Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace or how to make compelling game that requires you make a sanity check whenever using the games GUI


If you think this is Mansion of Madness or a direct implementation of Arkham Horror you WILL be disappointed. However if you’ve been hankering for a turned based RPG/Squad based game that includes a interesting sanity mechanic with a strong Arkham Horror theme this flawed gem is definitely worth a look


You start the game choosing one of seven characters as your main protagonist but gather more investigators to assist you as you play. Each investigation has different stats, strength and weaknesses, different trait, and their own back story

The gameplay switches between walking your team through adventure/investigate elements and turn-based battles with 5 action points. Both modes have issues, you walk around the maps looking for glowies that will either be clues, people, or equipment you can salvage. Sometimes you will find things that hurt you, that advance the doom clock or damage or hurt your sanity. They are interesting clue seeking tidbits, and clues you can read, but the log is NO help in summarizing that information which means you can run up the doom clock if you don’t have a great memory or don’t take notes. These kinds of issues are common throughout, and really can be annoying BUT somehow if you can accept them you will find a game that is well better than the sum of its parts, or flaws in this case.

The adventure and turn based aspects are not well developed but neither are they that bad, the thing that makes this game unique is how you can lose sanity points along your mission, your sanity reaches zero, your character gets a trauma that will negatively affect the investigator, Their sanity then refills up, but you now have to deal with the trauma they’ve acquired. Between missions you can leave a traumatized Investigator at home so their trauma will be cleared. You can also use equipment you find to help you in your adventures. Cigarettes will cure sanity BUT damage the investigator, guns require bullets, and spell books can help you in fights, bandages can heal damage, and coffee can reset your action points.

The interesting thing about this game, is that what is does well it does really well, and the thing it doesn’t, can be outright annoying.


The story will begin including a little bit about the back story of you investigator, and the story is well told, BUT the narration is handled by Wilhelmina Tillinghast, who is the person you are to meet and goes missing, and the handling of it is a little jarring. Sure it results in some humorous dialogue at times, and other times unintentionally humorous dialogue, but seems like a odd choice you just get used and ultimately works if you can get over the odd choices the design team made.


Oof! This one is a mess. You are constantly fighting things here. From an interface that doesn’t give you a clear indicator of how much moving cost in ap till you spent too much, or the clunky way you move in combat or the clunky way move inventory. This is a low light of the game design, it is definitely a hurdle, but if you can excuse it the game has lots to offer you.


All the investigators are voiced and have personality. The music is appropriate, this one is across the board pretty good, but not great.


The graphics are good, but the animations and interactions are at times limited and clearly make it clear this was intended as a budget title. They are decent though, some nice detail included throughout and it works


Moderately difficulty, turn based battle can be challenging sometimes includes puzzles or civilians you need to protect.


Other than the start with the unique back story beginning and the unique voice actors and skills for the 7 investigators, there is a lot of repeat the same adventure portions in replay, but I could see how combat could play differently.


Worth the price of $20 if you like the Arkham Horror theme and/or love turned based RPG/Squad based games!


Hope to see this on Xbox Game Pass.

Maybe? I think the LOTR card game was on there for a while, and this was released on Xbox this week.

I had this on my wish list until I read they were going with an adventure game rather than a board game adaptation. I’m glad I removed it.

FYI just completed the game, steam says just a tad over 18 hours! The game actually gets better as you get further in, interesting synergies and combos for a turn based game. Will play again

Really just surprised this game even exists from Asmodee Digital. That’s a big investment and risk for a studio like theirs to make an original non-boardgame adaptation. I guess I’m also surprised that UI is where they faltered, because that seems like the area they’d be most skilled at!

Really cool that stuff like this and Gloomhaven are getting video game versions. A lot of these board games are so physically massive and crazy expensive that I can’t justify buying them, but a $20 Steam game? Aw heck yeah.

Terraforming Mars…

It’s not a video game version of Arkham Horror or any Arkham related game, to be clear. Just a loose spinoff.