Arkane Austin's System Shock-Inspired Prey (2017) Reboot

Mooncrash is good but there is a time limit so the pacing is bit more frantic. I initially bounced off of it after the second run but this is before I understood how it worked. After several runs you’ll have enough resources to make easy progress. Especially if you unlock the stronger characters.

Well I finally got around to playing this, and yeah it’s fantastic. Definitely scratches the same itch as System Shock and Deus Ex. Now I just have to wait another month (hopefully) for the System Shock remake to come out. Why can’t there be more games like this?

Good question.

Because they are hard to make. Oh, not the graphics, or the engine, or anything like that. That shit’s easy (for AAA studios with access to hordes of outsourced studio labor.)

They’re hard to design. Good immersive sims have so many options, and threads, and interlocking systems. It takes actual, honest effort, from talented, passionate individuals, to come up with and wrangle all that neat stuff.

And you can’t crank them out quickly. They have to cook. They have to iterate. Hell, sometimes entire systems just don’t work and have to be torn out and started over. They take time.

And all of the above costs money, for games that won’t return obscene profits from microtransactions.

All of which is completely antithetical to the current AAA régime.

They’re expensive to make, and don’t sell well enough.

Immersive sims are hard in two ways: not only they are hard as you have explained because the have many options and systems, they also are hard because they also depend on good, delicate, hand crafted level design (with attention to flow, combat, puzzles, player options, and much more).

So it isn’t something like… I don’t know, a strategy game like Rimworld where there is too lots of interlocking systems and reactivity (but no real level design). Nor a traditional FPS that depends on good level design but there is no emergent gameplay. It’s a type of game that requires both.

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All the Prey and Dishonored stuff is currently on sale at GoG for ridiculously low prices.

While people play Deahtloop, you can watch this video about Prey!

and well, also this video for D2