ArmA 2 Hype

Explaining further to Jpinard. ToH can’t be because it will be in Seattle and in some asian-middle east country. And Carrier Command is in an alien planet, not in a real world setting :P.

I wonder about the scale of the island. Chernarus is 225 kms2, that greek island is 470kms2, bigger but still in the range of the technology. So it could be possible to make it with 1:1 scale.

If it’s more Arma, I sure hope they increase the animation count on the humans. Their walking/running/aiming animations haven’t got nearly enough frames and it’s the the only big immersion killer for me in the game.

Also, for a fairly realistic game their reload animations are kinda bad, your character just waves his hand around and the mag pops in and out. It would be cool if they did something like the reload animations in Bad Company 2.

Heh, yeah there is a magical “waving” in the reload animations. Bohemia argument is that they have more than 100 weapons and each one have to be animated by hand. And surprise, surprise, they don’t have the budget of DICE or Infinity Ward :(.

About the animations, i never heard that complain jpinard. The famous complain lots of people have with it is the “clunky” animation system where the control feels unnatural (the cause is that there isn’t a different set of 1st person and 3rd person animations, they use the 3rd person animations with the camera put in the zone of the eyes). Another famous complaint is the lack of ragdolls. Both are true.
But imo they have enough “frames”, it’s a smooth motion captured animation.

More frames of animation (with more bendy skeletal points) would fix that “clunky” feeling too.

Arma 3 here (just in case someone is blind)

That thread raised a question for me. How do you check your designated number in a squad? I tend to ask something like “Where are you?” then look at my number but there must be a better way.

When they speak about you, the color outline is different. The text is usually green or blue with “transparent” background color, but when they order you around, the sentence is white with green or text background color. So, like it’s inverted.

Except on Tuesdays, when the second S is italicised. Unless it’s Lent.

Also, on the mission briefing when you look at your squad, your number is shown there somewhere.

Oh, with all the witchering of the last days i didn’t noticed the new version of JSRS (great sound mod)

I installed OA today. I was excited about getting 60 fps on max settings (3600 view distance) until I walked into an area with some buildings and the framerate plumetted. I’ll have to see what’s causing that.

In what area? What are your specs? Etc

Saok, who has done some good missions like Black Forest and Battle for Zargabad, has released a new campaign

This is your new rig? What was that again? I also looked at the OA demos when I upgraded and it’s like - finally!

i5-2500K, 6970, 8 GB RAM, SSD. I fired up the generic specops “dynamic” mission where you wander around and someone radios tasks to you. Pretty much 50-60 fps everywhere as far as the eye can see. Yay! Then I went down the hill and the framerate went down when I zoomed in on a town area.

I think someone complained recently about Arma 2’s urban areas. Does this engine not display them very efficiently? I’ll play around and see if I can find the right settings.

I also get framerate drops in urban areas. I have a similar rig (i5-2500 and 6950).

Is your 2500K overclocked, Tim?

No, I haven’t messed with it yet.

I’m fine with doing more experimenting. I was just talking out loud earlier.

That is in fact, the most effective way to talk.

Tim - Belgerog. Arma is cpu bound and it’s a 1:1 ratio based on clock performance. So if you have a 2500k processor at 3 GHz, it’s going to be esily outperformed by an older i920 chip OC’ed to 4.2 Ghz.

I’ll have to go back, but basically every Mhz you add, is another 2 AI you can field without a frame rate loss. So when you go from 3GHz to 4.2 GHz you’ve added 240 AI to a battle with no performance hit. When you look at the scale of battles, that’s pretty huge. The issue with buildings is each building has AI points of use. When you get into advanced editing you can see hundreds of thousands of individial points laid out. This makes buildings crush the processor. Most people think it’s just because there’s buildings, and if you have a medicore graphics card this will be true… it will have trouble with the poly count and fill rate. But it’s the AI stuff that’s the real killer.

Make sure you turn hyperthreading OFF when you OC. Hyperthreading actually slows down ArmA2, it makes your processor run hotter, lowers your stability at max OC. Having the cpu run 4 software virtual processors in addition to the real ones is not good for games.

So even when I’m zoomed into a building area with a rifle scope, and there are no AI units anywhere near it, it’ll slow down? Maybe it has to load the waypoints when you zoom in, just like it has to load the detail textures when normally they are lower resolution in the distance.

I’ll try overclocking at some point.

Have you installed the last patch, 1.59? They did improve the slowdown while zooming with a scope. Try to lower the texture detail from very high to high.