Arkane Austin's System Shock-Inspired Prey (2017) Reboot

It’s moot now, but typically when there are controller issues you need to disable Steam Input in the Game Properties. Did you try that?

Hmm, I don’t think I tried that. I read some other solutions that didn’t pan out.

And not moot at all! I’d much rather run the game through Steam since that’s my default game library. I’ll try this later. Thanks!

No worries! I’ve been through the same thing with a couple games, though I can’t recall if this specific game was one of them.

It happens because the native controller support in some games fights with Steam’s controller support, so disabling the Steam support fixes it.

Yay, it worked! Thanks again, P. 👍

Awesome! :)

I played Prey but not Mooncrash. Worth giving it a shot since it is free right now? Is there a campaign?

Absolutely yes. Not sure campaign is the right word but there’s a narrative attached to a roguelike structure.

After a long session playing Elden Ring last evening, I fired up Mooncrash to see what the heck it was all about.

I put a couple things where they belong on a high tech chair, then I entered a simulation, then I found a wrench, then I squashed a mimic with said wrench, then me and my wrench got squashed by evil monsters. Five stars! Will play again.

I think I picked up a few fabrication plans so I even made meta-progress. Mostly I’m just happy to be back in the world of Prey… what a cool game.

Yeah just did the first simulation mission. Forgot how cool the game is.

Oooh, yes, it’s so worth giving a shot! Especially if you’ve already played through the main game.


Mooncrash was one of my games of the year last year. Granted, I’m late to the party AND I didn’t play a ton of games last year, but I loved the hell out of it.

Also worth noting that Prey looks great and performs really well on XSX.

Yeah, yeah, done, but just have to chime in that Prey was Excellent first 80-90%, one of my most favorite games of the year definitely, but near the end, the objectives and how to complete them is a convoluted mess! Overall very good, with lots of fun exploration! I’m eagerly awaiting a reasonable price for Mooncrash. Not there yet.

I believe it is as cheap as free on the Epic store right now.

Is this “leak” real? Who knows, it came from 4chan so probably not.

But if it is, this is an incredibly positive sign for the Microsoft acquisition. No way in hell they’d make Prey 2 otherwise since 1, while a masterpiece and critically lauded, didn’t sell particularly well. But for Microsoft, day 1 on Game Pass? Why the hell not?

We’ll find out tomorrow, with the Xbox showcase event.

I am 100% in if this is true.

‘Roundhouse Studios’ adds an air of authenticity, since it’s the studio that Bethesda made from Human Head, who did the original Prey in 2006.

Right, if it’s a fake it’s a pretty good one, all things considered. I kinda think it’s real. We’ll see tomorrow.

Prey(2017) was basically System Shock 3, so I’m all-in on a sequel. Also it had the best first 30 minutes of any game I can remember. Loved the mind-fuck.

Mooncrash > Prey :)

What I really want is Dishonored 3.

If it’s real, and being primarily developed by remnants of a studio that made the original shooter, I wonder which direction it will take given the ‘procedural rogue’ path Arkane’s games seem to be on with Prey->Mooncrash->Deathloop?