Arkane Austin's System Shock-Inspired Prey (2017) Reboot

Each escape method can only be used once, so your fifth character should only have one option. Did you take the pod with an earlier character?

Can’t remember now after so many expeditions over the same ground. Realised I still have the test subject’s story to do, so I’ll use that as a breather and maybe give it another go in a few days :)

Probably asked a million times but can I skip straight to Mooncrash? I got the game for free but I really don’t want to play through something that long. I tried the demo and it didn’t grab me. I’m down for a roguelite though.

I’m curious about that as well. I tried again to get into the main game, but I’m just not enjoying it. I’ve liked all of their other stuff though, including Deathloop.

I guess you could, but the DLC won’t hold your hand - it assumes you have some mechanical knowledge that you learned through the main game.

Like you may come across a locked door that can be tackled in three ways, but you’ll only see the most obvious way that the game presents to you and you wouldn’t have any idea that the other methods exist. It’s definitely possible to play but keep in mind that you’re increasing the difficulty.

All the talk about deathloop inspired me to play Mooncrash. I’m so glad I did, it’s a brilliant game that I really enjoyed. It’s also one of the most tense games I’ve played in a while - exploring the base and having the corruption levels tick up on you, or having that god damn moonshark chase you into some terrifying aliens is just great.

I’m way behind on my backlog, so it might be a GOTY (2021) contender for me. Prey certainly was when it came out and I played it through.

I wish there were more companies building games in this style.

It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to System Shock 2, I really like it, though I thought it got a bit long.

I loved both System Shock and System Shock 2. I think maybe it’s the heavy use of small, fast enemies. The combat just never felt fun–at least not what I experienced of it.

There are like three different locations for the functioning escape pod, and I think sometimes they could be all be broken first requiring a repair part which can be found, bought from the store, or crafted. The later two requring the blueprints maybe. It’s easy enough to check the security station to locate it.

In fact, for an end run I always go to the central building first to check the status of everything: trams, power, escape pods, and if the access tunnel to labs is caved-in.

The shuttle is always in the same spot in the living quarters and only requires the piloting skill to use.

That tunnel isn’t always caved in? Well whaddaya know :)

My luck was it is generally always caved-in. And only sometimes not.

If you are serious about a completing the game, go to the central building first with the first character of the run to check the status of everything. Optimally with the Engineer, because you need to repair things to setup future runs anyways. This is a no-brainer.

My game complete run (spoliers)

Run 1: Engineer / Escape method: Mass Driver (because it takes the longest and the refinery area is the worst)
-I first go to the central building to get the status of power, trams, and pods.
-Restore power to labs and mining first priority
-Go to labs via the access tunnel, if caved in, the hard way, moon surface access (mind the moonshark, I will kill it first thing)
-Lab: Repair the teleporter. Step 1 of 2 to unlock the teleport escape method
-Go to Refinery and complete the Mass Driver escape. Food and Drink required. Might need to go to Living Quarters first just to get the supplies.

Run 2: Spy / Escape Method: Pod
-I need to go to labs first to hack the computer to open the door to teleportal. Step 2 of 2 to unlock the teleport escape method; and from here I could just take the portal straight away. Run done.
-I opted to go to an escape pod because it is the second most time consuming. I already know the location from the first run I just need to get there. If the power is out there I would need to adjust in central. Also mind the trams because I needed to go to labs first.

Escape 3: Volunteer / Escape Method: Teleporter
-I beelined straight to labs and hop into the teleporter now that is accessible thanks the previous two runs. Run done.

Escape 4: Security / Escape Method: Shuttle
-If the power is out in Living quarters I will need to restore it before hand
-Otherwise it is a straight shot to the shuttle provided I have the piloting skill

Escape 5: Admin / Admin Quarters
-“Easiest” escaped saved for last. I already completed the admins character story (required), so I can escape just by getting to her office and uploading my mind into a robot.

Mooncrash really doesn’t have any luck involved once you know the map. If you have a bundle of simulation points, the last run can be a complete cakewalk as you can be pretty overpowered and keep the corruption level quite low for the entire run.

It’s definitely hardest when you’re not trying to spend many points (many of my early runs I only purchased a pistol and some ammo to start the game), and when you don’t have many neuromods unlocked. It’s really learning which characters you specifically need to open up certain parts of the map (doors, terminals, etc) to set you up for success. Handing off all the resources you need for certain escapes makes them pretty trivial.

I found I could complete almost all of the escape setups with the first character I played, then the other 4 just used that good fortune to wrap it up. I actually completed the all 5 characters escape before I’d completed all the individual story missions.

So I never used the store until the finally run. So every run before was only using the starting gear. I did farm neuromods though.

When I did finally do my final run, I went hog wild and I was stacked with power, destroying everything with ease.

I am not sure what the best method is.

It’s the one you develop yourself…

As someone who hordes health potions in video games, I really liked how the game was designed for you to use all the resources you had during a run, because at the worst you’ll reset the map and try again. The only place I failed that was on not spending much of my sim points until the end, but I enjoyed the runs enough that the game hadn’t worn out it’s welcome when I wrapped it up.

I never did go nuts with sim points and had something like 150K when i finished. It was easy enough to harvest lots of resources in game and fab almost everything you’d need.

Ahahahahaahah. Did it. What a great game. Although it probably couldn’t exist without the base game, I did enjoy this more. Almost 30 hours all told, which I think was longer than the main game too.

I must admit I didn’t grasp what the mule was for until rather late :/ I also didn’t grok the gate zapper at first, so some earlier runs had a lot of dying to moonsharks in the crater.

It’s interesting to contrast this with say Watch Dogs: Legion, which also had many playable characters but no great advantage to doing so, whereas this really had a point to playing each of your tragic moonbabies. Ubisoft pay attention!

@Roguefrog - my way: My engineer stocked the mass driver but took a pod. The spy did go through the portal. Then the test subject just jumped in the mass driver, the security chief took the shuttle and the director did the mind transfer.


My route made it so I only went to MoonWorks one time (provided the escape pod is also not there), and I wanted to knock it out completely in the very first run. All the other runs are Labs/Living Quarters which I find much easier to navigate.

Prey itself is the Epic freebie right now…

Also note that it’s a bit hidden in the description but Mooncrash DLC is included in the Epic version.

Last week, I got all excited to give Mooncrash a proper try after reading about it in the Deathloop thread. But, much to my dismay, Steam and Prey and my Xbox controller didn’t want to cooperate. I tried messing around with my settings for a few nights before giving up.

Well, Epic just came to my rescue. The controller works fine so now I can play Mooncrash.

This is the end of my saga. Or is it only the beginning??