. This means cross-platform play between PC and PS4 gamers in ARK works, but Sony are stopping it.

Even PC to Xbox is gimped due to them tying it to the windows 10 app, not Steam. :(

And @barstein I hope that doesn’t dissuade you from playing anyway. It’s a fun game. Most of us posting here have hundreds of hours of game time in it.

Possibly big news, though it’s based on some Steam changes:

FYI, Something happened to the Island and Aberration servers after this morning’s server reset.

The in game counter was reset and the save world files are much smaller.

I am in the process of restoring them to the last good backup. Nothing should be lost unless you were playing at 3am this morning.

I’ve not been on at all. Skrugg(Trip) may have been but I doubt it. Restore away. I swear the update process for this game is flaky. I’m afraid to reduce the actual daily check, otherwise we then run into the issue of updated game or mods and the server isn’t on the latest version.

Aberration failed to reload properly this morning. I’ve already restored from just before the server restart.

@Skipper, can you submit a ticket and see if they have any other logs that would indicate why this is happening?

Thanks, @skipper, I found a fantastic server and have learned a lot about the PS4 private server situation. I’ll share more later.

I present, the holy grail of gacha’s! Produces Element dust!

I have killed so many gacha’s trying to get one. And this one was a rare spawn to boot (from the Rare Sightings mod).

The first thing I did after getting it back to my Extinction base was clone it two times. When using snow owl pellets, every crystal gives 180 element dust.

Damn! Almost enough to make me wanna play…almost.

Now that is awesome. I never even realized that was a rare.

Wildcard is releasing the mod map, Valguero, as a free DLC.

Based on the mod page, it sounds like it is a merging of all the vanilla maps (Island, SE, Ab, & Ext). It also looks to be a big map, 82 sq km.

They will be announcing/streaming it on Twitch today at 3pm PST.

Should I post a vote for which map to vote off the cluster to make room for it?

My vote would be the Center because I haven’t played on that map very much this time around.

I think that’s going to be the loser by time played for sure. I need to make sure that Trip knows, even though he’s still waiting on his new laptop in order to play. No idea on the timeline of the map either, right? That was just a teaser video.

I did read a few things though:
No nameless
No Reapers

So it’s got some Aberration additions, but not completely. They did mention there will be a mod for unofficial to add nameless, but no Reapers.

You can always transfer yours in though. :)

The map will be released today.

The map on the Ark mod page isn’t the same one as that will be released. I think I saw on Reddit that they have been working with the mod developer for the last 5 months getting it ready.

My personal thoughts would be to wait several days for the stampede to rush through and find all the major issues. I’m not in a big hurry because “They are Billions” is releasing the campaign mode along with 2 new maps today.

Oh shit I had no idea. I’ll have to validate what code that is and we can attempt it on the Center once I know Trip isn’t on there with his character.

No worries there. Let’s give it a few days and I’ll update you once I know more or attempt it. I’m also assuming that might get us through initial mod discrepancies on the new map and subsequent updates.

You bastards are going to make me play again aren’t you…