Arkham Horror Living Card Game: the Qt3 slumber party!

I have a quick question. I’m setting up the next scenario and my investigators are wracked with guilt for not saving the students in the dormitories so I have to add a tablet chaos token to my bag for the remainder of the campaign. Ouch!

Thing is, I might have considered trying to save the students but the Dormitories weren’t even in play. Does that make sense that I maybe missed a trigger to put that location out on the board? Or did I mess up somewhere? It struck me as odd near the end of that run when the act deck referenced the dormitories.

EDIT: Found it. I never visited the Student Union so the dorms didn’t pop. Sorry, kids! I’ll try to get ya next time!!

Hi friends. So, I was gifted the Revised Core Set, which is awesome! Now, I already had the original set as well as the original Dunwich Legacy expansion.

If I understand the info on correctly, what I might do is buy both the Dunwich Legacy Campaign Expansion and the Investigator Expansion (AHC65 and 66), and those two boxes will contain everything in the original expansion PLUS all the blister packs AHC 03 through 08), but it will NOT include “Return to the Dunwich Legacy” (AHC28).

Do I have this correct?

Correct! Have fun!

And the Return To… expansion expansions are very much geared towards deeply invested players who need an excuse to replay the earlier campaigns with some minor changes and a handful of new player cards. Anything else is a better value early on.

I have AH LCG all set up on my new gaming table, just waiting for me to crawl out from under work to get to this weekend. :)

Oh, and what @thatdudeguy said. The new big Dunwich revised campaign expansion and investigator expansion gives you all the cards in the old square-box initial campaign expansion and then the blister packs that had the remaining adventures in the campaign. But it doesn’t have the long narrow shoe-box shaped Return to… stuff. Which to echo @thatdudeguy again, didn’t really strike me as particularly essential stuff, really. Rather move to a new campaign than invest in that.

Nice! I too wanna see that glorious new bad boy all set up.

I was excited to receive my Final Girl season 2 box today so that’s on deck for after I’m done with Dunwich.

I started a run-through of The House Always Wins a couple days ago. I was having a grand time until I realized I had made a mistake. As soon as I had four clues I was supposed to advance but I had played a couple rounds past that moment so I decided to abort the whole thing. It’s all set up for me to start over tonight. It’s neat the way the Aloof keyword turns the Pit Boss into a watchful goon who will pounce on you if he catches you snooping.

EDIT: D’oh! I just realized Act 1A advances not at four clues but at four clues per investigator. I aborted my last game for no reason.

I keep intending to jump in and play along but never find the time. I’ve played and successfully completed the core box first mission a few times and got destroyed the one time I tried the 2nd mission. I should really try to get Dunwich on the table this weekend.

It’s a few campaigns down the road but I saw Boardlandia has a Scarlet keys bundle for $75. So tempting but that’s how I already ended up with Dunwich and Path to Carcosa. I think I need to pass on this one unless I actually start playing ;-)

Thanks for the link! I’m not in the market for another expansion (yet) but that doesn’t stop me from wanting all of them!

I had a great time playing the past few nights… but I still haven’t completed The House Always Wins. First I missed the removal of Aloof on all the criminal enemies when the Agenda advanced. I think I was expecting text to tell me when Aloof had gone away but, of course, there’s no such message. I played three or four turns past the point when enemies should have been engaging and attacking my investigators so I had to start over.

And last night, I hit a snag when I overlooked the text on the location cards that says “While in Act 1, Clover Club Lounge gains…” When I caught that text, it was Act 2 and I had already used one of those special actions during the previous turn. I tried to undo it all by taking away clues and putting back cards and returning resources but I had already played a whole turn and I’m such an uptight perfectionist, so… time to shuffle and restart.

I don’t mind too much since the game is fun as hell and it just gives me a chance to develop strategies and see various ways the scenario story can play out differently with the encounter deck. But it’s still annoying that messing up is so much part of my routine. I imagine some folks just plow ahead but I’m not wired that way.

