Arkane Austin's System Shock-Inspired Prey (2017) Reboot

This is one of my favorite games of last gen. I’ll probably grab it on a sale for XSX because I’m sure the loading screens won’t be as much of a hassle.

Wow, if it’s possible to be jealous, then I am. I loved the hell out of Prey.

It’s on Game Pass, just in case you were not aware. Trying to catch up on stuff that got by me, hopefully hit Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4 next.

The opening of this game remains one of my favourite things ever.

Me too. This is definitely one of those games where the first time IS the charm. Subsequent playthroughs just aren’t the same. Crew Quarters (?) is possibly one of my favorite levels in gaming. All for the world-building and exploration.

It really is a spiritual successor to System Shock.


Just like Arcane’s other games are Looking Glass successors.

Arx Fatalis to Ultima Underworld and Dishonored to Thief.

Trifecta complete, even in the right release order.

Next they need to do the Flight Unlimited successor! ;)

And bring on the Terra Nova!

I also caved and finally bought this on sale. I’ve seen it cheaper, but digital deluxe for $12 got me to cave on a whim.

I presume I was busy with other games at the time, but I can’t actually recall why I didn’t get it sooner. Possibly just a garden variety gaming slump.

Remember to play the DLC for this as well. It’s very good and different a typical DLC - plays more like a roguelike

Mooncrash is great.

It took me a while to figure out / click with it but once I figured out what it was about I didn’t stop. Roguelite by way of immersive sim. If you’ve played Risk of Rain it has a similar mechanic. (moonshark was kind of annoying / a serious blocker in the early runs until I figured out how to kill it / avoid it easily)

Do tell! Asking for a friend.


Well it helps to know that the moonshark is nearly blind (and only heads towards you if you traverse the moon floor). So if you are in a bind do the vs. T-REX statue thing.

Avoidance is easier than killing it until you get enough resources. In general, Typhon lures or any thrown object on the moon floor away from where you wanna go + moon rock hopping.

To kill it, you exploit tentacle nests (throw an object near one, or use the grenade yourself but the timing is tricky). They are super effective and can kill the moonshark really quickly. Late game you just destroy it yourself with the Q-beam when stocking up.

Been playing this in bits and pieces over the last few days and I’m still really digging it. It feels so oppressive, there’s this real feeling of dread and paranoia, knowing that nearly anything around me could be a monster waiting to jump me when I’m not paying attention. I did my first spacwalk the other day and that was cool - I like that I don’t really have to keep an eye on my oxygen and just jet around. Until I ran into this glowy enemy thing that totally wrecked me. Oh well, I should have assumed a game like this wasn’t going to let me have an actual safe area. I’m totally going to see this one through, I really like the environment and the characters and the basic mystery of the game. Not sold on the combat; for all the cool weapons I’ve found, I’m still pretty much relying on the wrench. Seems to do the most damage, and ammo for everything else is pretty scarce. Still, I guess that’s what the fabricators are for.

oh man, the fabricators! That is one of the best inventions in recent gaming. Need a health pack? a Neuromod? Some shotgun shells? Throw your shit into here and push a button! It makes picking up random crap that much more satisfying.

Yeah, this is one of those games where it really does pay to pick up everything, because even if you don’t want it you can recycle it and use the parts to fabricate something you do. Except somewhere along the way I found this nerf crossbow thing, and I’ll be damned why I’m carrying it but I just assume I’m going to need it at some point? Maybe one of these blobs will challenge me to a nerf duel.

There are clever uses for that crossbow. Perhaps a button you can’t reach?

Use it for…dammit! What @Vesper said.

I did not think of that. OK, now in addition to watching every single item for potential mimicry, I’ll also be looking for hidden buttons.