Arkane Austin's System Shock-Inspired Prey (2017) Reboot

I seem to recall it not being as stupid in system shock 2 as it is in modern games though. For some reason games like Dead Island, fire emblem and now Breath of the wild got the crazy idea that gamers enjoyed having their items break in 10 hits.

I liked how it was done in FarCry 2 - find rusty old gun, it jams and explodes, use freshly minted new one - works perfectly for a long, long time. Dying Light was also ok with it, early rusty stuff broke quickly, but later in the game weapons lasted me hours.
But it is not really a mechanic I would miss tbh, same with oxygen being limited. I can take it or leave it.

Didn’t the guns get steadily worse in Far Cry 2 as well? And you could deal with it by reloading until you got fed up enough to do something about it. That’s a lot different from an ugly UI prompt continuously letting you know your wooden sword is about to break, then it shatters and you have to bring up your pause/slow menu to switch.

Of course, Far Cry 2 was great about in-game user interfaces like that in general.

Yeah but the new one broke really slowly…and as you say, it was all done ingame so it contributed to immersion, instead of taking from it. Zelda seems the worst offender I have ever seen regarding this.

Man I hope Clint Hocking will finally get to release another game now that he is back at Ubisoft…stints at LucasArts, Valve and Amazon and nothing (public) to show for it.

Demo of the 1st hour, when? On Thursday 27th April on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


Even though I’ve got my game-playing mapped out through Spring 2018, games like this new Prey are the biggest danger to that plan. I just can’t resist the Looking Glass-inspired first person immersive games. Even when they don’t pan out in the end (I never finished Bioshock Infinite), I still love playing them and usually feel an obligation to buy at launch to vote with my dollars to show the marketplace that I want more of these games.

Buy Prey. You are right, we need more of these games. And after Dishonored 2 underperformed, I am quite worried that Arkane might be relegated to becoming Bethesda’s Raven if Prey tanks as well. I am buying day 1 unless horrible reviews or PC version issues are discovered.

Yep, day 1 here also. I am getting a extreme BIOSHOCK in SPACE vibe. :D

That was a good video. They really needed to release that, because despite following Bethesda on FB and being bombarded by daily Prey videos, I still wasn’t sure what this game was about other than an FPS in space.

(My goto mode for FB videos is to watch the first 5-10s of it, sound off, to see if it catches my attention. Prey videos rarely did.)

I haven’t actually watched any videos of Prey except the very first year old trailer. Want to go in completely fresh, Arkane is one of my trusted top studios. Glad to see your impressions are good though :)

Same here. I’m going in clean.

This one isn’t grabbing me yet. I’ll keep an eye on the thread though, I’m open to having my mind changed.

Only mystery to me is why they’re calling it Prey. It’s not like that name has meaning to anyone.

Yeah, it looks derivative to the point of pastiche. I mean “Looking Glass” terminals. That’s the kind of lame reference I would expect out of a post-1996 Duke Nukem game.

Also, this isn’t the same Arkane who developed Dishonored 2. It’s basically a new team comprised of former Bioshock Infinite developers, Battlecry Studios, Zombie Studios, Crytek Austin, and Cloud Imperium Games Texas staffers. There’s like 20 people who worked on Dishonored 1 working on the game.

Another preview write up. Some spoiler stuff inside, if you are planning to head in totally blind.

Looks like the developer mentioned 16-30 hrs to complete the game, depending on your OCD level.

My guess: some corporate muckety-muck needs to prove that he didn’t F up by buying that IP at a certain “valuation.”

I honestly believe the prey name is going to hurt the game sales. The scent of fail tied to “Prey” is strong. And people with short attention spans who come away with the wrong game info from seeing old Prey, I myself was confused for a while, could be a minus as well. New name for new IP would have been way better.

From last year :

Has Bethesda done a good job markeeting this? I’m their core demographic, stuck in a hospital, with nothing but eye time, yet outside of this forum have seen nothing. As someone else mentioned I’m concerned if it doesn’t sell well Bethesda Corporate will blame us gamers instead of looking inward at their handling of it.