The investigators won in our first act of the newbie campaign! Roland and Wendy survived, although it was touch and go at the end when Roland drew his weakness enemy in the middle of the Ghoul Priest fight (sigh). Only the efforts of a valiant doggo (rest in power) and a strange ally turned the tables!

(This assumes the scenario really ends with the immediate death of the priest. I may not have followed the rules correctly. The likelihood that many rules were bungled is certain as X approaches infinity.)

Good job! I can’t quite conceive of a path to defeating the Ghoul Priest with his whopping 10 hit points plus Retaliate. What weapons did you use??

I am laughing here because I only now realized with your post that the priest’s health is 5 x number of investigators. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD

I am sorry to break your heart the same way mine was broken by that realization. :D

Part of the joy of solitaire boardgaming is being able to start over when you realize you made a mistake…without worrying about disappointing the other players. :)

On a similar note, I’m embarrassed at how many games I won when I first started playing Marvel Champions. That game does a similar thing where the boss’s health is multiplied by the number of superheroes. Before I realized that, my teams were saving the world frequently and with impunity!

It would have been nice to win on the first try. I’ll certainly take more cracks at it, but now I can (subconsciously or otherwise) optimize how I’ll approach each act and to be ready for the endgame.

The House, she feels like she always wins.

Daisy and Zoe would like to have something to say on that.

I like those player boards and you’ve got mini’s too. Looking good. I think Arkham horror 2nd had standees for the investigators and I was going to dig them out to use.

Wow, that’s all kinds of awesome. Nice table too!

Yeah, yeah, the boards and table and minis are nice and all, but holy cats, those wooden “suitcases” for the cards! And I thought I was badass with my cards all in binders.

Those are my “I have sold my consumerist soul” cases, because to get them you’ve got to partake of two of the most morally suspect creators on the planet – Hobby Lobby (who make the case, it’s an “Artist Case”, and you can buy them on Amazon) and BrokenToken for the inserts – although I think I’ve seen some similar inserts now on Etsy. (I bought the inserts before the sexual harassment stuff hit the BGG news with regards to BT.)

At any rate, I don’t have room for Edge of the Earth and Scarlet Keys in those two so I ended up buying a third storage dealy about a month ago on Etsy, and once it arrives I’ll figure out how to organize everything when it shows up.

Oh! And the cool color and symbol-coded inserts are also from Etsy. They’re not super expensive and great for keeping the different campaigns – and the different card types/factions/symbols separated and easy to find when you want them.

Anyway, as for Scenario 1B (which I elected to do first by flipping a coin), everything was going swimmingly. Daisy was clearing clues (and resources) like crazy, and Zoey – thanks to two swarms of rats and a couple of evidence cards – was also pulling in clues. Wonderful.

And then Zoey pulled her inherent weakness, Smite the Wicked, and had to go all the way back to the front of the restaurant to deal with. She was almost all the way to the alley when the agenda ticked over, and all hell broke loose.

We survived, but not without Zoey sacrificing a Beat Cop and Daisy burning through TWO Milan Christophers. A judicious bit of evasion and a dynamite stick (oh yeah, and Zoey getting to play “Shortcut” first!) helped immensely.

At any rate…on to 1A!

Also, if there’s a “Shortcut” card fanclub meeting, let me know. The combination of Zoey engaging big bad mobs, dropping shortcut to get out of the room/area, and then throwing dynamite? Yes, please.

OK, this time we legitimately won the first scenario, at the cost of Roland taking two mental trauma. Strongly considering retiring him before we go on to Scenario 2.

I’m a bit confused by buying new cards with experience. You’re limited to only what higher-level cards your set(s) come with, right? So if I wanted to buy Foozle and there was only a level 3 version, and Roland was eligible to use it, I’d have to pay 1 (for the hypothetical zero level version) + 1 + 1 +1 = 4 XP?